• Pakistan will win, and let me tell you why.

    We are smarter, stronger, braver, and fiercer. Every time I see an Indian news telecast, I see Indians fired up with hate and jealousy. That's because they have lost so many wars against Pakistan already. India is constantly concerned about Pakistan, because they know that we have true strength which they do not possess. The underdog always wins.

  • Pakistan will win . India has more to lose

    Maybe but considering the the factors the war sevens to head to India but in reality India and her allies are of no use in south Asia. Pakistan's biggest allie China is just on top of India's every move and nobody seems to take in mind that Pakistan's landscape is super hard to penetrate while India is just one invasion away from total annihilation. Both armies are strong but India is more deadly but who packs the greatest venom that's right Pakistan cause its soldiers know they are born to die and go in with no fear as seen in recent times compared to India's army which is very cautious. And in navy India is the clear winner but when it comes to air the Pakistanis have the clear advantage as seen in the past and coupled with its anger and jihadi elements the Pakistanis have an advantage in multiple fields and with 48 nuclear warheads 12 more than India it's gonna be a massacre on both sides but in the end Pakistan comes out on top.

  • This is why Pakistan can beat india in war!

    1947 we captured Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Balistan while you couldn't stop us advancing so you went to the UN to stop us. We had nothing but rifles and grenades. India had tanks,planes, and rifles but they still couldn't stop the advancement addition Pakistan was outnumber 1 to 7.

    1965 war you invaded Lahore , sialkot and other important sectors 5:am in the morning. You didn't even declare war u just invaded and we were completely caught by surprise. On 5th of September we kicked u out of Lahore despite of u being 5 time's bigger.
    On the 6th of September the entire Indian airforce surrendered! Despite if them being 5 times bigger and despite of only have mirage aircraft's.
    On 7th September our navy which was 3 times smaller than yours destroyed yours. Your entire naval sector In Dwarka was destroyed in operation Dwarka.

    Kargil was a war it was a conflict. You had 30,000 "soldiers" and we had 5,000. And you still had more casualties. On the first 15 days your casualties were over 5000. You ran out of wood to make coffins! For your soldiers. You had 30,000 soldiers and still sent 2 aircraft to bomb the area, and they both got shot down while we didn't send any aircraft. It was just the corrupt Nawaz shareef who withdrew soldiers from Kargil because of president Clinton. Other than that we had Captured Kargil.
    -Pakistan has the best intelligence agency in the world!
    -we have much more war experience than Indian for e.g. 1947,1965, 1999 (not a war but a conflict),Russia-afghan war,war on terror,Somalia,Bosnia.
    -Pakistan is the biggest contributor to U.N missions in 2010 and 1015 because USA asks the Pakistani soldiers to take part because of how good they are,that even more war experience.
    -Pakistan has came 1 st place twice in army competitions and 1st place in a naval competition India has never won any.
    -Pakistan's infantry is the best in the world.
    Pakistan's special forces rank 9th because they were trained by the UK SAS and USA green berets, while Indians are crap .

  • Here's why pakistan will win.

    Pakistan are much more willing to defeat India.
    Firstly no need to even look at pakistan, look at India there people having wars with the people in there own country. All the Muslims in India would never participate against Pakistan , secondly the sikh have so much hate with the way they have been treated they are having there own war against India. Furthermore pakistan have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the rest of the population that is actually with India in there own country.

  • Pakistan can only beat India in dreams.

    Only pakistani people can dream about beating India as rest of the world know who is master and who is slave. Pakistan is having very bad image internationaly and people hate speaking them like terrorist. Genuine people never give them rented houses and never make them friends. So they are just bad.

  • India will win

    India has the fourth biggest army. It is allies to us Russia Afghanistan. It has the best Air Force in the world! India buy the most weapons in the world from Russia and Russia will do anything to not lose such a customer. India will always beat Pakistan in war.

  • Pakistan will win

    Ready to die for my country..That is all about pakistani... I too love and ready to die. India may look better on paper and statistics etc. but on the battlefield it has been proven time and time again that pakistani soldiers are much braver and better in skill. Pakistan is more powerfull than india when compared on basis on nuclear power

  • Pakistan will win

    Pakistan Army is toughest. Nuclear weapons are too much better and sure more than Indian nuclear weapon. Pakistan is small space but has more integration and huge warriors who are anytime ready for war but india have big country with huge internal disturbance which can hit them in war starting from kashmir..Punjab........

  • Pakistan will beat India

    In 1971 Pakistan army had to fight on two grounds but now they have only one border with India and Indians cant afford to come along with large number of army personnel to fight against Pakistan. India Pakistan war will be on equal grounds and Pakistan can bring a large number of mujahideen to support Pak army after war has started.

