• Yes it works finally something besides tons of antidepressants

    I have suffered from depression for 20 years I started smoking pot and feel better I have been on over 20 different medications which some work for a while and then don't .It would be nice to get help to find out dosages and real research on it. Weed works

  • I am severely depressed

    When I smoke my depression usually turns to happiness I am energetic I'm able to do things with my kids I'm able to perform my job better 9 Puff's a day keeps my depression under control 3 in the morning 3 around lunch and three more before I go to bed I truly believe marijuana helps my depression

  • Weed is my last resort

    As I have done research cannabis AKA marijuana can surely help treating depression for some people even cure it. We all have endocannabinoid receptors in our brain which if downregulated can cause bad mood, appetite, poor sleep, feeling of anxiety etc. However, marijuana contains many chemicals called cannabinoids such as THC and CBD that "fuel" our brain receptors making our brain produce more dopamine and as a result aleviate depression.

  • It has made my depression bearable

    I've suffered from depression, specially after some very life changing events. I cried to sleep for over 10 straight days until I decided to start smoking pot more frequently.

    Now I try to keep myself busy with work during the day, go to the gym during the afternoon (which helps me get rid of my depression for a couple of hours (one during the gym and another one afterwards)) and then I smoke and listen to music/play video games before going to sleep.

    Although I still do feel depressed when sober throughout the day it's always nice to know I won't be crying my eyes out at night and that I will actually be enjoying my night before falling asleep.

  • I can help

    I find while i smoke i become more uplifted and happy. There is no better cure for depression then smoking with freinds. Anti depressants leave you addicted where as weed is easy to quit. Look at notorious pot smoker Tommy Chong. Goes 3 months without smoking, were as if you are on anti depressants you constantly need them

  • It cured mine

    Since I was a child I had a negative attitude towards life. When I was seven, during a car ride home I remember telling my mom that in life one is born, suffers, and dies. Then I grew up and I would contemplate death on the daily. That is until my friends introduced me to marijuana. I still remember the bliss and peace I sought becoming tangible after my first bowl. I haven't thought about suicide once since I started smoking.

  • Effects of Dopamine

    The THC in marijuana causes the brain to produce more dopamine, which increases levels of surface happiness. Many antidepressants such as WelButrin are dopamine uptake-inhibitors, which like marijuana, allows for there to be more dopamine accessible to the receptors.

    Also, depression is often paired with anxiety. The over-activity of the HPA axis is the usual culprit for this. Marijuana use calms this section of the brain, causing an ease of anxiety.

  • Marijuana is one of the best anti-depressants

    In my experience, marijuana is possibly the best anti-depressant there is. It has few long-term side-effects, so it's safe for a large portion of the population. It's effects, which usually bring about happiness and mild euphoria nearly instantly. In general, the prohibition of marijuana, and it's classification as a schedule 1 drug, are ideas whose time has long passed.

  • Weed does help my depression.

    I am 16 & started noticing that I am very depressed. When I smoke weed I feel more happy and I feel like I can do anything without a problem. When I'm not high I am very low a depressed. I feel like everything bothers me when I'm not high. When I am high I'm very friendly smiling & laughing enjoying life. I feel like weed does help with depresstion.

  • Recent studies show cannabis is effective in low doses for treating depression

    Several scientific studies have shown that cannabis is highly effective at treating depression and many states are contemplating, or have already, added it to their pharmacopoeia. The only negative effects are linked with high usage in youth. It would be silly to dismiss the medicinal properties of this plant because of some preconceived, and inaccurate, notion carried forward from the 50's.

    Consider that cannabis may have been restricted because of strong lobbying from pharmaceutical companies, not because it is evil or dangerous. Medical marijuana is being accepted as a viable treatment around the world and depression is one of the ailments it can help.

  • No, marijuana can not help depression.

    Marijuana is depressant in nature. I believe there are many pharmacological uses of the substance, but depression is not one of them. Much like alcohol, the use of marijuana may seem to alleviate depression symptoms in the short term, but long-term use can only serve to worsen clinical depression. I believe most medical studies would support this argument.

  • No

    Although I am not entirely sure, I would guess that marijuana does not help depression. I would think that it would even make depression worse for the person since I think that it is considered a downer, like alcohol. It could also cause the person to become addicted, which can make the depression worse as well.

  • Marijuana can not help Depression

    Depression, to me, is just a state of mind. There is no doubt in my mind that people who are depressed need help, but thinking that a mind altering plant can help you to a happy life, i believe you are seriously wrong. Marijuana has the power to help you forget that you are depressed. The depression will be there until you fix the issue. marijuana only covers it up.

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