• Yes, marijuana can treat the symptoms of depression.

    In some individuals, marijuana can provide a relaxed feeling. People who suffer with depression are often anxious and nervous, and marijuana will counter these symptoms. However, in some people, the herb can cause agitation, which will only make depression worse. Marijuana can mask the symptoms of depression and possibly treat it temporarily, but some people may have to smoke excessively to achieve favorable results.

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  • No it makes people lazy

    We don't need depressed people moving around slower with the munchies because they are getting stoned all the time, there are much better means for depression than getting high.

    I can buy into marijuana for helping those going though chemo or things along that line but it's far from a cure all wonder drug.

    It's a terrible idea to give depressed people drugs that will have bad long term effects on them.

  • NO, marijuana probably can't treat depression

    Truthfully, I don't know if any studies have been done on this or what they would have found. It just seems as if marijuana encourages the very sorts of behaviors that depression causes or that are symptoms of depression. Marijuana might make you feel good temporarily, but you are not inclined to do anything with those good feelings. You tend to stay isolated in your own thoughts. And the effects of marijuana wear off fairly quickly. It might temporarily alleviate the low feelings of depression but the come down would be just as rough. On the other hand, marijuana might be used by some as a mask for their depression, as some people do smoke it constantly.

  • Not a Cure.

    No marijuana cannot treat depression. There is not really a drug that can. To be cured of depression you need to change your state of mind without being under the influence so that you can be free and independent. Suppressing your emotions under drugs is not a cure. It is only temporary.

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