• Pakistan will win, and let me tell you why.

    We are smarter, stronger, braver, and fiercer. Every time I see an Indian news telecast, I see Indians fired up with hate and jealousy. That's because they have lost so many wars against Pakistan already. India is constantly concerned about Pakistan, because they know that we have true strength which they do not possess. The underdog always wins.

  • Pakistan will win . India has more to lose

    Maybe but considering the the factors the war sevens to head to India but in reality India and her allies are of no use in south Asia. Pakistan's biggest allie China is just on top of India's every move and nobody seems to take in mind that Pakistan's landscape is super hard to penetrate while India is just one invasion away from total annihilation. Both armies are strong but India is more deadly but who packs the greatest venom that's right Pakistan cause its soldiers know they are born to die and go in with no fear as seen in recent times compared to India's army which is very cautious. And in navy India is the clear winner but when it comes to air the Pakistanis have the clear advantage as seen in the past and coupled with its anger and jihadi elements the Pakistanis have an advantage in multiple fields and with 48 nuclear warheads 12 more than India it's gonna be a massacre on both sides but in the end Pakistan comes out on top.

  • This is why Pakistan can beat india in war!

    1947 we captured Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Balistan while you couldn't stop us advancing so you went to the UN to stop us. We had nothing but rifles and grenades. India had tanks,planes, and rifles but they still couldn't stop the advancement addition Pakistan was outnumber 1 to 7.

    1965 war you invaded Lahore , sialkot and other important sectors 5:am in the morning. You didn't even declare war u just invaded and we were completely caught by surprise. On 5th of September we kicked u out of Lahore despite of u being 5 time's bigger.
    On the 6th of September the entire Indian airforce surrendered! Despite if them being 5 times bigger and despite of only have mirage aircraft's.
    On 7th September our navy which was 3 times smaller than yours destroyed yours. Your entire naval sector In Dwarka was destroyed in operation Dwarka.

    Kargil was a war it was a conflict. You had 30,000 "soldiers" and we had 5,000. And you still had more casualties. On the first 15 days your casualties were over 5000. You ran out of wood to make coffins! For your soldiers. You had 30,000 soldiers and still sent 2 aircraft to bomb the area, and they both got shot down while we didn't send any aircraft. It was just the corrupt Nawaz shareef who withdrew soldiers from Kargil because of president Clinton. Other than that we had Captured Kargil.
    -Pakistan has the best intelligence agency in the world!
    -we have much more war experience than Indian for e.g. 1947,1965, 1999 (not a war but a conflict),Russia-afghan war,war on terror,Somalia,Bosnia.
    -Pakistan is the biggest contributor to U.N missions in 2010 and 1015 because USA asks the Pakistani soldiers to take part because of how good they are,that even more war experience.
    -Pakistan has came 1 st place twice in army competitions and 1st place in a naval competition India has never won any.
    -Pakistan's infantry is the best in the world.
    Pakistan's special forces rank 9th because they were trained by the UK SAS and USA green berets, while Indians are crap .

  • Here's why pakistan will win.

    Pakistan are much more willing to defeat India.
    Firstly no need to even look at pakistan, look at India there people having wars with the people in there own country. All the Muslims in India would never participate against Pakistan , secondly the sikh have so much hate with the way they have been treated they are having there own war against India. Furthermore pakistan have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the rest of the population that is actually with India in there own country.

  • Pakistan can only beat India in dreams.

    Only pakistani people can dream about beating India as rest of the world know who is master and who is slave. Pakistan is having very bad image internationaly and people hate speaking them like terrorist. Genuine people never give them rented houses and never make them friends. So they are just bad.

  • India will win

    India has the fourth biggest army. It is allies to us Russia Afghanistan. It has the best Air Force in the world! India buy the most weapons in the world from Russia and Russia will do anything to not lose such a customer. India will always beat Pakistan in war.

  • Pakistan has allies

    Pakistan vs. India - India win. Pakistan + China + Muslim world + America + Europeans vs. India - India loses.
    Everybody (literally everybody) hates India, Indians, Hinduism and Hindus. So rest if world will support Pakistan simply in order to screw India, Indians and in particular Hindus and Hinduism.

