Can children under the age of 18 play teen-rated video games?

Asked by: Diego_is_the_man
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  • We are allowed to do so

    This is because we have human rights to play or do anything that stops us this does not mean that you should go out killing peoples no but we have rights to play 18+ games/ratings however it could be bad for them
    but we can play some people who are in year 7,6,8,9,10,11 play it so why cant 11 ages or 12 ages cant play it?

  • Yes teen is 13 and up.

    M-rated is really 17 and up but u need to be 18 to buy it. Teen is like and pg-13 movie and m-rated is like and rated r movie. I could play m-rated games before 18. If you think it's ok for your child to see a pg-13 movie or tv14 show. Then it's ok for them to play Teen rated games by your standards. If your teaching your kids right from wrong. Just like my loving Parents did. Your a damn good parents then.

  • Children should have 18+ rated games

    My child is currently 14 and he managed to get me to take a look at 18s for his 13th birthday. At first I really didn't like them however after realising that they're filters available and that just side I don't like it it shouldn't affect my child. I don't like sweets, it doesn't mean they can't have them. After getting my child Blackops 2 I realised that it didn't affect him and he had a great time . I recomemend it!!!!

  • Yes, If the teen rating is not specific to an age Rated R movies are intended for people 17 years and older. If a game

    We need to improve the rating system... 18 is pretty much an adult, they have a rating for Adult Only for them.
    I say we switch systems. In some countries they have a numerical system, which is far more flexible as it is not "all or nothing," but slow shifts. Say a game is rated 15, parents know not to buy it for the 13 year old; unlike teen that is so flexible for what might be inside it.

    Posted by: Ragnar

  • Children should be aloud

    Children who are teens should be able to play 18 because if teythink there ready then parents should let them. If there child wants a game thats an 18 parents should have a look at the game instead of saying "no because your not old enough" maybe thy should look at the game before jumping to conclusions then decide. There might be games like gta is suitable for 18 but not like games like batman Arkham knight or cod. Ratings are just to say what its about but rating shouldn't matter if someone wants to play a game tats 18 the let them. If they don't like it it there fault

  • They Definitely Can

    I'm under 18 and I am aloud to buy and play games, XD well unless there is like a pool of blood my parents won't let me buy it but then speaking I also have played those games before. So in conclusion you people who put no are total idiots -.-.

  • World's gone crazy

    I remember I walked in on Freddie krugger when I was a kid... Pooped my pants for years my mum tried to shield me from stuff I wasn't ready for and that's what parents do age is a guide line if you don't think it's right for your kids don't let them play if you see them doing wrong then you need to be strict. Children re act wwf and karate kid we enter a computer generation so we have to start thinking different you can't let kids sit on computer all day everyday that is the big problem

  • Yes they can

    I a eleven year old have watched a PG-13 movie so why can't i play a Teen Rated video game? That doesn't make sense because movies are more realistic than video games which basically proves if you can handle transformers the movie you can handle its video game.

    On a side note teen means 13+ mature is 18+ people

  • Children under the age of 18 can play teen-rated video games.

    In a general sense,children under the age of 18 can play.It just really depends on the child.The parents need to make the decision on whether not a particular child is mature enough to handle a game.Some children are perfectly able to handle a game while others need to mature a bit.

  • It depends on the rating systems

    Other countries have more effective rating systems Australia has:
    E- everyone/exempt
    PG- Parental Guidance
    M- Mature
    M15+Mature, restricted to 15 years and above. (Obselete)
    MA15+ mature Audience 15 years and over
    R18 restricted to adults
    X18- sexually explicit material
    A lot more efficient than Americas

    An International codes of reference would be better.

  • Heck no no

    Hell no! This is NOT how the world is supposed to be! Kids, they are rated T for a reason, Several actually! 1) Nudity, 2) frequent violence, 3) drug and tobacco references, the list goes on and on and on! Do you really want your 6 y/o kid to know what tobacco and marijuana is?! Do you want your child to know how violent real life is? Do you want your child seeing nudes?! Of course not! So i say no!

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  • Kids love violence

    Once i did a survey on my class to see if this wa true. I asked them if a new Call of Duty game, and a new Super Mario game came out, which one would you buy? Almost all of the class said the COD game and only me and two of my friends agreed on the italian plumber. And that dissapointed me because eveyone in the class were ony about 13. Children are bound to play games not reccomended for them which will make them more aggressive, angry, infamous and competative. People like myself who stick to games for our age are the needle in the haystack of Cod players.

  • It always DEPEND on age

    Age is the real deal of games. Even if your child wants to play one of those games, or you want to play games like 18+, You better not because it will damage- or even make them crazy. Never play video games like that until you think its right for YOU

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