• Kidney induced hypertension

    I have chronic kidney disease from a genetic defect. My current kidney function (GFR) is 16%. As kidney function decreases, hypertension rises (undisputed medical fact). I currently take 3 hypertension meds (an ARB, CCB and beta blocker) all at or near the max dose. I take my bp at least 3 times per day using a home machine that has been tested by my nephrologist for accuracy. When not using medical marijuana for 2 weeks, my average bp is: 145/92. Using medical marijuana 1xday in the evening, my average bp is: 130/82. The lowest readings are 1-2 hours after medical marijuana use. However, all daily readings are significantly lower.

    Note 1: i understand that initial marijuana use usually increases bp (and hr). However, that effect is quickly diminishes. I have not tested this, as i was initially using the medical marijuana as a sleep aid/pain relief and therefore was not monitoring my bp with it's initial use.

    Note 2: i have also read there is a 'rebound effect' where bp increases with cessation of medical marijuana use. Unfortunately, in the tests, the participants only abstained from medical marijuana for 2 days. My period of abstinence was 2 weeks. The 'rebound effect' diminished after 3-5 days in my case.

  • If smoked, marijuana does lower blood pressure but there are some risks

    When marijuana is smoked the heart rate is elevated and blood pressure does indeed drop. However, because of the elevation in the heart rate, risk of a heart attack is increased. This is true of anything that increases heart rates (smoking tobacco, jogging, aerobic exercise, etc) , so the risks have more to do with smoking than the marijuana itself. Though it could be said that people sensitive to the effects of marijuana may find themselves with an elevated heart rate regardless of how it is consumed.

  • Yes

    marijuana is confusing when it comes to blood pressure. This all depends on dosage, method of administration and others factors. Upon smoking, the blood pressure can temporarily increase for a short period, but with routine use, it can actually lower blood pressure. THC in marijuana relaxes the muscles, actually helping blood flow which can in fact reduce hypertension.

  • Works for me!

    One hit if some decent weed and my pressure will drop from ex: 150/95 to 135/85 in less than 5 minutes. Yes my heat rate rises, but very little. It might go from 70 to 74 bpm at the most. So it seems to me that I personally am getting a valuable benefit from cannabis.

  • Yes it can lower blood pressure

    My blood pressure medication alone lowers my blood pressure from 200/96 down to a pre-hypertension range of 120/89. But with pot, (medical grade) my blood pressure is 86 to 90 / 74 which is considered normal and not pre-hypertension I do take the pot in pill form and not smoking it.

  • Quiting pot changed my BP for the worse

    I have been a pot smoker for at least 30 years, I got so much into business and alcohol got to be more convenient (no smell, no worry with the neighbors, etc) that I slowly took pot out of my life, All those years I had LOW BP, all the time, whenever measured. Now, after about 6 years of no or little pot, I am running 180/95. I am going to return to my pot lifestyle and see if li can avoid taking the little pill my doctor suggests…

  • It does help me!

    My bp is always around 120/75, heart rate is averaging 70-75. I only use a vaporizer. When I vape, my bp tests with bp monitor were 101/50 and 97/65 but my heart rate was 91 and 100. Maybe I should be concerned about the large differences between bp and heart rates but I felt great and was also drinking red wine. I'm 51 year old female, 150lbs, 5 ft 7 inches. No health issues.

  • It lowers mine.

    I have malfunctioning metabolizing enzymes in my liver (polymorphisms in CYP2D6/2C9/and one other that escapes my mind at the moment) I also have Fibromyalgia and sleep disorder and high blood pressure... A slew of other things that i would take medicine for - if I could. But, my body wont metabolize them correctly and I end up in the ER. Weed is my miracle. A while after I had genetic testing done and found out about the polymorphisms I quit all my meds. (Disclaimer: Don't do this at home, it may be dangerous for your health ;) On meds my BP was all over the place....10 years later, and a few more diagnosis and I'd had enough. I started smoking weed. It took about 2 weeks before I noticed a difference. Enough time for my body to detox a little from the RX meds. It was amazing. I was so excited. They were not sure how they were going to get my BP down and things were getting serious. Now its down from 185/110 (highest 255/150) to (immediately following a hit or two) 111/85...Not perfect...But I'm not strokin out. Best thing yet...No hideous side effects, like with the RX's...Cept maybe cheeto crumbs in my bed.... Lol

  • Yes, by 30 points, but why?

