• The tiger will surpass

    The foremost is china adopted one child policy so in dear by future they will human resource crunch.Secondly china is lagging behind us.In english language.Thirdly our economy needs reforms so under modi we can achieve this and in military we fought so many wars where china record is very low.

  • China is nothing more than factory of the world.

    A non democratic form of government can not create superpower.Moreover all data regarding China especially chinese economy and military may not be true because China have never allowed International evolution of it's economy.Data like growth at 9% is reported by Chinese government and
    it may not be entirely true.The world was predicting China to have largest army in the world but in it's white paper P.L.A. T to said that they have an army of 8 lakhs soldiers which very less than India's Army

  • We have INS vikramaditya

    India has air craft carrier INS vikramaditya, it give better fight to china. And Russia also remain our side whose border is with china. U.S.A will also support us against China. F chinese army have an ability to damage 50% region of india so india army have also a strength to damaging 45% region of china. But morally I hope India will win china.

  • Yes it could

    After, almost 10 years india will surpass the population of china which will increase the manpower of indian military which may be dangerous for china , india is also developing as speed of china india has more scholars than china , as a result india will develop faster . It also depends on which terrian you fight for eg. If war is fought in himalayas , then chineese would win , but if it is fought on plain location then india may . I wish they dont go to war , because if this happens , it may effect almost the whole world

  • Yes we can

    All our citizens would be with our soldiers. Whereas china has not democracy there is possibility of revolt in china for democracy. Those who are praising china they are timid people . These timid people are very few in india. If we would fight in fighting mode and not in peace mode with unity we will be the winner

  • We can we will ...........

    India need PEACE...IF WAR BREAKOUT BOTH COUNTRY WILL FACE GREAT ECONOMY PROBLEM AND HUMAN CASUALTIES .......India will be a developed country by 2020. India's growth in term of economy , defence, education etc are increasing from past 10 years. And next 6 year growth will be more. Moreover, if war breakout UN will interfere and war will come to an end immediately.

  • Yes India can nail it

    China cannot match India in terms of military technology. India has developed much advanced weapon secretly and even Chinese govt is aware of it.Hence they are not attempting to make border skirmishes along LAC. China will soon loose north tibate autonomous region with great humiliation. India will win any day.

  • Yes, we can do

    Yes, our army men are enough professional they just need good political support. It is not 1962 that we are oblized to use limited weapons, we also have good equipments to stop them. Also, Indian army have more experience of war than the rival PLA have. INDIA CAN DO IT.

  • Don’t 4gat that we are the most youngest country in the world.

    Do you know what is Human capital? Human resource is an active means of production. The optimum allocation of resources of a country depends on the availability of human resources. Capital and land are passive factors of production but human-resource is active factor of production, which mobilizes capital and naturals resources. Don’t 4gat that we are the most youngest country in the world. Human capital is one of the important factors responsible for the rapid growth of the American economy.

  • China has its own problems:

    China has other problems with countries like Japan, Philippines and Vietnam. While China is busy with its Eastern neighbors, it want be prepared to handle a surprise attack by the Indian army. This can give an edge to India's chances against China if a war breaks out between these two countries.

    Posted by: arav
  • Compared to China's world's largest industrial base, India's industry is small and almost non-existent.

    It's true that India has many advanced weapon systems, but these weapons are primarily imported from the western 1st world. India would have exhausted it's economy on foreign weapon purchases by time China would have amassed millions of guns, thousands of trucks, tanks and missiles etc. Mao Zedong explicitly founded China so it could function efficiently in a total war scenario. So considering a 1 vs 1 scenario India would loose after India exhausts it's current weapon stockpiles. After that, India would struggle to pay for foreign equipment, it would likely see a defence spending / GDP ratio exceeding 15% which would hurt it's already neglected population. China can keep it's defence spending at around 2% of it's GDP and most Chinese people won't even know a war is happening. Indian Cities and strategic targets within 300km of the Chinese boarder will face constant harassment by Chinese short range conventional missiles, enough to overwhelm current interceptors. China would go on to funnel tens of thousands of troops and equipment through the many valley's and corridors which dot the Himalayan boarder. Even if India has an advantage in the first few weeks, or even in India manages to advance into China initially, it would crumble in the long haul against a larger, much more industrialized and sophisticated enemy.

  • Are you joking India can beat China?

    One is on the way up to greatness, one is trying to catch up! And the gap is getting wider and wider! Even if the Chinese GDP growth is slowed down to 3% and India's maintain at 8%, how long would it take for India to catch up? 30 years? Rather than maintaining the unsustainable and inflated self ego and try to fight an enermy, India should try first to build "toilets" and sanitise the country first, seriously. Then save your fight cost to improve the infrastructure and educate the mass population and treat everyone being equal, both women and "low class" labourers. There is no point to have the world's largest and youngest population which is half illiterate and thinking that they can be cheap labour for production, while China is already moving to robots and automation. A large population need to be employed and fed, can India sustained that before even thinking of fighting China? The advantage of English India have is a joke! What is the percentage of populations speak English while more than 10 official languages are maintained in fact still a loose federation.

  • India military rely on foreign weapon too much, and that is a bad thing.

