• If smoked, marijuana does lower blood pressure but there are some risks

    When marijuana is smoked the heart rate is elevated and blood pressure does indeed drop. However, because of the elevation in the heart rate, risk of a heart attack is increased. This is true of anything that increases heart rates (smoking tobacco, jogging, aerobic exercise, etc) , so the risks have more to do with smoking than the marijuana itself. Though it could be said that people sensitive to the effects of marijuana may find themselves with an elevated heart rate regardless of how it is consumed.

  • Yes

    marijuana is confusing when it comes to blood pressure. This all depends on dosage, method of administration and others factors. Upon smoking, the blood pressure can temporarily increase for a short period, but with routine use, it can actually lower blood pressure. THC in marijuana relaxes the muscles, actually helping blood flow which can in fact reduce hypertension.

  • Marijuana Smoking and probably most average people.

    Weed smoking and Lower Blood Pressure have several components which weigh into the equation of the value to Lower your blood rate in my opinion. I am no medical professional but a professional business person generally thought to be successful and gernally feel that way,

    Many people who have zero issue with blood pressure see marijuana with anxiety regardiing the front end disassociation effects of the brain and sensory actions. I think we all can agree that smokers of maijuana learn to hold their breathe generally more than before learning to smoke confortably.

    When it comes to the physical human body I think you can associate Lowering Your Blood Pressure and Rate with excercising and strengthening your breathing muscular systems of your body as factors. Even coughing induces low scale exercise.

    I think we can agree that even low level exercise versus no level exercise does have a positive net overall effect on lowering your blood rate. As becoming a couch potato does not.

    Dosages and concentrations of the marijuana can be thought of as a dividing point as a positive or negative factor along with overall health to perform exercise of even a low scale manner.

    Another positive is the ZEN-like side effects of euphoria. Once again people can take things too far thus the term STONED.

    Stoned has general first and then overall second degree states. At first it is high endorphin energies. As in learning something new and the relaxation which comes with that. "I am going to, did do or say something I normally wouldn't have!" Another you can take it too far point which creates the couch potato with those health risk which go with obesity and binge eating.

    Some people take things to extremes but in general they are the outliers of our society but the middle ground person will say it relaxes. Given my hypothesis it does Lower Blood Pressure in general use because of the controls and subsequent relaxation of the body brings harmony.

    Smoking marijuana tends to concentrate your senses which generally allows you to forget or put aside other thoughts and focus. Once again second degree stoned takes things too far which include high-degree forgetfulness.

    In the end I think the overall is a positive net factor for those who feel the need to relax more than some others.

  • I'd say so.

    I have used marijuana for many years except during pregnancies. It has help keep my blood pressure normal. I have had hypertension since I was 15. I've been on numerous medications which side affect make it not worth taking most of the time. However smoking marijuana has kept me afloat. No headaches no blurred Vision no bp reading over normal.

  • It works every time

    Every night I smoke cannabis and I before I inhale, I can feel my heart beating a little hard. 5 minutes after smoking cannabis, the effects are clear. My heart rate slows and beats less ferociously. Every time it works. I love cannabis and will use it for the the rest of my life. Whether it be legal or not. It's a miracle plant that has changed my life. Stress is a true killer. Cannabis combats stress. No question.

  • It does ....

    It does help to reduce blood pressure ..Actually it cures depression and gives sleep and it helps to relax blood vessels arteries and muscles..So like we can say that it will help to reduce blood pressure.. In Ayurveda Marijuana is a sacred plant.. So to avoid side effects its better to consume it either through digestion or through a vaporiser and to avoid dehydration drink enough of water

  • Marijuana does lowwr high blood pressure.

    After years of not smoking pot, i smoked more than half a joint and my blood pressure dropped too low. I was with a friend and not feeling better after more than 15 minutes the paramedics were called. By the time they arrived i had started to feel a bit better but they said my readings were low. It slowly wore off and i started feeling good after a while. It does decrease blood pressure.

  • Lower blood pressure

    My blood pressure is lower when I smoke cannabis and higher when I drink alcohol .I am sticking with the weed ,thank you ! Go Colorado !! Soon it will be legal everywhere and people realize it's a medicinal plant. But not for everybody ,to each his own.I also exercise more and eat healthier when medicated with mother nature.

  • Works for me

    Have been taking bp lowering Med's forever and never worked now I can smoke and it has dropped me from full on hypertension to normal range I was average 200/100 now I'm around 115/75. So say what u want it made all my pot hating family see past it due to its ability to do this for me!

  • From 140/100 to 120/80

    I inherited high blood pressure (hypertension) from my parents and have had it since my 20s. I am otherwise physically fit, healthy, and do not smoke.

    I looked down at weed users in my youth, but in my early 40s (I'm now 46), I began regular cannabis use with a vaporiser (it tremendously helps my anxiety and helps me sleep, something I otherwise struggle to do for more than 4 hours a night). Regular weed use has reduced my blood pressure to the “safe” or "normal” range. I used to be 140/100. Now I’m more typically around 120/80 (and it drops noticeably during an actual vapour session).

    My Mom has to take blood pressure medication, and I’d probably have to now too were it not for having come across this natural alternative. It may not be suitable for everyone, but it has improved my life dramatically.

  • Probably depends on the person

    Personally, when I smoke my blood pressure goes through the roof (160/100) so I stopped smoking completely. I already have high blood pressure even though I'm young and skinny! It probably just depends on an individual's unique response to marijuana. For some it lowers it, for others it may make blood pressure go crazy.

  • I would think not.

    When marijuana is smoked it raises the blood pressure and heart rate. The risk of heart attack is increased. Although marijuana has been proven to have some health benefits, smoking it negates most of them. Much like tobacco itself is not harmful to the body, but smoking it is, smoking marijuana takes away any positive aspect of the plant itself.

  • No

    I have never actually heard of marijuana lowering someone's blood pressure. I would actually think that it would raise someone's blood pressure because the effects of it can be similar to when a person smokes cigarettes and there is medical proof that that does raise a person's blood pressure. Although, I am ultimately unsure.

  • Not for Me.

    It makes mine go through the roof, and I have been smoking for several years now. Though, of I were to quit smoking, drinking, and reduce my severe hypertension, I could give you a more accurate opinion. I am going with "No" but toke up anyway, it's relaxing after a short while. Just steer clear of pigs, they will make your heart explode.

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ronmorgen says2014-02-07T15:59:11.780
I am a daily smoker but I have noticed when i abstain my pressure skyrockets. I have run experiments on myself to prove this and every time my pressure comes back down when i resume smoking.