• Sure, it shows the facts.

    Yes, FOX News has a Republican bias. CBS, NBC, and other news networks have a Democrat bias. Everyone has a bias. I read the (Red) Star News of Wilmington, the paper where I live. It has a strong Liberal bias, but I still read and trust most of it although I'm Republican. I read the facts and interpret it myself.

  • Criticism is good.

    Conservative radio dominates but where is there a balance of opinion in political view in the internet news media? Looking at the popular vote in presidential elections over several decades one could assume that the nation is approximately 50/50 supportive of left or right platforms. To me news should be factual but if it does contain opinion give me both sides not one and then let me decide. My opinion I see little "balance" from the media. (Another opinion), here you are criticizing Fox but where is there criticism of Obama and the rest of the left side?. When I read CNN and MSNBC (and read as often as Fox) I am lead to believe that Obama and the left side are above criticism and half of the electorate (nation) has nothing to say. Guess what? I have an opinion that is worthy as yours and I am happy to have a fox in the hen house.

  • Not even a little bit, as they just want to make money and bolster the Republican party.

    Fox News is a corporation only designed to make money and garner support for the Republican Party. They are not a true news organization, the only thing news about them is in their name. Fox News consistently lies and manipulates the people that watch them, using fear as their most common tactic.

  • The Day I do.

    The day I start trusting Fox is the day I start watching msnbc, the only real news source I trust is NPR and even then I'm listening for subtleties that conveniently support one side or the other, thankfully I only really listen to it on the weekends and get car talk, and a prairie home companion.

  • Too much opinion

    I'm watching Fox news at the moment and I am shocked at how much 'shock and rage' reporting there is. Everything is a conspiracy and the reporters give their opinion at every turn. Everything is the fault of democrats and the overreaching government. It is too alarmist that I have a hard time believing it. What happened to simply reporting and allowing the viewers to make up their own mind? Yes, there are opinion shows, but where is the line with Fox news? Why does every negative piece of news caused by the administration? Is the government the ultimate hive mind? There is no such thing as disgruntled middle management? Were all the republicans taken out or sleeping when all this stuff was happening, therefore they are not at fault as well?

  • Fox isn't alone, none of the so called media can be trusted.

    FOX, MSNBC, CNN they are all the same. To say that any one of these news channels are different I am going to have to beg to differ. The fact is that most if not all the news channels out there manufacture news in order to get people to feel or behave a certain way. The "news" channels are a product of the government and the government tells the news what to say. Its that simple, red party, blue party.. its all the same. So instead of sitting in front of the tube and believing everything they feed you, why not do some research yourself and come to your own conclusion?

  • Can any of them be trusted?

    The answer is no and the fact that so many Americans buy into this is just sickening. Fox news provides facts? Idiotic, pure and simple. Fox News along with numerous if not all of the so-called news has been caught time and time again manufacturing stories just to get a rise out of people, or in order to make them feel or believe one or numerous different ways. The news is a manufactured product of the government and the politicians use the news to get to the people. Anything that comes from the news for the most part is a huge load. My question is why do so many people sit there and think that everything that they see on the "News" is fact when they can be sure just by looking it up for themselves. RESEARCH IS THE KEY, not FOX.

  • No, Fox News cannot be trusted.

    Despite their slogan or motto suggesting that they are the most trusted name in news, Fox News really is no different from any other news organization. They are a business first and foremost, and have a desire to make as much money as possible. Honest reporting is a very distant secondary concern.

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