• Only by other men.

    A man cannot get raped by a woman, but a man can rape another man (in the ass). But the woman cannot force a man who doesn't want to have sex, to do it. Reason is, to achieve penetration, the man must have an erection, the man gets an erection when he is sexually aroused. If he doesn't want to have sex, then he will not have an erection, if he does, then he will have an erection. That's why men can't be raped by women, even if they would claim to have been raped by a woman, they would be made fun of and it would not be true, because if he achieved penetration, it means he liked it and/or wanted to have sex.

  • Of course men can be raped.

    By definition, rape is non-consensual sex. Men can sometimes be forced to have sex when they don't want to. Therefore, men can be raped.

    For example, a man could have a gun held to his head, have barbiturates slipped into his drink, overpowered by a larger man or confused lesbian.

  • Obviously, they can.

    You might to sit down before I break this to you. Not all men are strong. :O You gasp! I know, I know, shocking. That strong man in the picture for this debate is not alone, granted, but if a strong man or woman was to try and abuse a less strong man, they could easily succeed.

  • Of course they can.

    Men can be raped by women, and by other men. Why shouldn't they be able to be raped? If it's a matter of strength, men can be drugged, or the woman can just be stronger than the man. I don't get why some people think that women are these weak, emotional beings, inferior to men. True, generally we are weaker than men, but that doesn't mean that ALL men are stronger than ALL women.

  • Anyone can be a victim.

    Men can indeed by victims be victims of rape or sexual assault; be it from another man or from a woman.

    Unwanted, unconsensual sex is rape, regardless of the victim's and the rapist's biological sex. The stigma that men can't be raped and/or always want sex (even though the body reacts to stimuli whether someone likes it or not) and only women are victims needs to stop in order to help anyone who has been a victim.

  • Let's look at the Definition.

    :any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
    :the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

    If you force a man to have sex with you (put the damn stereotypes away, men don't always want to sleep with you,) than it is rape. You do not have to be a female to be a victim of something.

  • Yes men can be raped.

    A man can have an erection against his will, and someone can poison their alcohol with date rape drugs and even if he is sexually aroused, if he has decided he does not want to have sex, that is rape. Men are far less likely to report rape and in cases of female rape it is more likely ignored, treated as a joke, or treated as a lesser offence.

  • It is obvious.

    My English teacher states that men can only be raped by other men because they're stronger than women and can defend themselves or if they're gay they get raped. Wrong. Rape is sex without consent. Men can be drugged or weaker or abused just like any person. Its sad to me that people are so ignorant they can't see that everyone can be a victim of sexual assault and rape, not just women.

  • It saddens me, truly that some women think like this.

    In this society, both women and men are raped. This argument about having an erection=willing is flawed, this argument that men want to have sex way more than women is flawed, and this argument that women are weaker than men is also flawed. A can be both drugged to knock him out or make him woosy and immobile without support and to make an erection occur for many hours despite his wishes( Viagra). Women want to have sex just as much as men, no matter how much you ladies lie about it or simply are too shy to admit it. It is a societal myth to believe otherwise. In other aspects, yes I have met women who were weaker than me, looks wise, but I have also met women who could probably kick my ass. Not all women are whiny, tiny, emotional things that can't defend themselves. There are also classes in which the weaker women can take in order to defend themselves that would leave an attacker moaning in pain in a gutter if they tried anything. Strictly saying that men can't be raped and women can is a overstatement of high degree. We know that our society is corrupted with actions such as rape and its horrible, but don't leave out those who have suffered from a women's touch or a women's will. It would be just as cruel as doing the same for the women of today who have been raped, imagine brushing off what happened to them and having a society who expected them to do the same. You can't because that is how we were raised, to have the mental capacity to feel pity and sympathy for those women who have been raped but at the same time laugh and discriminate against the men who have as well. The reason I put this message in the No section is because more will read it due to the hypocrisy of its placing, showing the ridiculousness of some of the women in the no section and boost the ones who have valid points. In the end its up to you but at least consider what I have said.

  • Yes, probably most often through blackmail

    A woman can also blackmail a man into sex, by threatening to ruin his life in a certain way, which is a form of rape. I have been in this situation without realising that it was a form of rape, and it has mentally scarred me to the point where I have great difficulties with forms of intimacy.

  • Men can't be raped.

    Unless they are elderly or have some kind of medical condition, men are capable of fighting off the rape. If not then he is really week. If he did not want the rape then he can fight it off, especially if it's by a woman, in that case they can be a victim of attempted rape if they fought off but not rape. On the other hand women are weaker then men and can't fight off the way a man can. They can't do all the things men can do. That's why in the military women aren't allowed to do the same things as men, they have lower standards, and they are required to do less pushups.

  • No, but yes?

    Men can be raped by other men but you cant force a man to get an erection, a woman cannot rape a man; so unless he was turned on there is no way a man can be raped by a woman. The man would've been turned on. I can sympathise with women who get raped but a man who says they were raped by a woman is a liar.

  • Not possible at all

    Men can't get raped because they can retract the penis up into itself in times of distress. The penis is only in its erect state when it is stimulated; implying that the pants are off... That means the man took his pants off because he thought he had a chance of getting some poon. But what if the rapist was woman? Then who is getting raped? I think the real question is in why are the two victims in the same room together in the first place?

  • Physiologically not possible

    Not possible. If a woman is seducing a man, that is officially "willing". If a man is being raped, his mind will be put into overdrive. The pressure to get erect will cause an adverse affect. The man will be way too scared to perform. If he is not scared, then he is willing.

  • Men love sex

    It's clear that men love sex more then women. I find it really hard to see how a man would dislike having sex women. Most would love it even if they were say married or not. It's apart of a mans nature to always love sex. Dose who claim to be raped by a woman as a man is either trying to get love from others or they just won't accept it.

  • Of course not

    Erection is needed and erection equals interest. Undesirably seduced maybe but raped NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. A man could rape a man but never could a woman. This talk of sedatives is nonsense men on downers can't get erections and most certainly can not climax. Spare me the ridiculousness!!!

  • Women simply don't have the social power to rape men.

    Patriarchy has been defining characteristic of western society for a very long time. Socially, men still have much of this power and it is exerted on women through acts of a sexist nature. Much of the time, men exert their power through verbal abuse, control, beatings and often times rape. When a man rapes a woman, it furthers his control and power and symbolically it is a thousand years of patriarchy raping her. Women have never had this upper hand in society. So can they rape? Rape is nothing more than a vile act to exert social power and women have no historical or social power to offer up, being the victims of sexism for so long.

  • Wait what if...

    Take a 13 year old boy, his mother rapes him, this continues once in a while until he is 18 and moves out. At first he doesn't have the strength to protect himself, as he is 18 he almost doesn't want to protect himself. This turns from rape to insect, needing an erection this wouldn't be considered rape. It would be considered incest being aroused from your own mother. Whether the sex is non-consensual or not. Where is the line drawn?

  • Only by men

    A woman is physically weaker to a man so the man could easily fight off a woman and to have sex the man has to have an erection. A man could rape another man though because he wouldn't need an etection because he's getting it up the ass and the one that's doing the raping is stronger than him

  • Men are overprivileged scum

    Men cannot be raped because only overprivileged straight white cis men would fantasize about sexual assault on anyone. And the rape culture encourages men to rape more as the feminine ones are the ones who get blamed on. Queer men however technically can be raped because they have been opressed by patriarchy.

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Ragnar says2013-08-11T04:27:37.133
Look at prisons... Now this question may have been interesting, had it been "Can men be raped by women?"