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  • They are educational tools

    They are educational tools because when you text it helps you to improve on reading. They also have apps that can help you learn. You can download books. You can go on the dictionary if you don't understand something. You can use the calculator if you need it or eben the translater.

  • Cell phones can be used as needed school supplies

    There are some school supplies that some schools don't have and cell phones could produce those things. (calculators, dictionaries, translator). Children would be more excited to learn with technology than sit and listen to a lecture for an hour, it would help them take in information easier. I think we should take this into consideration.

  • Yes cell phones can be used for education.

    Cell phones can let students look up things they don't understand. They can also listen to music because some people concentrate more with music. There are apps that lets students learn. There also are apps that are strictly for learning so students wouldn't be texting. Also a teacher would watch the class make sure they were working.

  • If used properly

    I think Cell Phones can be used as a decent educational tool. These days, Smart Phones have thousands of different kind of application programs of all sorts, including some that are strictly educational. I do believe students could benefit from these applications on their smart phones as long as they choose to.

  • Cell phones can definitely be educational tools.

    Cell phones can definitely be educational tools. Smartphones are incredible nowadays. There are so many apps that could help
    students improve. Nowadays, students are
    even able to download books onto their smartphones so that they won’t even have
    to buy school books eventually. Students
    could also text each other and work on group projects together.

  • Cell Phones Can Be Educational

    Cell phones can be educational, mainly because you can download helpful apps as well as access the internet. Some students use the calculator, some use a translator app. Some of our biology students use a biology app in class to get information. Cell phones can be a good educational tool.

  • Cell phones are not only cell phones they are mini computers

    Yes, I believe that cell phones can be educational tools. With the smarter smartphones, the cell phone is more than just a phone it a computer in the palm of a hand. There are a large amount of applications for all operating systems. These applications include various learning games and programs that can be used as a learning tool in the classroom, on the go, or at home.

  • They can teach

    I think cell phones can be educational tools. There are toddlers that know how to work cell phones better than some adults. The technology is teaching them and they are advancing. Also, there are apps on cell phones that can be learning tools. Cell phones can be used for the Internet which is also used for learning.

  • They are educational tools

    You can use educational apps like quiz-let or google drive. You can also get a the right spelling and build your vocab with the dictionary. You can take neater notes to study from. You can do online lessons or watch videos, if your teacher can't explain things to you. Overall cellphones are a great tool and if we can add it to our school curriculum, it would make learning for fun and easier.

  • Cell phones are distracting

    Cell phones are distracting in school because when a teacher is teaching a student might be texting someone during class. They can also be texting someone so that they can leave school so they can stick to computer. So i think that students should not be able to use phones in school.

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  • Cellphones can help our new generation

    Cellphones are like mini computers even though people use them for Facebook and Twitter and even Meet me .
    That doesn't mean it is just a texting tool cell phones can help our generation and many generations after if we use it right there are a thousand cell phones in the world that can be educational tools.

  • No no no

    I strongly disagree that Cellphones could be educational tools because of the effort needed to handle about 22 kids with cellphones, and as well there are tons and tons- I'm not going to list them of negative impacts with cellphones cyberbullying and others. As well, there is a average percentage of students using it to cheat 33% (pew internet survey)

  • Kids turn bad

    There's no way that students would be able to stay on their work. No kid would chose actually working over having fun during class. I am guilty of this myself, when my Spanish teacher lets us "read" on our phones, the whole class is a sea of people on Instagram.

  • Students cannot keep themselves honest.

    There's no way that students would be able to stay on their work. No kid would chose actually working over having fun during class. I am guilty of this myself, when my Spanish teacher lets us "read" on our phones, the whole class is a sea of people on Instagram.

  • They are dumb

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  • There are more non-educational apps than educational apps.

    If there is a classroom using phones for an assignment, or project, do you really think that all of them are going to be on task? Most of them will probably just watch YouTube videos or check for updates on their social media. And besides, there are so many more non-educational apps than actual education apps. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying should be banned from schools. Because, with the way the world is going right now, children are going to need to know how to use phones.

  • They are distracting

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