• Yes, it's quite simple.

    The concept of infinity is all around us and is quite easy to grasp. Many people have difficulty visualizing infinity, because they try to define it through the eyes of their limited human existence, experiences or beliefs. Even scientists are limited, as they must turn to math and supercomputers to help define infinity. A dolphin is familiar with the air outside of water and has seen the sky, but it does not know outer space exists, however that does not mean outer space does not exist. The Earth is encompassed in outer space, the Milky Way is encompassed by the universe, so then what encompasses the universe? Is science and math as we know it enough to surmise that nothing lies beyond the universe?Only when you realize how insignificant tiny living creatures are in relation to the size of the Earth, as well as just how insignificant humans are in relation to the vastness of the universe, will you begin to understand and properly visualize the concept of infinity. One doesn't have to claim to know what lies beyond our reach and telescopes to fully understand infinity. Mentally stepping outside of one's body is a must.

  • If I eat enough Psilocybin, yes.

    Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this question because the context is not defined. The question above was created by a human, with words that were created by humans, that represent concepts imagined by humans. I have voted yes, because any ideas or concepts that can be questioned, must be understood. This is in response to the assumption that the questioner is questioning if humans can understand the concept of "infinity". On the other hand, I think the real question that is trying to be asked is, "Can humans understand everything". If that were the question, I would vote no.

    Unless they are on shrooms of course.

  • Yes, many already do

    As an engineer, I have taken many very advanced classes in mathematics and particle physics. I myself, along with many others, understand the concept of infinity. It is not something that you can really visualize, but the concept isn't that hard. For instance, taking the limit of a function as a variable goes to infinity is an example where you must understand what infinity is.

  • Some do. Some don't.

    Although I'm really not sure why some don't understand. It's a very simple thing to me. I think lots of people find it hard to grasp because it involves understanding and acknowledging the fact that things expand much further than we can reach and that most things are simply unknowable. Most people in the world seem to have this uncontrollable need to know absolutely everything. So when there is an unknown thing that they can't get they try to ignore it and pretend it's not real or make up ridiculous stories about it trying to pretend that they know it. Infinity is simply the fact of not knowing and people don't like that, but deep down I'm sure they understand it.

  • Yes, it isn't that hard to

    Infinity is a simple concept to understand. The fact that it is not reachable has nothing to do with the concept of understanding what it is. There are people who are smart enough to launch things to Mars and put satellites into orbit, so I'm pretty sure they can also understand the infinity concept.

  • Humans can understand infinity.

    Humans can understand infinity in a mathematical sense. Of course, since infinity is itself larger than anything that can be comprehended, there is another sense in which people cannot understand infinity. It is a paradox which is beyond our understanding. Nevertheless, we can understand it as an abstration of math.

  • Infinity Doesn't Grow

    The problem I had in understanding infinity was that, I thought it keep going on and on, as in growing. Then my math teacher brought up that infinity doesn't grow, it just is. So, then no one can ever find the end to infinity because no matter how big, there will always be numbers bigger and grasping that concept is really hard for all, even for the brilliant minds of the world because you first have to understand 2 things and come to terms hat they are both true. 1, that infinity doesn't grow and 2 no one will ever reach infinity. The reason some people might not be able to understand infinity is that you can't reach it, therefore it is not comprehensible but even if you can't reach the top shelf, doesn't mean you don't know what is up there.

  • Not often, but yes.

    I'm talking of course of innate understanding. Visualizing infinite is also simple, a loop with energy trapped in the path given is infinite, and expanding and contracting sphere is infinite, matter at its most stable is infinite, existence is infinite (we are talking about the area of existence that our universe came from). Many things in reality are unending or everlasting.

    An individual that comes to these conclusions and removes the equation of time from the concept has truly understood the concept of infinity.

  • We Can Understand, except it is just HARD

    When you think carefully about infinity, you may get it. Consider the equation .9999...=1. We think of it as a .00000...1 difference between the two numbers, but if the zeroes never end, then the one will not exist. Just take a hard look at the number infinity, and soon you will understand

  • The nerve system

    The electricity in our nerve system will never die just leave when the body stops to support its isolation.
    - Energy and power in electricity is forever and eternal.
    The constant is change. Stupidity is also a constant that helps in the aspect of achieving a perfect system lasting infinite

  • In theory yes, but in a practical sense no

    As someone studying to be an engineer, I can tell you what infinity is, but understanding it is a whole different beast. It's kind of like quantum mechanics, as I can use the equations (That I know), but I can't conceptualize what it would be like. If you asked me to describe to you the world as it would appear on a sub-atomic scale, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Infinity is similar, as to alot of people infinity is just a big number, just like to most people 0 always equals 0 (This sounds very dumb at the moment, but more on this later), but it doesn't work like that. 0 can describe absolutely nothing, but it could also describe 10^-nth power, similarily to how infinity describes 10^nth power, n being an unknown infinite number. Picture 10^nth donuts, can you see them? If you can, you failed...
    What I'm trying to say in this long winded, akwardly worded paragraph is to say that although in theory you know what infinity means, you can't understand the implications of infinity.

