• Yes,money can solve all problems.

    People may say that money can only solve problems like bills and taxes but it can also solve other things. You can buy friendship and love and then after a while you might not have to pay anymore because they might actually like you. Money can solve anything, people just might not have enough money to do it.

  • No, not all problems.

    Money can help solve some problems, mostly bill wise etc, but when
    it comes to friendship and love it means little. Sure you can buy friendship and love,
    but how long will it last till you can't pay anymore? It only make more problems.
    Money and solve bills, and stuff like that, but when it comes down to
    things like friendship and love. No it cannot solve those kind of problems.

  • No, money can not solve any problem.

    No, money can not solve any problem. There are many, many problems that money can't solve. For example, if you're falling out of an airplane with no parachute, that's a problem that money can not solve. Unless maybe you're falling into a giant pile of hundred dollar bills... then maybe.

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