Can domestic dogs survive in a wild environment without any help of humans?

  • Some of them

    The question is more complicated then you think while some dogs like Tibetan Mastiffs (which are big enough to fight off bears) wouldn't have a problem surviving in the wild a smaller dog like a pug wouldn't do very well as they struggle to breath. Not to mention bulldogs which can't be born naturally as they're heads are to big so they wouldn't do well. An Airedale terrier is another that would be fine as they were bred to hunt but it greatly depends on the bread of dog

  • They probably can just like wolves would they have the same instinct so probably they could.

    They probably can wolves and dogs have the same instinct so I say yes. They can get food by their selves such as squirrels,rabbits,mice,and if they felt like it bugs. So like a wolf kind of and they are like foxes fast,athletic and smart. But with big animals like wolves or alligators they would halve to be safe and halve to find a way to escape. And they could build a den with no problem and once they have they could have baby's and home. So they could probably make it out there alone.

  • If there are feral dogs out there( which there are) than yes they can.

    However, I believe they do need a pack to be more efficient. They can outlast their prey by running for miles, they have an incredible sense of smell, have an omnivores diet( basically they can eat almost anything they put in there mouths), and they're highly adaptable ( which is a major plus in the wild)

  • Lost Chihuahua found

    I just heard a report about a Chihuahua that was lost for seven months and then found. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • Dogs are sound

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  • Dogs are sound

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  • Dogs are sound

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  • Dogs are sound

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  • Yes of course

    Coz dogs are absolutely amazing and sound and they have good
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  • Can a chihuahua really fend for itself?

    Dogs are carnivores. A chihuahua does not have the speed or bite strength to capture and devour live prey. It would not survive as a herbivore as meat is an important part of its dietary needs. Also, domestic dogs have reduced carnassial shears and their ability to masticate meat is reduced, further stating that they may not survive long enough to reproduce.

  • Pandas bred in captivity cannot survive without the help of humans.

    Clearly any animal dependent on humans are not able to return to the wild without wild training. Except maybe cats though they are known for being lazy, a cat that is born on a farm or anywhere outside where they can find rodents to eat are most likely to survive in the wild. Where as dogs depend on an alpha and would need to be raised by wild wolves if they except them into their pack. The other day i watched a documentry about pandas and how the are almost extinct and are being bred by people in china so that one day they can return to the wild.

  • I suppose they could technically survive... Just like people can technically survive poverty and famine.

    The question though is can they thrive in the wild without humans. The answer is absolutely not! Dogs became a distinct species apart from wolves for the sole fact that they began to scavenge human leftovers! Sure feral dogs can survive on their own but only so long as they have humans that they can scavenge from. They survive but are thin and are in general very poor health.

  • Not for many generations.

    Depending on environment. A large male Rotweiler might survive on squirrels, rodents, but I highly doubt it can continue hunting all the time. If that Rotweiler is released into the Serengeti, it might be eaten within a day by so many other larger predators. Remember even a large male Rotweiler, Pitbull is no match for a young adult Cheetah.

  • Disease and food toxicity would kill dogs in the wild

    Dogs aren't smart enough not to eat grapes, diabetic foods with xylitol, chocolate, turkey skin, etc. There are so many foods that we eat and throw away that would kill dogs. Additionally, disease coupled with the damages that they would incur as the result of eating toxic foods would kill them.

  • Wolfs became dogs to survive.

    Dogs came from wolfs a million years ago because of the environment that their living in.
    They came into the human comunity for taking food and living area.
    When they could survive without people , they migth never became dogs. Also dogs can't live without people because they don't have the body shapes to hunt or survive alone.

  • No. It is not possible.

    I know someone who was going through a divorce and, while she was trying to find a place to live, left her domestic dog with her ex-husband to be. The ex-husband, being angry with her let the dog out of the house and would not let him back in. A neighbor recognized the dog when she found him going through her trash can. She did not know how long the dog had been left out but he had lost a lot of weight. She took him to the vet who was forced to put him down because he was too far gone and dying of starvation. If he couldn't make it in a neighborhood other domestic dogs would not be able to make it in the wild without human involvement.

  • Not at all

    No domesticated dog will even survive without getting there vaccines. Muts have greater gene recombination and create mutations that can help adapt to surviving in the wild. But no pure breed domesticated dog will survive. You have a fully grown german shepard will all its vaccines and in good health will survive in the wild. Now lets say your pure breed german shepard has babies with another pure breed german shepard in the wild (a forest for example) none of those babies will survive without any help of humans.

    -Elio V.

  • My dog couldn't

    And I wouldn't expect her to either. She's a very spoiled,gentle greyhound
    My staffie was believed to have been dumped.I wonder how the poor strays and street dogs in some parts of the world survive. To me it's terrible God bless the people who rescue them. No dog should have to live like that.

  • Of course not

    Domestic dogs always relies on their owners for food and water dogs can't get their own food they probably won't last 2 weeks in the wild cuz they always relie on their masters they probably killed by wild animals. By then or starve to death because they can't find their own food they always get their food from their masters especially smaller dog breeds

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