• Yes bullying can be stopped.

    The people being bullied need to know what it is and talk to someone about it. I was bullied and stuck through it but i never stopped it I used to be very lonely. I think it can and should be stopped. It is just that the bullied and the witnesses need to be report and teachers need to watch for this stuff.

  • Yes, bulling can be stopped in schools.

    BULLING CAN BE STOPPED IF YOU NO HOW TO STOP IT. Names can be more painful then a punch to the face . If you let children and young adults know that bulling is not tolerated. Then they will stop. I was bullied myself but i kept my head held high and said NO NO NO!!!

  • I do not believe that it is possible t stop bullying.

    1. Conflicts
    -people will always have conflicts and there is no way to stop people from disagreeing from others
    - teachers or people with authorities might not even care or know about what is happening to stop it
    2. Bystanders/ Vitims/ Fear
    -are too scared to tell someone about the problem
    -If they tell they might think that the bully will come after them aswell because telling was a sign of weakness
    - too scared to standup for one another (They might have been bullied before and dont want that to happen to the again)
    3.People who can help (Teachers)
    -don't care and let the students figure it out by themselves
    -and don't forget the teachers can be bullied too by there students and the other teachers might not want to help them
    -they might not even know about the problem because nobody who knew about it ever told them!
    4. Well, its just in our nature.
    -we have always teased people to make ourselves feel better! If we wanted to stop we would have but sometimes people just can't help it!
    -we can bully people from literally everywhere and however we please. -We can bully them on the internet, physically, verbally, and just talking behind there back!
    - if we are talking about cyber bullying we might never even know who the bully is because we are on the internet and no one would ever know their username and unless someone who is their friend tells someone about them we might never find out who they are to put an end to it.

  • Most likely no

    That is because it has started since ages, and has continued to be done. It just just their growing age as such, so it is most of the time bullying, teasing , etc. though there are many ways to stopped, it is sometimes the teachers or the students who do not care about anything what is happening.....

  • No it can't

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  • It's possible, but unlikely also.

    It is possible to stop bullying, but highly unlikely to get it stop altogether. Bullying is a way of targeting outcasts or making fun of the uncool people mainly. Personal empowerment, faculty involvement, and security screenings are good tools to keep it from happening, but they are unlikely to make it fully go away. Bullying is usually a way making others feel bad about themselves that's likely to be around as long as humans are around.

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  • Conflicts between people always exist.

    This can even be proven logically using proof by contradiction. Suppose that bullying doesn't exist. This means when there are no conflicts, people get bored. And when people get bored, this is a conflict, which contradicts the original assumption. Therefore, conflicts among people always exist, especially bullying. The cycle of peace and conflict keeps repeating as long as there is any sort of existence.

  • I'm sorry to say this.

    I despise bullies as much as I despise people hating school. Unfortunately, bullies will always exist. I know how it feels like, and it should be stopped (my #4 wish). But, it's going to be impossible. Bullying stopping will make me proud, but I know it'll never end. Sorry everyone! ):

  • No, bullying cannot be stopped in schools.

    Bullying cannot be stopped in schools. People have a need to feel like they are important. This desire to feel important means that you have to be better than someone else. Bullying is a result of trying to categorize someone as worse than you so you can feel better. This is why it can't be stopped.

  • No, bullying can never be stopped in schools.

    Unfortunately, likely due to how they are raised, bullies will always exist. Bullying in schools is thus impossible to fully get rid of. That being said, schools should do all they can to encourage students to get along and to support one another. Students should be encouraged to tell an adult when a bullying event occurs. Teachers and principals need to be heavy-handed in dealing with bullies, being sure to intervene and letting them know that their behavior will not be tolerated. While bullying can never fully be stopped, it can certainly be limited if enough adults get involved and intervene when they are told it is occurring.

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