• I have mostly when I haven't done it for awhile

    I have seen faces' an colors pink an static silver my brother saw a tree with a branch that reached out to him plus he was at the gas ⛽ station in the parking lot waiting for a friend he took his hat off an could not believe how big his hat was he said it was huge 😵

  • Of course it can

    In one instance, I was smoking 'Shivamooli'(local name of Marijuana) in my friend's hostel room, which is a dark place, I started seeing things that were not actually happening. I got a feeling that me and my friend were not in his room but in another world. I started seeing strange visions. I could see strange lights and shapes. It was like a dream. Then we went outside and stood there and looked and all things appeared to be in 3D form.

  • Yes it can

    I smoked myself silly the other day and when I tried to type on my phone to talk to someone my phone was warping in front of me and changing colours and I got all these crazy patterns in front of my eyes which was awesome at the time because cooked me was enjoying it but it was definitely weird

  • I've Hallucinated Before

    I've gotten so stoned to the point where I've seen many distinct things for several seconds at a time that would remain how they were no matter how hard I focused on them. In one instance me and my friend were smoking on a curb at night under a street light. I looked to my right and saw a little boy in a blue shirt with white stripes riding his bike towards us. I continued to watch, but before he got close enough to make out any definition in his face, he vanished. Then immediately after that I looked to my left on the ground and saw a drawing of an elephant. I stared directly at it for about several seconds, though I couldn't say exactly how long because I was very high. Then that too vanished. I would definitely qualify what I saw as very vivid hallucinations.

  • Hallucination on pot, I did

    I had the same type of bud that I smoke for months and months and it was normal, then one day I was paranoid that someone was going too see me and I started seeing relatives in front of me. Maybe this was caused because of the paranoia not too sure.

  • Yes for sure

    If you take a large amount at once you can hallucinate. Usually if you take a very large amount of shatter you may be able to, or if you make edibles you will need a lot of marijuana but it is possible you just need to be ready for what is ahead.

  • Yes, it can

    I have hallucinated and know of others hallucinating on weed. One time I had eaten a piece of a very potent weed cookie and I didn't really feel it until about an hour after. Anyway, my friend was lying on the ground outside and when I looked at him I couldn't see his head and his arm looked like it had turned into a skeleton arm. When I got closer it turned to normal but it made me freak out. For the rest of the night things just looked distorted and I kept seeing flashing lights. It was pretty spooky.

  • Yes It Can

    Me And My Boyfriend Smoked And We Started Driving In Town, All Of A Sudden Everything Became Reaaalllly Bright And The Car Felt Like It Was Flying. I Was Describing What I Saw To My Boyfriend. He Told Me To Chill, You Might Be Hallucinating. That Weed Strain Was Gorrila Glue. When I Ate Something It Stopped .. Another Time We Smoked And Everything Looked Animated He Said The Same But That Time Wasn't That Bad. I Stopped Smoking The Same Month Of That First Hallucination ..

  • Makes you see things differently

    I smoke quite often and have for a good few months now and it doesn't make me completely trip out or see things that aren't there but it does make me see things from a different perspective and that causes me to think slightly differently. More often than not for the better

  • Yes it can

    I smoked a lot from a batch i got at a festival and it was nothing like any weed i had before. It reminded me of acid but more intense, the landscape around me became ridiculously detailed to the point i could see peoples faces perfectly from 100s of meatres away. Also when i tried to close my eyes, my eye lids would flicker and i would see really detailed architecture that my normal consciousness could never imagine. The images also formed when i looked into the clouds in the sky and the images became really futuristic but i had no idea what the images were like machines it was fucked up probably laced with somert ...?

