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  • No Kim can't break the internet.

    Strictly speaking it wouldn't really be possible for any single person to break the internet literally. This is more of a phrase when Kim Kardashian was photographed in a very provocative photo shoot and many people started to talk about her and media published many articles. Although popular, it doesn't cause any issues for the internet in general.

  • No, eventually people will turn their attentions to another celebrity.

    People have a strange obsession with the life of this celebrity who was originally simply a stylist for Nicole Richie nd Paris Hilton. Sex tapes leaked by her former boyfriend brought her to the publc attention and her marriage to Kanye West increased her fame but it's only a matter of time before someone takes her place.

  • Kim cannot litterally breakthe internet.

    She can however create such a stir that people will download her photos from a site enough times that it crashes the servers.That is the only physical effects her butt would have on the internet. A problem which can be solved through a number of technological means. there is essentially no way for someone to break the internet.

  • NO, she cannot.

    Breaking the internet is a stupid phrase and a stupid concept. THere is no way anyone can break the internet, because it is a living, breathing constantly changing entitiy. No one could eat all the food in the world either or meet all the people in the universe or count all the stars in the sky.

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