  • The glass box test

    Imagine a completely white area, no walls no nothing, just whiteness. (IMAGINE)

    Now imagine a glass box, in this white area. (IMAGINE)

    Imagine that the glass box is 100 times bigger than what you are imagining. (IMAGINE)

    Imagine that the box, that your in, is infinite. (IMAGINE)

    1. If you are outside the box looking in you cant understand infinity
    2. If you can still see whiteness then you cant understand infinity
    3. If you are not falling then you cant understand infinity

    Let me know if you failed the test or if it was interesting

  • Limited storage in our brains.

    Truly understanding it would break our minds. Try to understand the number of stars in the sky, and it is just too high of a number; and that is for a number that is likely fixed! The closest we come to understanding it, is accepting our lack of the ability to understand it.

  • Can humans understand anything?

    The problem with this question is that is doesn't ask the level of which infinity must be understood. I understand infinity on a basic level, I know what it is, and I can make a few dodgy analogies (circles etc.), but in it's complete sense, I don't think it's possible to fully understand anything. Certainly not something as big as infinity.

  • nup. you cant. it just wont click.

    Humans have become sure that they must know everything. Think of it this way. Try to visualize not existing. You cant. Its beyond humans. We know nothing beyond existence and so we cannot even begin to comprehend it. Infinity is the same deal. We cant picture something that goes beyond our skill set. In this case, our ability to count.

  • Impossible. No way. No how.

    The actual understanding of infinity is way beyond anything any person can comprehend. If you think about people in general, what we understand naturally are all things finite. It is not in man's nature to attach what is infinite to the universe. We have even attributed infinity with a value that doesn't even come close to explaining what it really is. My point being, man is finite. Every algorithm, equation, or concept that any person can think of is that of a finite nature. Man's algorithm itself is finite. Within those parameters, how can we even come close to knowing what infinity really is? To even say infinity is just a never ending value, in my opinion, limits what infinity really is.

  • No, infinity is the barrier of the human mind

    If we were to understand infinity we would have to change the way we perceive the reality as a whole. It is easy to use the more simple parts of it in mathematics, to use it as a set of number, but to understand it means that we would have to know how it functions. I believe its not a simple set of numbers, but that it works as a process, defining itself continuously by being at the same time and finite set and an infinite potential, therefore recreating itself at infinite speed you were to look at it from a human perspective. But all that aside if you were able to understand infinity you would if he truly exists be able to understand how god ''functions''.

  • How do You Understand Infinity?

    The mind does not have an infinite size. Therefore, it is difficult to for it to understand that something will never end, which is infinity. It is just simply too big for the mind to comprehend, and no human will ever be able to understand the concept of infinity, a massive substance

  • Not really possible.

    Infinity is beyond the understanding of one's capable understanding. It can never be reached. If one can reach the end of the universe then they can perceive it. Infinity is amazingly so vast just thinking about it can make your head hurt really bad. The human mind is just not ready for infinity.

  • Not really possible.

    Infinity is beyond the understanding of one's capable understanding. It can never be reached. If one can reach the end of the universe then they can perceive it. Infinity is amazingly so vast just thinking about it can make your head hurt really bad. The human mind is just not ready for infinity.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-01T19:01:32.290
How can i understand infinity? I don't even understand the question :P
Anonymous says2013-08-14T23:02:26.033
Since many little children have been misled by AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated -Infinity” commercial to hold the wrong ideas about mathematics involving INFINITE, it is important to correct their wrong concepts so that they do not behave like ignorant little sheep who just repeat what they are told.

First of all, they should understand that infinity means infinite or limitless quantity.
Infinite can be represented by the symbol ∞ but ∞ is not a number because it is uncountable.
Second, Infinity, infinity + 1, infinity + infinity & infinity x infinity are all equal to infinity.

For those who have problems understanding why Infinity, infinity + 1, infinity + infinity & infinity x infinity are all equal to infinity, here is an analogy to help you understand.

Say the ETs on a far away planet are immortals. That means their life span is infinity years.

However, the planet is ruled by a stupid and dictatorial king who is going to sentence four "criminals" for having called the king a dictator according to the severity of their “crimes”.

The first ET called him dictator in a phone conversation that has been wiretapped. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

The second ET called him dictator on the phone a little bit louder . He is sentenced to life + 1 year.

The third ET called him dictator on the phone and on the galactic internet. He is sentenced to life + life.

The fourth ET called him dictator and called for an end to his dictatorship. He is sentence to life x life. 

Now since those ETs can live forever, it doesn’t matter how many life terms or life term plus additional years they have been sentenced to by that stupid dictatorial king, they all have to serve the same duration of life imprisonment, that is infinity years. So that’s why Infinity, infinity + 1, infinity + infinity & infinity x infinity are all equal to infinity.

If you still do not understand why Infinity, infinity + 1, infinity + infinity & infinity x infinity are all equal to infinity after reading my analogy, you need to have your IQ checked.