  • Pakistan made India retreat in 1965 war, Made India run crying to UN for cease fire in 1947

    In the 1947 war, Which was actually an effort by India to try and unjustly occupy Kashmir which was a "Muslim majority Princely state" ruled by a Hindu Rajah, Pakistan had the occupation of Kashmir and were in commanding position to announce victory, But India started UN resolution to stop this defeat and forcefully made Pakistan leave the occupation. Pakistan WON (1)

    In the 1965 war initiated by coward Indian Army by entering Pakistan City Lahore and claiming to do "Nashta" Lahore City Center, Pakistan Army Officers started blowing their tanks with their bodies and stopped he cowardly attack, Gaining control of double the land occupied by India. Pakistan WON (2)

  • Power doesn't matter! But tactics does!

    The history..It tell it all .Indian army was kicked many times by pak army and the retailiation by pakistan rangers AFTER THE CEASE FIRE VIOLATIONS makes the indian cannons shut every time ..Pak army is considered to be the best military force in the world and is active and ready doing milotary exercises frequently while india has tonns of rusted and starving soldiers if india has more tanks or ships or crappy shit...Pakistan has no fear to them we will fight them and if required........We can nuke its army in just minutes....They think of being a super power and yet they can't even build washrooms for their people..At the end pakistan has more talented and spirtual forces and has nothing to fear about any big power!

  • Indo-Pak War Outcome

    In the Modern Day world, Pakistan and India are both regional powers of South Asia, nuclear powers, and developing countries. India however does have a key advantage over Pakistan, in terms of military and economic strength. Nonetheless, in a quick war Pakistan does have the ability to blitz India and force a surrender, though such a war would be costly, and extremely well thought out. With even one error, Pakistan could face an extreme failure, and India's larger army will be able to overpower the smaller Pakistani one over a course of time. The outcome of the war also depends on where the war occurs, as each country could have an advantage depending on familiarity with the terrain and fighting on their own soil. India will likely take a longer time to mobilize, and if Pakistan is able to use that to its advantage, a quick victory could be ensured.

    Neither India or Pakistan would ever be able to completely conquer and defeat the other country, due to possession of nuclear weapons, but can very likely conduct a decisive defeat over the other, perhaps resolving the Kashmir issue in sway of one or the other.

    So yes, Pakistan "can" beat India in a war (vice versa is also possible) but full-scale war is quite unlikely either way, and India does have a strategic upper hand in terms of any future conflict.

  • Son can never beat his father

    I read pakistani arguments ..We had won all past wars with india,we have more nuclear bombs than India,we are more powerful..Etc .. Lol..It seems that they all are ignorant or brainwashed.First Pakistan never won any war with India.Second India is way ahead in almost all sectors than Pakistan.India economy is much more stronger than Pakistan.Also India has grate numerical advantage over Pakistan in Milletry personals,tanks,combat vechicales,fighter air crafts,missiles etc.Also Pakistan navy is too weak to face giant Indian navy.Pakistan is far lagging behind in each and every sector of defense plus its economy and technology is too poor.So pakistan can win in only dreams of pakistani citizens.

  • Indiaaa will win

    Pakistan can never defeat India as long as Sikhs fight for India..... Because Sikhs are the best warriors and Pakistan is nothing in front of India Sikh Army.....Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh... Raj Krega Khalsa Forever......Nd no Pakistan can never ever beat the Indian 2nd The IndianSikhArmy

  • India is stronger in every way

    India has a stronger military, economy, political will and will have the support of USA, Russia, UK, France and many other big powers. Pakistan is itself fighting a civil war in its own country. It is on the verge of break up. Pakistan is soon going to break up into 4 separate countries.

  • Well. . . Obviously not

    C'mon I'm not from either of these countries but India is better in every way the Pakistanis have only 1 Nobel and India has 10 so Indians are way smarter and even USA has left Pakistan and the only Ally they have is China. India has Russia, Israel, South Africa and USA now so. . .

