• Evidence has shown us Marijuana can treat cancer

    Cancer is treatable, and the proper cure for cancer is prevention. Eating a whole foods, natural diet loaded with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. Yes, it IS that simple. Change your diet, rid yourself of disease. In terms of marijuana, it can halt tumour and abnormal cell growth, and there is plenty of evidence that supports that. Marijuana and hemp have been used for hundreds of years as natural treatments for many ailments, including cancer. It its a natural cancer fighter, and it makes more sense for humans and animals to find their cures from the earth, not in a medical laboratory.Marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant. And chemotherapy does not cure cancer, it just kills cancer cells. And not just cancer cells, ALL cells, even the healthy ones. Chemotherapy doesn't address the initial problem of why someone had cancer in the first place.
    So why haven't we made marijuana the "drug" of choice for cancer? Because the pharmaceutical companies would loose trillions of dollars. Who would need to buy prescription drugs if you could just eat a plant to treat your cancer? Who would need to pay hospital bills for months if you could grow your own cure? What would happen to the millions of people employed in the medical field when sick patients no longer needed their help? The economy runs off sick people, and if all we had to do was grow, eat and smoke our cure, where would the government and pharmaceutical companies get their business? People need to look beyond what they see and hear in the mainstream media. Those of you who are naive enough to believe that chemo is the only treatment, and that the government is helping their sick people, really need to take a look around and see the real world you live in. Marijuana is the super plant of the future, and I hope one day our society will realize this. And this is coming from someone who doesn't smoke or eat the plant, I just know its awesome!

  • Ignorance is rampant on this subject.

    Many people have not seen (or bothered to look for) the EVIDENCE supporting this. They ignorantly assume that if it could cure cancer then it would be a mainstream treatment which grossly overestimates the morals of humanity. Either that or they assume that stupid potheads are overstating what cannabis is already known to treat for chemo patients (nausea, appetite).
    Cannabis administered in a concentrated enough form is the best weapon we have against cancer as it is more effective of a treatment and is harmless to the host.
    Below are links to some evidence and a video documentary.


  • eat it, don't smoke it

    The confusion is in the method of ingestion. Smoking anything will increase your risk of cancer. Eating dope doesn't cause cancer and probably has many benefits, at least far outweighing any negatives. If you had an inoperable brain tumor like my wife, you'd try it too. Or, just listen to whatever the medical industry says. You're not hurting anyone else.

  • Marijuana Helps with Cancer Symptoms

    Marijuana helps with Cancer symptoms like nausea and pain. These things keep patients from being able to eat or sleep well, which is important in recovery. Many studies have been done that link Marijuana to possibly slowing or stopping Cancer. Other studies that cite Marijuana as possibly causing Cancer are U.S. government studies where the doctors actually cite the safety of the compound, but the government skews the results in their favor.

  • No, it can't

    Of course marijuana can't cure cancer! What a ridiculous notion. I suppose marijuana smokers would love it to be so - what a great reason to make it legal and readily available. But it is simply not true. If marijuana could cure cancer, it would have already been established and proved, and people would be treated by it.

  • Marijuana cannot cure cancer

    No way. Absolutely not and I don't think it's wise to suggest that it does. What I do believe is that it helps ease a Cancer patients symptoms. The supposed calming effect on the body, nerves, and mind can help someone suffering be more at ease. It may aid in the treatment of Cancer, but the only "cure" for Cancer of any kind is intensive hospital treatment.

  • Marijuana Smoking Causes Cancer

    Marijuana smoke contains heavy metals just like tobacco smoke. These heavy metals can cause cancer in humans. Marijuana use may have mood altering effects on the smoker but it will definitely INCREASE that person's chances of getting cancer and will not have a chance of curing a person with an active cancer.

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