  • Pakistan will win

    Pakistan will win because there intelligence is the best in the world.(ISI). And pakistan has huge amount of power but the other country like uk France and USA can't admit it. They won it in 1947. And they won in 1965. They lost in 1971. And in 1999 both countries mainly india surrendered. So we have beat them and we always win

  • Son can never beat his father

    I read pakistani arguments ..We had won all past wars with india,we have more nuclear bombs than India,we are more powerful..Etc .. Lol..It seems that they all are ignorant or brainwashed.First Pakistan never won any war with India.Second India is way ahead in almost all sectors than Pakistan.India economy is much more stronger than Pakistan.Also India has grate numerical advantage over Pakistan in Milletry personals,tanks,combat vechicales,fighter air crafts,missiles etc.Also Pakistan navy is too weak to face giant Indian navy.Pakistan is far lagging behind in each and every sector of defense plus its economy and technology is too poor.So pakistan can win in only dreams of pakistani citizens.

  • Indiaaa will win

    Pakistan can never defeat India as long as Sikhs fight for India..... Because Sikhs are the best warriors and Pakistan is nothing in front of India Sikh Army.....Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh... Raj Krega Khalsa Forever......Nd no Pakistan can never ever beat the Indian 2nd The IndianSikhArmy

  • India is stronger in every way

    India has a stronger military, economy, political will and will have the support of USA, Russia, UK, France and many other big powers. Pakistan is itself fighting a civil war in its own country. It is on the verge of break up. Pakistan is soon going to break up into 4 separate countries.

  • India vs a failed state? A big joke

    One simple logic - A country which fights on the context of religion and not on Patriotism will never ever win a fight.
    War is not a simple thing it needs, strategy, Economy to sustain, resources and all three wings of the armed forces working together in same synergy. Forget the size of the Indian Army, our training and sophisticated weapons technology is miles ahead of pakistan. Please dont talk about nukes as no one really knows how many nukes we actually possess in our arsenal, anyone with a lil bit of common sense will know India will definitely possess a sizable amount of warheads to deal with both China and Pakistan. Only in a guerrilla warfare the so called mujaheddins have advantage as its a hide and scoot tactics they follow,but in a full fledged war they will be crushed like a rat stuck under a bus... Period. 1.2 billion people will against minions 200 million? You gotta be kidding me....

  • Weak leadership uneducated population less industrial base compared to india

    Any indicator of national strength india is miles ahead ,also the populations is racked by narcotics and poor resource management and marked ill distribution of wealth .Further what is the reason of gross against India nothing but hate due to religion,but they do not have any other binding factor so wont stand test of war

  • Great India vs terrorist Pakistani

    Pakistani only can attack from behind which is cowards can do.... They always think about war first and start war.... But India is not like that we want peace they want only war.... And they always start barking.... Because india knows peace and love is better than a war... Pakistan doesn't understand this... They just proved all the time like a terrorist... 😄😄

  • Statistically Not Possible

    Logically speaking it doesnt make any sense for pakistan to defeat a nation thats 4-5 times its strength,even if pakistan somehow has the edge in veterancy it still doesnt seem possible to defeat an army thats 3-4 times its size.
    Numbers fail pakistan...Significantly.I am afraid they have learned nothing from their past wars.In all those wars they were fighting an enemy they couldnt statistically defeat.

  • Statistically Not Possible

    Logically speaking it doesnt make any sense for pakistan to defeat a nation thats 4-5 times its strength,even if pakistan somehow has the edge in veterancy it still doesnt seem possible to defeat an army thats 3-4 times its size.
    Numbers fail pakistan...Significantly.I am afraid they have learned nothing from their past wars.In all those wars they were fighting an enemy they couldnt statistically defeat.

  • For this question I can only laugh. Hahaha. Pakistani are funny. How they are misinformed by their army and media. God can only save them.

    None of any country can beat India. If India decided to destroy Pakistan its a matter of hours only. We are democracy and Pakistan still under army rule. Even their master china cant do anything . Recent example is Dokalam issue. Learn something from this.And in last I only want to laugh on Pakistani hahahahahahahaha

  • Pakistan are full of brainwashed

    When ever I see pakistan media and when ever they talk. They sound like bunch of brain washed people who cannot see reality. Most pakistan say they defeat india many times but whole world know the truth that pakistan can never defeat india . If america had not pressure on india. Then pakistan would been was. Due to international pressure our army come back. These pakistani lick american feet for many year now licking chinese they think they can fuck with india

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