  • Pakistan can defeat India while sleeping through dreams

    India is fourth largest military power in the world and has good diplomatic relations with superpowers like Russia. At the time of war Pakistan will beg for weapons to the US as it posses no weapons and has got only 19 crores of blockhead fanatic terrorists as it's only resource.

  • Pakistan lacks combat skills and a tactical approach to win a major conflict.

    Wars are not won by fighting the enemy where the enemy is, but where the enemy isn't. That's Sun Tzu for you.
    Now what does that imply. It means taking advantage of where the enemy lacks skill or a tactical advantage and utilizing it.
    The one critical element that the Pakistani military lacks is logistics.
    Their logistical support is honestly not even there. We're talking about getting troops and equipment to the frontline.
    The Pakistani air force has a total of 19 heavy transport aircraft like C130 Hercules. Just 19 for an active army of 550,000 troops.
    Its helicopter transport is even worse, just two.

    This was evident when a recent landslide happened on the Pakistani side of Siachen and 150 troops got buried. It took 3 days just to get enough troops and equipment to the site to start digging out, but by then they were merely digging out bodies.

    Pakistan's air force is formidable, but it lacks the ability to match up in terms of air superiority with India. It had it in 1965 with the dreaded F4 phantoms, but now it doesn't exist.

    The ability to gather intelligence input is also really important, to the tune of that Pakistan has just one electronic warfare aircraft, one AWACs aircraft and no satellite reconnaissance.

    India on the other hand has multiple and it very recently established NAVIC which is India's equivalent of the US's GPS and Blue Force Tracker. That itself is a game changer. It means, we know where the enemy is and how many enemy troops and equipment are massed at sites.

    Pakistan also has no dedicated ISR. India is just in the process of acquiring ISR and it does have ISR but its pretty meager. With the advent of NAVIC, you don't need much of drone feed ISR.

    So essentially, Pakistan in case of an invasion doesn't have the capability to mass troops in a position of attack or the ability to determine where the enemy troops are and where they need to be,.

    In which case Pakistani forces are literally stuck in heavy defensive positions with limitations in maneuverability and lack of a battlefield on site.

    There is another problem for Pakistan, although this has less to do with defense capabilities and more to do with geography.

    Geographically Pakistan's coast is limited and trade is heavily dependent on that coastline.
    In case of war, its easy to disable the only major port that is Karachi and have a naval blockade of the coastline. This was done in 1971 and very recently in 1999 without even firing a shot.

    Troop capability wise, India and Pakistan are sort of evenly matched with India of course having a bigger advantage in terms of men and equipment, but you can only train your troops to only that much that they end up having a 2;1 or 3;1 casualty ratio. Beyond that what really matters is having real time intelligence input and ISR, which India has.

  • No it simply won't

    India has way better military equipment which is way bigger and better than Pakistans. Indian army is too big and strong for poor Pakistan! India also has more reliable and stronger allies. The quality of Indian equipments are better and the army is trained better. Simply if India and Pakistan had a war India would crush Pakistan easily. It is a joke if you think Pakistan can beat India!

  • Indians win, simple

    Look friends, I am Pakistani myself and I don't wish to dishonour my country. Yet it's a fact India wil win, they have the cleverest brains in Asia if not the world. And they are very strategic and strong. Besides the US and Korea and the rest of the world will come to India's aid as they will think we are terrorists. That's all I'll say

  • Useless fellows are a click away even they begged weapons from others.

    Already they bought weapons superior to us in all the wars they have already engaged till now. Now they have begged or borrowed from their supporter. They illegally occupied Kashmir and ceded a part to a country that supports them. If the war takes place the world will know who is the real supporter of terrorism - in other words who have already supplied weapons to terrorists. We need not lose all the soldiers before declaring the war.
    ( Pakistan is shooting our civilians and soldiers because they have guns and other ammunition in their hands.) The only solution to save our soldiers and people is to crush the enemy once and forever.

  • Because all paki are disillusioned

    Have they ever won a war with India? Which part of India has Pakistan seized in a war. Yet count the times they have either had to retreat or have lost land. Ie east pak. Pak politicians survive on lying to its people every time there is a war . The reality is there is no comparison between India and Pakistan. India’s only concern is China but pak is perpetually obsessed with India.

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