• Macy's Focus on Online Market Will Boost Profitability

    Macy's reputation and broad customer base will help it succeed in today's tough retail environment. As online buying has increased and in-store foot traffic has decreased, the move to close less profitable stores makes perfect economic sense.. The resulting savings can provide plenty of money for online promotions, customer perks and reward programs for loyal customers who will be more than willing to purchase online at

  • Yes, Macy's can survive in a tough retail market

    Yes, Macy's can survive in a tough retail market. Macy's is known to be a high quality store. In addition, the prices that the store sells its products have improved in recent years. Macy's has a good reputation and should be able to compete well in a competitive retail environment.

  • I think Macy's can survive a tough retail environment

    Macy's has been in business for a long time. They have weathered many economic storms over the years. If the people who own the company are wise with their business practices and they continue to provide good products, they can survive much longer and weather any economic storm. Even though it may not last forever, I don't believe we'll be rid of Macy's just yet.

  • No, brick and mortar is going down

    We live in the age of the Internet. Brick and mortar stores, such as Macy's, Walmart, and JCPenny's, are all losing sales. Massively. Profit is hemorrhaging out of these companies as they struggle to find their place in the online world. Amazon is the leading competitor, and Google Shopping is right there behind it. Brick and mortar is going down.

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