• What is REAL love.

    I don't want to cone across as biased; I an myself in High school so it would be fair to say that I've never experienced REAL love. But biased on the question, how would you determine real love? If the love that you consider to be real is the one that many picture - couples who feel affectionate but yet still trying to sort out their lives and face the issues of growing old together. Sometimes they manage it, but Sometimes these relationships fall apart. When you are in High school, or just being a teenager in general, its probable that you will be going through puberty and that people will cone across to you as especially attractive. This means that your judgement of certain people will be clouded. However, when you are young, nothing ever feels like it is getting old. In other Words, you will feel as if you have all the time in the world. You will also not be looking for a relationship with problems, bad says and realism; you will just be looking for a perfect relationship. This is because young people try to mirror what they think adults do and attempt to do it better, by having a relationship with no issues. Most or the time

  • It is Possible but Rare and isn't the way you people belive it to be.

    I understand what you are saying but that isn't quite accurate! Real love in high school doesn't look like a flirty girl with a boy with no shame. Love doesn't look like that. Love in high school is more like something that a student does not chat to her friends about or blurts out all at once. I have experienced it. He was one year below me and we knew each other for sometime but he was just a friend; until form 2. I was in year 7 and no feeling occurred but when I reached year 8 things changed. He was supposed to go to a different school but my school had more to offer so he came here. Since first day I would walk past his locker hoping to run into him and would make up an accuse to leave were my friends and I ate so I could hopefully see him. I didn't mention any thing to him or my friends even though I knew they would never tell anyone I didn't know very well. It was not a crush; t was love, although I didn't want to love him. It drove me mental; the wanting. School was more important. So back on topic, yes love is possible in high school!

  • Yes. Don't argue with this.

    The random hooking up isn't necessarily like love of course, but love and relationships in high school overall can definitely be very significant...Trust me... And breakups happen usually when they get to know each other better and discover bad things and get into like arguments and stuff :\ It doesn't make the relationship they had "insignificant". Some dating isn't really love, and some is or becomes...I mean like you just can't generalize...

  • Possible. But rarely.

    High school love is sometimes all about having fun and spending quality time together. But yes..It can be beyond that too. It can be serious. I have seen it in my own school... A four year relationship. That's not the only thing to ensure that it always happens. But still it does. In very few cases. When people who take life seriously get inton relationships, the magic works!! They become soul mates forever. It is not always a play boyish relationship. High school kids are old enough.

  • I think it is possible, rare, but possible

    I'm in high school and I promise I'm not going to freak out on you people who think we can't. I do personally believe that it is possible for a person in high school to know what real love is. I believe this because I've seen it. I've seen kids who have dated all through high school and to the best of my knowledge they are still together. I don't think that just anyone can fall in love, but I think that when you meet the right person, you just know it. I also think that if you are attracted to the other person in a way that's more than just physical attraction, such as their personality, then you may actually love them. I myself have had a crush on my best friend who is a guy (I am a girl), for two years now and to be honest I don't think it's just a little crush anymore, I believe that I truly maybe even love him. I care about him and I wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to him. I always think of him and whenever something funny happens I can't help, but to tell him about it. He means so much to me and he even said that he cares about me back. I don't know if we'll ever be together, I hope we do, but if that isn't loving someone than I don't know what you people consider love.

  • Yes, over time.

    Yes, high school love can be real life, if the students are mature enough to understand what real life is. In most cases, it is not real love, but over time, the students can appreciate that what they had when they were young can be real love. Students can have real love feelings just like adults.

  • I Don't understand

    You don't fully understand what love is at such.Msuch a young age. Even if you think you do you're wrong. Kids in high school picture love to be so fairy tail but love is messy and in high school there aren't any major messes in your life conparred to real life. They say your brain isn't fully developed until the age of 28 so how do you know/understand love at age 16.

  • Too Young To Know What Real Love Is

    High schoolers know what it is to be attracted to one another or to lust after one another, but REAL love is something you don't really understand until you get a bit older. Exactly when that happens is hard to say and is probably an individual thing, but for most people it is extremely unlikely to happen during high school.

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