    I enjoyed this as a weekend camper or just enjoying free time but now it's as if I can't go without it. I tried to stop because this is my happy stuff, not medicine, but 12 hrs later of not smoking and I am back to 150/90 with full meds. After 10 minutes of smoking I'm down to 120/80-70 . I'm glad there is something to help but I don't want to depend on this everyday nor can I afford it. What is making it drop and is there something non narcotic to do the same?

  • Regular user, 100/65 average BP.

    After 6 or 7 years of regular use -meaning every other day, at least- I've kept a relatively low blood pressure. I'm 5'10" and weigh 130-140 pounds and an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. My BP always comes down to 90/55 after half a joint. It once reached an all-time low of 82/49 after chain smoking about a 1/4 oz.

  • Probably depends on the person

    Personally, when I smoke my blood pressure goes through the roof (160/100) so I stopped smoking completely. I already have high blood pressure even though I'm young and skinny! It probably just depends on an individual's unique response to marijuana. For some it lowers it, for others it may make blood pressure go crazy.

  • I would think not.

    When marijuana is smoked it raises the blood pressure and heart rate. The risk of heart attack is increased. Although marijuana has been proven to have some health benefits, smoking it negates most of them. Much like tobacco itself is not harmful to the body, but smoking it is, smoking marijuana takes away any positive aspect of the plant itself.

  • No

    I have never actually heard of marijuana lowering someone's blood pressure. I would actually think that it would raise someone's blood pressure because the effects of it can be similar to when a person smokes cigarettes and there is medical proof that that does raise a person's blood pressure. Although, I am ultimately unsure.

  • Yes and no for me.

    Strange , I'm 28 and when I smoke pot my bp increases to about 140-150 and causes tightness in my chest .But when I smoke pure bho my bp actually drops a few points and takes away my chest pain. So I guess it depends on purity of product . As marijuana plant matter usually has some type of nasty on it from the growing or curing.Bho can be vac purged to take all the impurities so I feel if I can find the right bho ill be ok .

  • Eating edible marijuana has caused my blood pressure to be super high 160/100

    I'm in my 50's and eat a sliver of a weed treat to fight chronic pain and to sleep at night, so I only eat a little a couple hours before going to bed. Since I've been medicating with weed on a regular basis my pain is less and I sleep really well, but my blood pressure has been really high when before medicating with week II had normal blood pressure. I'm a bit concerned about this and wonder what the long term affect will be? I'm going to start a vigorous excersize program and see if that will help with the blood pressure. I excersize but not vigorously.

  • No way is this clear

    Now that I am having heart problems my most loyal friend pot is shooting my pulse to 140 and bp 155 90 and causing palpitation. I am fine until I smoke. Guess I have to quit smoking. Its cookie time I think or maybe butter? Will check back if still alive.

  • Doesn't Seem To...

    My partner and I have been monitoring this using a home blood pressure test. The results clearly showed that smoking dope increased blood pressure. We had prior to this quit smoking any dope for 9 months. We had regularly tested ourselves (at least once a week) while off it and our readings were normal. Readings during the time we began smoking weed showed 'high normal'. There was a clear and distinct difference. Sad to admit it but it does raise blood pressure, not lower it.

  • Not for Me.

    It makes mine go through the roof, and I have been smoking for several years now. Though, of I were to quit smoking, drinking, and reduce my severe hypertension, I could give you a more accurate opinion. I am going with "No" but toke up anyway, it's relaxing after a short while. Just steer clear of pigs, they will make your heart explode.

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ronmorgen says2014-02-07T15:59:11.780
I am a daily smoker but I have noticed when i abstain my pressure skyrockets. I have run experiments on myself to prove this and every time my pressure comes back down when i resume smoking.