Can experiences ever be staged (yes) or are they always organic (no)?

  • If you don't know

    Staged experiences can be organic to somebody if they're not aware somebody is pulling the strings. It's all in who knows, it's real to you as long as there's nothing confirming for you that it isn't. It has much more to do with mindset than it does with the origin.

  • Yes, experiences can be staged.

    Experiences can definitely be staged, or at least the start of an experience can be. As an example, a formal wedding is completely staged, from start to finish, with a lot of planning involved about precisely what will happen. Yet it's considered one of the most memorable days in people's lives. So it's definitely possible to have an experience that is staged and yet is still memorable and important in your life.

  • Yes, experiences can be staged.

    Not all experiences are something that happens without some planning. A person can definitely plan out to experience a vacation for him or herself that has the situations happening without being unplanned. But I do think that for the most part, experiences are something that is organic and just happens.

  • They are organic

    I think that you can not stage an experience, and that you never know when you are going to get a good experience that will throw you for a loop, and end up teaching you something you did not know but will need to know for later in the future.

  • We live life as we see it.

    No, experiences cannot ever be staged, because they are always organic. Someone can only experience the life that is in front of them. Even if a situation is simulated, the person is only truly experiencing the simulated situation, and they are doing so organically. We life the life we are given, and it cannot be faked.

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