• Just like many other things, it is an instrument of use.

    It's use will be determined by it's wielder. There is no good or evil in looking at the information of a computer, only in the people who decide how to do it, where, and who to do it to. There may be many points to both sides of the problem, but it only comes down to who is doing it and for what purpose.

  • It is nice

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  • I think it should be allowed.

    I think it should because we could learn more things in the world. We could find secrets about history. Some people might say no. But I don't. If you want to hack the pentagon, then start working on it. When your friends say don't hack, just hack there computer and they will get mad.
    But I say yes. But you guys don't have to say what I did but I state a good reason about hacking. Also, hacking should be allowed for good purpuses like looking up secret things in the world.

  • Security : rc

    I believe hacking can be used to prevent future problems. For example, our world today is being faced with terrorist threats, attempts, and events. In a result to this, many people lose their lives. Although it is a violation of privacy, special ops and other forces could potentially find out what the "plan" is and how to prevent it. Also, hacking can be justifiable in war. Again, you could find what the enemy country is planning to act upon or do to your own. Hacking without a larger purpose such as this, is useless, but I believe that the safety of individuals can be ensured because of hackers and because of what is found.

  • It is a tool.

    Hacking is a tool and a skill. It is the exploitation of technological security vulnerabilities. Like most tools, it has the potential to be used either benevolently or malevolently. Its ethicality depends on its purpose. An adequate analogy can be made with firearms. They are very deadly tools that can be used for a good purpose (e.G self-defense and hunting) or a bad purpose.

  • Yes, Hacking Provides Justice to the Overlooked

    Many of the unjust things that occur in society occur in secret and there are often powerful forces and social structures which block those without money and influence from getting justice. Furthermore, the governments of many countries restrict information and conceal their actions behind red tape in order to control the people. White hat hackers (or hacktivists) uncover the hidden secrets that can help those without resources get justice and protect citizens from tyranny. Because they are not bound by the slow-moving bureaucracy of the justice system, they can quickly expose problems to the public and accelerate the process of correcting these issues. Additionally, these hackers force the justice system to remain open and accountable to the people it is meant to protect.

  • It Could Be

    I am not talking about stealing from the rich and giving the money to the poor people either. I am not talking about hacking classified information and leaking it to the people. I am thinking more on the lines of hacking someone's website and fixing the problems they are having. They could hack someone's computer and take off any viruses that might be on there, or make the computer more secure. I do not know if other people would see that as ethical, but it is better than robbing people.

  • Computer hacking can be ethical

    Computer hacking is generally seen as a crime by the governmental institutes that serve to protect their citizens. However, if the government is committing a crime and not telling the citizens, the hackers are likely the only ones who will know about it. Even if a hacker comes forward with information that the government has been using and abusing it's people, the hacking itself is still, technically, a crime. However, it is ethical. The hackers are providing the people with information the people should know, but has been kept hidden from them. The hacker is trying to protect the people from the very institution that is supposed to protect them.

  • For justified war.

    Yes, computer hacking can be ethical, because if a nation or terrorist group of people has declared war against a country, hacking into their computer system to shut off their defenses makes a lot of sense. Computer hacking is a valid way to wage war, when someone has unlawfully attacked your country.

  • What if someone hacks into your gadgets

    All people going against the fact that hacking is criminal are wrong . If someone hacks into your computer will you still be of the same opinion . When you realize that someone went through your private data. And other countries will declare war on you if they realize a country is sneaking around in there private files

  • It is a crime

    Hacking is most certainly a crime, generally involving the accessing of a victim’s information without permission. Do you think you will let anyone see your secret information they will take your everything so you should install a firewall you take help from you neighbourhood. So beware about that thank you

  • It's a crime

    Whether it is for funs or for good purpose, it is a crime. If s.O breaks in your house just to test the security or just for kick out of it, would you thank you that person. It is a crime because it invade the privacy of others people. Idiot peoples tried to justify hacker purpose BUT fact is they break into s.O PRIVATE properties. According to some idiot here, hacker would be useful in war therefore it should be ethical. The KILLING should be ethical because they had been using soldier for thousand years.

  • not at all

    No, any time that you hack in to a persons computer there is not a thing that is ethical about it. I think that the web needs to do something so that no hacks can ever happen again to people that are getting on the web and trying to do stuff.

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