• Yes it cannn

    One time when I smoked everything got blurry and I started not being able to see. I could hear ringing in my ears like phones all around me and kept falling down. I started to hear noises and "saw" a lawnmower flying around my room lmao. Guess it depends on the person and the weed though bc it only happened once.

  • I think it can

    I have never seen things when i smoke but i have heard things like for example i kept hearing my phone ring but when i looked there was nothing.. And another time i thought i heard a woman scream outside so i went outside and anin there was nothing there.

  • I think it can

    I have never seen things when i smoke but i have heard things like for example i kept hearing my phone ring but when i looked there was nothing.. And another time i thought i heard a woman scream outside so i went outside and anin there was nothing there.

  • It can cause hallucinations

    I've smoked weed many times and I've hallucinated quite a few times. Whether it's my walls melting or peoples faces breathing I've seen things. But I guess it depends on the person as well. All I know is that I know people who have hallucinated and I know that's ive hallucinated.

  • My Hallucinated Experience

    I remember when I was smoking weed, I was with a friend of mine, Every time I looked at his face it would distort into different types of faces every second. He then said I lashed out at him like I was possessed. I just open my eyes and he was crying.

  • It defiantly can

    Ive been smoking weed for a few years now and recently had two crazy highs from it. The more recent one was the most intense drug experience ive ever had. I went into my own world and just contemplated life. I had a scrunched up receipt in my hand and as i looked at it it would change into different animals. Also when i lay down i felt like i was falling into an abyss for about 15 minutes. I was smoking with three other friends and one of them also had a similar experience. We were drinking before which might have had something to do with it, or it could have even been laced with something we didnt know about.

  • Yes I hallucinated the first time

    When I first tried weed I was pretty drunk but I had started to sober up just as I tried it. I remember I only took 3 or 4 drags of someone else's and after ten to fifteen minutes I remember staring ahead of me and could see some creepy face staring back at me in the dark. I also remember seeing these patterned bed sheet dotted lines wiggling up and down! Was really weird! Every time I closed my eyes I remember seeing phscycadelic colours .. I always thought the effects were over exaggerated, but I know they really aren't now!

  • Yes it does

    I have had a full blown hallucination of chronic. My body was apart of the music and I could see it and my body spawned into weird things in time with the music. Its hard to explain but yes, some people can hallucinate. It might be a certain thing. I don't hallucinate if there isn't music. And um so passionate about music it allowed me to *become* music.

  • Yes, I think it can.

    Because after I had smoked once I remember telling my girlfriend to shut the window after it aired out because I didn't want bugs coming inside, and she said no. And then she fell asleep and I was reading a book and I started seeing the sheets move and it looked like little spiders crawling over the sheets and I tried swiping them away. It was crazy.

  • Yes, I think it can...

    Marijuana does contain a mind altering chemical, I believe and it probably depends on the purity or strength of the marijuana that is smoked as to whether or not you will hallucinate. As with most drugs, different people have different reactions so I don't see it as unlikely that some people might have visual or auditory hallucinations.

  • People who say yes didn't do their homework

    While cannabis is a psychoactive drug, it is't technically psychedelic, it is just a depressant similar to alcohol and of course if affects people differently it can hype some people up. It also depends on the strain. The "hallucinations" people who said yes to experiencing was most likely weed laced with some stimulant or amphetamine. Something like MDMA, LSD, or shrooms are psychedelics that induce major hallucinations, THC is a just a cannabinoid stimulant that slows reaction time between the brains cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters. Causing a high, but not psychedelic, experience.

  • Not a hallucinogen

    Really? Common sense or anyone who has ever smoked pot knows it not a hallucinogen. I have smoked weed for 16 years and I've never seen anything out of the way. If you hallucinate from weed it was laced or you're a damn liar. Weed does not do that, people quit putting it down. Hell, if the whole world smoked weed, the world would be a lot better place than it is now.

  • Not a hallucinogen

    Marijuana is not known for being a hallucinogen. Marijuana is a depressant which calms the bodies functions. It does not hype them up like other types of drugs like acid or ecstasy. Marijuana has been known to be relatively harmless in the long run and not known to cause crazy side effects.

  • Not the pure substance

    Never happened once in the many years I used it back in the day. It can make you paranoid and can certainly throw your world off to a degree, but if you're having hallucinations there's probably something in what you're smoking that you didn't sign up for. I've never seen anybody experience this.

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