• Depends on what you mean by 'merely' and by 'accident'.

    Use of the term 'mere' undermines/ places a lower value on existence without some sort of necessity.

    Would life be any less special if it happened by accident? In this case we will stage accident as 'not foreordained by a supernatural force with a plan'. Some would say that would make it more special, more precious, more free.

    The fact is, it is actually more possible that life is simply a byproduct of the system we live in. A potential eventuality in any solar system in the universe/ multiverse/ whatever. We have no evidence of a higher intelligence, only assertions that one could be because we project our own experience on a system outside ourselves.

    Just because things work a certain way, doesn't mean someone had to set the rules. Is water wet because someone made it that way, or is wetness simply an emergent property of water based on how it formed naturally?

    Sure, there is the possibility of some higher power pulling the strings, but that stems only from our own personification of the cosmos. That projection is the only foundation anyone has for a higher power, and is invariably stated as 'it simply must be so' regardless of what other trappings you surround that statement with.

  • Controversing Topic of Life


    I think about this topic ALOT. When i say a lot i mean it because every day walking throughout the halls of my high school to biology i think to myself, "Why are we here? Are we supposed to be here?" As much as i think we should be here and enjoy life as it is i don't think we are meant to be here in the universe because i believe after death that we lose all of our memories and everything we experienced throughout life. I believe that after death we forget everything because there is no scientific proof of souls being real. Why where we put on Earth to live a life we won't remember? In about 4 billion years if we weren't as smart as we are today we wouldn't know that we would die due ti the sun dieing out. The goal that everyone reaches in life is death, no matter what you can't escape it. Why are we here if everything that we know of can bring harm to us in some way. We are very perishable compared to the environment that we live in. Im not just talking about our neighborhood, the city we live in, or Earth. Im talking about the Universe. We can't survive without water and oxygen along with food and maintaing homeostasis.


    If it weren't for life to interpret the Universe why would the universe be here? After all without life the Universe is just a cluster of rocks and chemicals floating around since the Big Bang, so in that case that means life couldn't have been a mistake!

    All in all i think that the life is an accident because of the right chemicals and the right catalyst that was in the right spot at the right time just formed the first cell by accident, along with the enzymes from space of course, but who really knows? I guess we'll find out some day! Maybe even in our own life time!

  • Yes, and the conditions for life can be, too.

    The fossil record shows quite clearly how life has evolved over billions of years from very simple bacteria / organisms, through a process of random mutations and natural selection, to the complexity of the human body. It didn't just happen, it took an incredibly long timescale (one that our minds cannot grasp), and alot of lucky events, and the right conditions. Absolutely it can be, and almost certainly is, in my opinion an accidental event. It happened because the conditions were right for it to happen - and it is down to chance that they were right. In terms of cosmological timescales, the appearance and existence of life on earth from its beginning to end could be like the blink of an eye - a very short and insignificant moment in the timescale of the universe.

  • Life is a result.

    I don't think life happened for a purpose by any means. If so, what could that purpose possibly be? Serving a god? I think not.

    There is an argument that so much "coincidentally" happened in the universe to make life, suggesting intelligent design. However, I think it would be much more logical to think of it this way: what happened, happened. There were no perfect conditions, it is what it is. Life is simply a result of "perfect" conditions on earth (and anywhere else). The perfect conditions were not suited for the purpose of life, but life is simply a consequence. If the conditions were any different, there would be a different result, as seen on many other planets where there is no life.

  • It could be

    The answer to this question, depends entirely on what the poser of this question means. Some people may be considered "mistakes" because their conception was not planned by their parents. However, if all of life and humanity as we know it is the result of one big "mistake," then that would be quite the mistake! Who is to say it's not possible, though?

  • Life is what we make it

    I think this question is asking whether the existence of life is part of a "grand plan" or if it just "happened". I completely believe that life happened because of scientific processes, not some sort of god or spirit in the sky. This doesn't make it any less amazing! It just means we have to come up with our own purpose for living.

  • Anything can happen by mistake

    Of course life can be an accident. Just as life can end by accident, so it can begin by accident. From an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy, a mutation, or even lightning striking the so-called organic soup of Earth's young past, life is not always according to a plan or the whim of a deity. To think otherwise is to put a "grand-scheme" on life, which is a religious argument, not a scientific one.

  • Life is too complicated to be an accident.

    If you think about how the human body is developed from a sperm and an egg into a complex network of systems working together, it is difficult to think that life is an accident. Reproduction is a complicated system in which everything must work in a specific way to keep life going. Much too complicated to be accidental.

  • Physical existence had to have some kind of beginning

    And no, I'm not necessarily saying that a deity had to have been involved in the beginning of the universe. But there had to have been some sort of "blueprint" for the complexity of life. Matter cannot will itself into existence and matter certainly doesn't form complex systems on its own without some sort of outside interference.

  • There is NO WAY I can find resolve to life is an accident....

    Organisms are either single cell or multiple cell.... The human body alone is made up of over billions of different cell types each forming tissue, each tissue forming organs, each organ(s) forming its own systematic function of the body to sustain life....

    If all this is an "accident" through evolution, why are there "course corrections" (body's ability to adapt under changes). The body is too complex to be just an "accident".

  • Nah, not really.

    If something is an accident, then there is a correct way to do it. There is no right way to bring life into existence, so life cannot merely be an accident. If a being created life, then he obviously is somewhat satisfied with it because it is not changed .

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onlytruth says2014-01-01T18:13:52.510
Its a mere accident. If it is somebody created it then can anyone tell the purpose of creation itself? And who created the creater? What is the purpose of creaters life. I think now its time to god lovers to create new theory. For the purpose of creater's creation. Ha ha
onlytruth says2014-01-01T18:15:49.513
I mean the purpose of creating a creater who created us.