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  • No one can win always.

    People often say to you that you have to be at the top. If that's your academic result, sports or anything else. We all have to accept the reality that not everyone can win. If you think that you have to win, but most people do not think that there are other people there too. If you accept that reality that you can not always win then you will live yur life in peace.

  • There has to be losers

    Unfortunately, no, not everyone can be a winner. There has to be losers, because by the laws of reality, not everyone can win. There's always going to be winner, and losers. We need to accept this fact and not destroy ourselves in the quest to make a completely inoffensive world where everyone is a winner.

  • Losing makes us better

    Everyone can not be a winner. The mindset is ruining our children and creating a nation of victim. Losers better themselves and learn new tools to help with life. If everyone is a winner, children get rejected in life in basic things and don't cope. They develop disorders and give up on things too easy.

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