• Based on experience

    It all started when my ex-boyfriend posted something very insensitive about me. I was so depressed that I deleted all my Instagram accounts. He noticed I had 2 accounts: one for modelling and my personal one and he tagged both. That way, I deleted all my accounts, blocked the site on my browser and I wanted nothing to do with it anymore. Also, before I saw what my ex did, I posted something triggering on my story that I was cutting myself on the abdominal area. For now, I don't feel like making an Instagram account because I feel like my ex might find me, tag me and blocking him isn't enough. Yes, Instagram can make an individual depressed.

  • One hundred percent.

    It undermined my relationship. My ex-boyfriend was always liking other girl's naked selfies and sexy pics. It eroded my confidence and upset me when he didn't like my photos. He ended up dumping me when I was injured and taking one of these girls out just after. I saw their date on Instagram!

  • I am on deep depression

    This network is made only for the people wth Gym ??? I am so tired the people are crazy , Why don't talk about other issues or simple change the name to instasport ??? The people don' t have any feelings only wants likes and fallowers ... Is so Boring right now like robots sucks !!!!

  • Dissing Insta Presentation On Monday

    By reading through all the comments it seems like my experience with Instagram hasn't been that bad at all really. All I really want to say is I think social medias are taking numbers and followers or whatnot too seriously and it's damaging for our mental health. When we get the app we all think "yeah this will be fun, I can post all my cool pics on this" but when we don't get as many likes as other people our minds jump to conclusions as to why we don't have more and it all goes spiralling out of control from there (my experience with insta anyway)

  • Oh yes definitely.

    Instagram is a hellhole of Satan's armpit. Facebook sucks too but Facebook still can be used as a way to make friendships official - useful. While Instagram is a congregation of narcissistic pussies. I've found iFunny, the only decent social network. It has made me happy and focused on the brighter, humorous side of life. Bye have a great time.

  • Yes, Instagram can totally make you depressed.

    I wouldn't be here reading this if it didn't make me depressed! Tons of other people are here because they feel the same way. We all know we shouldn't compare ourselves, but we still do it. All the perfect people with perfect lives make my life look lame. That's how I feel. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. That's how it makes you feel.

  • Instagram is Half Good but Bad

    There are people around you, falling apart. You feel pity for them, sad for them, which causes you to be sad yourself. I've been making good online friends, but the most negatives I to witness are mostly depressing. Before, I have been cheerful, now I'm crying at night, feeling as though I want to cut myself.

  • People have been unliking and unfollowing me

    All of these comments are definitely agreeable, but I was never depressed due to instagram until about one year ago. I always thought it was fun being able to post my fun trips and see what other people were up to, and never really compared myself to them. But for the past two years I've lost about 200 followers and people continue to unlike my photos. What is the point of unliking! I never really thought much about how many likes I got until I started getting less likes than I was getting 3 years ago. I don't understand why either. I still post semi-regularly. My posts are always appropriate and my feed hasn't gotten any worse. It's really affected my self-esteem and it's just upsetting. I've made new friends and think of myself as a friendly person but for some reason less and less people are following me and liking my photos. All I wanted to do was post pictures of what I like but now it feels like I have to worry about being judged because people are deciding my pictures aren't worth liking anymore. I'm debating whether or not to delete Instagram now, but so far I've been staying away from it.

  • It's the placebo effect

    My girlfriend started using Instagram around 7th grade, and became seriously depressed. When we got together, it became clear that she wanted to make no effort to get better; the app and community glorified and normalized such conditions. There are even pages where people just share "relatable" quotes about these mental illnesses.

    I've seen her ex and his current girlfriend, and they both have serious mental issues. One of my friends also suffers from anger issues and depression. The commonality amongst them all is that all of them use Instagram. However, none of my other friends use the app, and none have any mental disability (that I know of).

    The bottom line is, Instagram discourages people from enriching their lives and taking part in positive experiences, and instead keeps young people on their phones for way too long. I can't fully explain it, but I'm sure that there is a trend between Instagram and depression (and other similar conditions).

  • Makes you jealous and depressed

    Recently, I've been trying to increase the number of instagram followers I have. Sometimes I post a picture and although it gets likes, some of my friends who didn't like my picture would like a mutual friends' instead. The rational side of me says that they may be closer to them than me, however I can't help but feel "betrayed" when it happens. It makes me feel insecure because I start thinking I'm not as well-liked as the other person.

  • Hi hi hi

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  • Instagram Isn't Responsible for Feelings

    Instagram doesn't make people depressed. Depression and emotional upset comes from within each human being. An Internet photo sharing program shouldn't be responsible for anyone's depression, although the Internet continually isolates people and can foster feelings of loneliness. Instagram is just fine--lonely people who abuse the program or become addicted to it can become depressed.

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