• Money is all

    Money is the biggest source of evil in out lives but our primary source of happiness. I am confident that money can solve anything unfortunate in my life, id go as far as to say even mental health issues like loneliness, because I've been through periods when it's done so.:)

  • Buy your way through

    If you need something money buys it, food, shelter, education, health, travel, entertainment. If you need something done there is always someone willing to do it for the right price. Money can always buy a better version of something that might be uncomfortable ie flying first class instead of economy.To go to the extreme. If someone is dying money can even pay for treatment to stop that as well. Now money cannot save you in every emergency or crisis situation but people who have more money are better prepared when it happens and better equipped for the aftermath. So yes money can solve any problem.

  • Money is IMP

    Yes money can solve absolutely all issues. In olden era it might had not solved all issues but in today's period of time Its like visa or call it oxygen.

    It validates you
    It gives you power
    Its addon factor to your personality
    Its the solid base from which you can bungee jump
    list will keep going on and on

    And with help of it you can solve everything.

  • Yes,money can solve all problems.

    People may say that money can only solve problems like bills and taxes but it can also solve other things. You can buy friendship and love and then after a while you might not have to pay anymore because they might actually like you. Money can solve anything, people just might not have enough money to do it.

  • No, not all problems.

    Money can help solve some problems, mostly bill wise etc, but when
    it comes to friendship and love it means little. Sure you can buy friendship and love,
    but how long will it last till you can't pay anymore? It only make more problems.
    Money and solve bills, and stuff like that, but when it comes down to
    things like friendship and love. No it cannot solve those kind of problems.

  • Money can't solve ANY problem.

    Yes, money can help us in many ways like building our dream house/car, but honestly I think we created it and now it can have the ability to create evil in ourselves, by making us think its our primary source of happiness. Also, sometimes we would maybe do horrible things for money. Money also has been doing horrible things like "brainwashing" some of peoples minds and making us compare ourselves to other people that have less money or more than us. In the other hand, imagine buying your happiness, friends, and family, that will be awesome, right? But in the sad reality we are just wanting to take the easier path and not truly make REAL friendships. Most importantly, how long do you think it will last until you can't pay anymore, what if you're broke? Will that mean NO MORE friendships? Although money can solve many problems like bills, it can never fill your heart up with REAL happiness of friends and family.

  • Money is a good opportunity for better life, but can,t solve all problems.

    Money only can make life easier, and without the money it is either not too hard. Question, what if you have family problems, does your money solve this problem? What if we suffer from the loneliness, does your money rescue your from this crisis? What if your son does wrong things and doesn’t listen to you, can you lead him with your wealth? And ... Of course not.

  • No, money can not solve any problem.

    No, money can not solve any problem. There are many, many problems that money can't solve. For example, if you're falling out of an airplane with no parachute, that's a problem that money can not solve. Unless maybe you're falling into a giant pile of hundred dollar bills... then maybe.

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