Can legislation make elections more free and fair?

  • Yes, I think legislation can make elections more free and fair.

    I think if the Government passed laws and regulations that dealt with people having equal access to the ballot box and establishing rules on how a campaign can be run and funded then legislation can make elections more transparent which makes them a more free and fair process to all.

  • Remove Electoral College

    I believe if legislation was offered up to remove the electoral college then that could possibly make elections more free and fair. Other than the electoral college I believe the voting process in the United States is quite sound. I've voted in several elections without one single problem. I think there are less problems in this arena than people let on.

  • Yes it can.

    It really depends on the type of legislation that is implemented. It can go both ways, but yes it does have the potential to make elections more free and fair. For example, a legislation could be introduced that does NOT require a voter to show ID. This would make the election more free and fair.

  • Yes, elections can be made more free and fair by legislation.

    I think that legislation can definitely make elections be more free and fair. I think that while elections in America today are fair, some changes can be made to make the people of America believe that their voices are heard. I think one thing that can be changed is getting rid of the electoral process.

  • Elections are already free and fair.

    Legislation can not make elections more free and fair, because they already are this way. People who run for office can either use their own money or the money people donate. Donations above $200 are recorded for the public to see, so elections are pretty much transparent already. If people feel this isn't fair, they should contribute money themselves.

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