  • No it can not

    I've smoked pot for almost a year now that's not very long but I do almost every other day and sometimes I get way to high i remember me and my friend smoked ten bowls together out of a bong I thought I was hearing stuff but no I was not it just made my hearing very very clear and I was just hearing the fan in the other room.All that happens is my vision gets very clear everything seems close but at the same time far away and colors pop like crazy and are beautiful and I laugh uncontrollably I love it.Have never hallucinated

  • Nopwe no thansk

    It's just not a happening thing in this world today, I mean drungs n stuff is bad, but you don't get that kind of art from marijuana. Stay and focus in school my little babies, many loves to you all you rat bags, stop drugs and continue with life love u

  • 8 year smoker

    I have been smoking weed since I was around 12 with my older brothers and never had a Problem .. I am now a proud patient and grow my own plants btw im 20 years old and have never struggled through school I graduated with honors and making 60-70k a year in construction .. The Answer is NO it does not make you see Flying Cows in your living room thats just your low educated mind.

  • Not just weed

    If you your smoking pot and you hallucinate than something is mixed in there and you have an unreliable dealer. There is only two active ingredients in marijuana, CBD and THC, neither of which could possibly create hallucinations on there own. Marijuana is NOT for everyone, thus if you try it and don't like it, then don't do it. But it does help millions of people out there with dozens of ailments. But this propaganda of hallucinations is rediculous. Almost as bad as hearing marijuana causes man boobs. Cigarettes and alcohol should be what's illegal. Causes millions of deaths every single year and responsible for 95% of domestic violence. If you don't know people, FIND OUT THE TRUTH..... Do some research

  • It doesn't make you hallucinate you idiots

    I'm sorry but whoever is saying weed makes you hallucinate is just a complete moron. I have smoked weed for years, and don't be so quick to judge because I'm not some "pot head"... I have a degree in business and management and earn 78k a year. That's not me bragging either.

    I smoke weed because I have an allergy to alcohol, and I personally prefer it. I first smoked weed at 15 and I didn't hallucinate. I'm now 28 and still smoke weed and still don't hallucinate. It's not an hallucinogen, but I can admit I have abstract thoughts. But that's just from dopamine receptors in your brain becoming something or other which gets you high. I'm no scientist, but you're a complete idiot if you're claiming you've hhallucinated... Fair enough, you may have had laced weed, but who in the right mind would lace a cheap drug such as weed with something more expensive? Fair Enough if it's laced with something to make addicted for more custom to your idiotic dealer... But still, lacing weed, unless deliberately done yourself, is idiotic. Why ruin a great high from weed with something which makes you hallucinate which most wouldn't enjoy?

    Clearly haven't done your research before you made a stupid unjustified made up post which everyone who ACTUALLY smokes knows isn't true... We're just laughing at you because of your idiocy and the fact that when you do smoke, you're smarter than Albert Einstein

  • People who say yes didn't do their homework

    While cannabis is a psychoactive drug, it is't technically psychedelic, it is just a depressant similar to alcohol and of course if affects people differently it can hype some people up. It also depends on the strain. The "hallucinations" people who said yes to experiencing was most likely weed laced with some stimulant or amphetamine. Something like MDMA, LSD, or shrooms are psychedelics that induce major hallucinations, THC is a just a cannabinoid stimulant that slows reaction time between the brains cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters. Causing a high, but not psychedelic, experience.

  • Not a hallucinogen

    Really? Common sense or anyone who has ever smoked pot knows it not a hallucinogen. I have smoked weed for 16 years and I've never seen anything out of the way. If you hallucinate from weed it was laced or you're a damn liar. Weed does not do that, people quit putting it down. Hell, if the whole world smoked weed, the world would be a lot better place than it is now.

  • Not a hallucinogen

    Marijuana is not known for being a hallucinogen. Marijuana is a depressant which calms the bodies functions. It does not hype them up like other types of drugs like acid or ecstasy. Marijuana has been known to be relatively harmless in the long run and not known to cause crazy side effects.

  • Not the pure substance

    Never happened once in the many years I used it back in the day. It can make you paranoid and can certainly throw your world off to a degree, but if you're having hallucinations there's probably something in what you're smoking that you didn't sign up for. I've never seen anybody experience this.

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