    Simply put whenever Indian military need military hardware, they import from other countries. Majority of Indian weaponry are foreign made, but in other hand majority of weaponry in PLA are Chinese made. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad quality, we know they works and they can make A Lots of them when need to. A modern war is as much about technology as much about logistic. And on strategic logistic supplies Chinese has advantage over India by a huge margin. So if a major war break out Chinese will over power India eventually. A short and minor conflict may not be so certain, it will depend on how much military supplies India has in her reserve. If India military run out ammo half way of a battle, it will lose the war! Doesn't matter how brave their soldiers are, or how much support their people gave to their government. If you want buy more weapon form a foreign country in the middle of a conflict, prepare to pay triple the price and half the quantity, that how arms dealer make their money, how they ALL make their money!

  • No india cannot defeat china

    Chine is having more advantage of winnig from india because it is much powerful country and have a lote of militant power and it is a larger and is containing a lot of population thus india wold have to suffer a great loss and india would not win the war.

  • India can't defeat china

    India can't defeat china in india always depend on other country they don't make his own advance weapon india people are so lazy and very selfish person india politics is not good they blame each other they do not come together in other hand china has good infrastructure and material and good in production military and economically well. India should understand this point

    if india can't handle small country like pakistan how india can defeat china

    I love Indian army

  • India build Toilets

    Question to those who voted for India.Which country in the world challenging the superiority of US in terms of Economy,arsenal and well being of their people??
    Most of the pundits shall name PR of China.Knowing the fact china is the only country currently fulfill all the ingredients of claiming super power crown. On the other hand India stuggling to contain Pakistan,a much small country compare to India.Its next to impossible that India even can stand against the might of chinese superiority in all fields.

  • The elephant will catch fire when giant dragon breathe

    Throughout the human history, china was always superpower in the world. No single country can defeat china. Even 100 years old, qin government had no firearm, but all the western countries had to pull together to form so-called 8 allied army to invade china. India, wake up, the usa couldn't, russia couldn't , let alone india. Fighting against china by india will be a big joke .
    Don't take it for granted that chinese people don't want to fight because of one-child policy. Chinese children was infilled with strong patriotic sentiment. Americans tried to overthrow chinese government through cultural invasion just as they did to the former suviet union, but they always failed. Because we are educated with patriotism. We are willing to sacrifice everything for our country, including our lives. I bet Chinese patriotic education is the best in the world. If our leader say " let us hate japan, so all of the Chinese will gaze at japan." this is very dangerous to all of the country who try to declare war on china. When the saad defense system was deployed in s. Korea, chinese leader said " make some trouble to s. Korea, so all the stores run by korean in china were closed down. ".

    Think about the u.k. in 1997, the former sun never setting empire has to return konghong back to china with any hesitation. He has no choice when facing a powerful country like china. This tiny country has ever ruled india as long as five centruries. Excuse my memory. China mainland don't need to fight against taiwan, i guarantee you that taiwan will come back to china. I guarantee because all the country say taiwan is a part of china, indian government said that as well. So please don't say taiwan is a country.
    India is not closely united country. If india was united, india couldn't be devided into small countries, butan, nepal , paskitan, balegdish . Indians don't call pakistanian paki with comtempt, with hatred. We call taiwanese taiwan brother . When taiwan was troubled by japan we come to their rescue. No matter how they badmouth china mainland . We treated taiwan as family, but india treated pakistan as enemy. You think a narrow-minded nation can fight a country like china.
    Nowadays india is like athen , china is like spartan. Chinese work hard for everything. Indian are easy, lazy. So don't touch china, china will give india a heavy lesson.

    If india fight china, do you think vienam , japan, and taiwan will come to his aid? They won't . They will know china is not philipine, is not singapore, it is a giant dragon. When china breathe, all of those countries turned to ashes. And india will catch fire.
    So india, please continue daydreaming.

  • Not a slight chance.

    Not a slight chance that the backward Indian command infrastructure can defeat China. India's C4ISR capacity is pretty much a joke and it lacks modern equipment to counter a serious Chinese preemptive strike. It also lacks the economic strength and resources (if not begging for more from the West) to sustain a large scale battle. Since the 1960's, the Chinese military is much better trained than the Indians, and it has developed and deployed equipment suitable for high attitude fighting, while India is still relying on foot soldiers guarding checkpoints which are basically sheds.

  • Indians are late.

    Indians have a habit of being dependent,with an added feature of bribes. India will acquire technology on paper ,fight wars in internet ,and media.Modi,s thinking is good ,but feeling sorry ,nothing has become a ground reality. Our train is very late, we can do it with others help ,but not solely with our might only if others our helping us . Otherwise China would not dare to bully us.

  • China would win

    India is a rising power, but China is still ahead of them. If they were to go into war, China would win due to stronger military, manpower, and economy. Economy matters most in war, and China has a significantly stronger economy than India. Like some other people said, before the Axis declared war on the United States, their military was weak. But when the Axis declared war on the US, they went into a war economy, quickly establishing a powerful army that both Germany and Japan didn't predict. In the Cold War, the Soviet Union went bankrupt, following their fall as a superpower.

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