• That's why money was invented

    Yes money can buy everything or anything - that's why money was invented or why/how money evolved - money was invented so that you could get things with money and now everything that anyone would like to have or have some of - is available for the right amount of money - ok maybe not that particular thing - some famous painting etc. are not for sale (yet) - but something else very similar or a color print (signed by the artist) - something just like it or that provides the same thing basically - is available for some amount of money - because if it is has value then someone will be able to put a money value amount on it and if it doesn't have value some pawn shop or junk dealer still will make it available if you pay for it - money can buy everything

  • Money can buy everything you want

    When you want to buy book ,you use money if you you don't have money you can't. When you feel sad you paid your money to anything that make you happy like phone game song or go somewhere that make you happy and eat something there with listen to music.
    However, if you don't have money you can't feel good again. If you don't have money you don't want to go somewhere because you shine .

  • Money is every thing

    If you have money any body loves you if you go any body house and dont give the money for baby he,s crying and say uncle is bad when you give money hes say uncle is very cute you under stand that if a small child is demanding a money so u can understand the value of money you have money you are the stronger people of house so people understand the feelig of money

  • Yes money is needed

    Money is one of the most important thing that is all depend on .Even if you have good friends if you want something even them should have money .Not getting bothered of the luxurios life but for the normal life also we need money. So it is sure and certain that money plays a major role in everyone's life .

  • Money can buy time

    With money, you can have other people to do things for you, so gives you more time to do the things you want. With money, you can have your passport done faster, with money, you can have time move around you instead of move around other people's schedule, you get the picture

  • Ya it is

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  • Money Can Buy Fuking every thing

    Money can buy u food money can buy u goods money can help u achieve goals money cant fuking give u friends but who cares frinds are a waste of time there is no "friends" there is only you and will always will be you so yeah..........Heck yeah money can fuking do every thing

  • Money is a tool that will set you free.

    Having money will allow to pursue more meaningful aspects of life like spending more time with family, educating yourself and illuminating your mind. Being a better provider to those who depend on you. It is only a tool and if you don't know how to use it properly it could injure or even kill you!

  • Most of the things

    If we have money we can buy stuffs but if a person is no happy money cannot buy happyness if a healthy person has average amount of money and he is living a happylife he/she dosenot need enything if any one is not happy not healthy he will have difficult life he will waste his life for his treatment laughing makes a person healthy .Sad freaking rich people are not happyevean though they have everything the have no happyness so happyness cant buy happyness

  • Money Can't Buy Time

    It seems that people work more hours in order to make money, in order to buy 'things' that entertain, but which the person has no time for because of work. It's a meaningless cycle. Research shows there really is no correlation between money and happiness. But it's a mindset we're taught from birth. Why? Because every country wants power and money can in fact buy you that. Is power happiness? Doubtful.

  • Money is dumb

    Look guyz therz a provrb if wealth is lost nothing is lost if wealth is lost something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost can money buy your character and emotions no right so less money less problems .

  • Everything? Nothing can do that, especially paper.

    Let's be real. Can money make your short life easier? Sure. Can it increase the duration of said life? Maybe a few years at max. We all die, and money won't save you. Money won't buy you love, although, it may buy you company. That company will almost always see green, and not the true being that "possesses" it. Money will give you things to entertain you. That may provide temporary, and diminishing happiness, but that's all. Robin Williams killed himself, despite being beloved and very wealthy. Why couldn't money buy respite for his soul?

    Money is a means to an end, and nothing more. Having less is not always a bad thing. Less stuff, less problems.

  • Money cannot buy peace, happiness, love and affection.

    From childhood till old age, every one wants to be peaceful oneself and expects peace all around. Similarly , every one wants to be happy, wants to be loved or respected ....And these cannot be bought by money. In addition to having some money for a livelihood, there are other means of getting these I.e. Peace, happiness, love etc.

  • Life : a emotion

    As we know that we can buy anything from money but we can not buy our emotions.We can buy houses but can not make them home by money.We can not buy our welwishers,parents and good freinds
    You can buy a doctor not the life. You can buy things not your emotions

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  • Of course it CAN NOT

    You may buy many items with money. Items like a fancy house, goods and etc... But there might be things you may not purchase by money. Money is man made whereas we are human human beings. Our body consist of emotions. Emotions such as happiness, hope, fear, love. You can not buy these emotions with money. Buy something you like serve short time happiness, this is not last forever. Money can not bring a death person back to life. And it is impossible to buy a friend who really care about you. Money can not buy another minute alive once you're dead. So no, money can not buy everything.

  • I Think Not

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  • Well... Define "everything"

    Money can buy you a lot of things. But if they have a price tag, and can be bought, are they really worth having? We are greedy, we will always get bored with the old and want new things... So true happiness will not come from owning stuff. "Everything" is a matter of perception: it can be a fancy smartphone, or it can be an actual real person to which you build a connection that lasts forever.


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