• Yes I think he can.

    Having great athletic ability is a god given talent that few possess in this world. That talent is evident in basketball player Nate Robinson. Since Nate played college football at a high level it is no surprise that he wants to try to play football in the NFL. I think he will be successful in his efforts.

  • Many athletes excel at multiple sports

    Many athletes are able to do well at more than one sport due to their physical ability. Bo Jackson was a great example of this. He played both baseball and football, and did great at both. Many high school athletes are top stars in more than one sport, but are forced to make a choice when they move up to the next level, such as college. This doesn't mean they can't still be good at the sports they give up.

  • No he can't

    Of course Nate Robinson can not make the switch from basketball to football. He has dedicated his life training for one sport. Switching to another this late in this sports career is a bad idea. It would be very unlikely that he would place high in any team since he had already dedicated a majority of his training in his younger years to another sport.

  • Depends heavily on his Background in the other sport.

    It's never easy when an athlete goes from one sport where they excel to another. Remember when Michael Jordan went from the Basketball Court to the Baseball Diamond? Yeah we would all like to forget that one no doubt. But it would depend on Nate Robinson himself, does he has experience playing football, because just having a desire doesn't cut it. Basketball and football are two totally different types of sports and for Robinson's sake I can only hope that would be a wise decision on his part.

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