• Yes, when you see beyond time

    Some people have the ability to see beyond time in many levels (their own, others or some kind of both). Most of them don't talk about it or don't even know they have this ability. Sometimes it just seems like instinct. But it is pretty clear for anyone to detect that ability in others filling the dots backwards. You see the words and actions of people that has passed and understand that they really knew. The fact is that this ability is in everyone. The only thing needed is to develop it.

  • Yes, absolutely. My father before his death used to say, I have this very bad feeling on my chest, like something bad will happen.

    I used to tell him to stop making it up, nothing bad is going to happen... Then before he left my house, he stayed with me for 9 month he said, I will never come back here, I will go home and will die there. Then he started to talk where he want to be buried, several hours before he felt into coma (he had a stroke), said to my mom: stop yelling at me, I'm going to leave you very soon. It's crazy, he was talking about death for 8 month before he died. I think people with sensitive personality feel it and emphasizing it more then strong personality people.

  • Of course they can,

    This year my cousin passed away in a car crash, she flew out of the passenger or back not wearing a seatbelt. Just 2 days before that I was at her house and slept over Friday, Saturday, and was going to sleep over Sunday but didn't. As her twin sister told me she said before the accident, I wish she could sleep over one more day! Those nights I slept over with her were the best nights we have ever had. Awe pulled an all nighter, watched movies, went on a night walk, etc. But as I was sitting their I asked her why don't you really try in school and go play soccer more so you can get into a good university? She goes I will tell you why, I responded very confused as this was very serious, she goes I am going to die before I turn 17 (her and her twins birthday was February 29th, but since it wasn't leapear 28th) I go, you better not be telling me bull crap and joking around, and she laughs and goes I am serious(she didn't know what day or what time, but did know it was going to be soon because she was turning 17 in a few weeks) (it was February 3rd and the day of the accident was February 5th) she told me how much she loved me and loved what I was doing and told me not to cry but of course I could not hold back my tears, she told me that the day she does die she wants me to comfort her family. She told me that she was not going to say goodbye but we were and I asked her how she knew this and all she said was signs are telling me, I said what? And she said signs. That day of the car wreak(February 5th) she was unconscious and we all said goodbye(she could hear us just not talk) her twin sister was devastated and I told her It's ok. She told me to take care of her family and that I would be the replacement for her and I said there will never be someone as kind as you, now stop saying your going to die. And on Sunday at 12:00pm she Snapchated me saying love you lmao your cute when I snapped her a picture of me saying love you too baby B. She will be missed and always remembered!

  • My Best Friend

    My Best friend Ray had a massive stroke, two months ago. He told me one week before about if anything happened (death), he wanted me to forget him, be successful and continue to pursue my master's degree, and always be happy. PS Ironically, he was about to vacation (without me) for three months.

  • Not my own death but others.

    I am a skeptic but I have had what I consider some very unusual events in my life. I believe I may have foreseen the deaths and manner of those deaths of several people.

    I know how the human brain works. I know we seek patterns by nature and put them together in weird inaccurate ways.

    Are they false memories? Perhaps. What I do know is that some of them are vivid and rather simple so they can't all be delusions.

    I met someone and had the strongest inclination they would die in few weeks or so. They did. It was an aquantance from a former job of mine. I didn't like the man, and almost felt I caused his death. Like I wished it on him and it happened. It doesn't always seem that way when it happens, but I always feel guilty when it does. Like me seeing death approaching makes it happen.

    I look for answers but most of it sounds like nonsense. That is how I sound right now I am sure. Since my version is pretty dark and depressing I am sure it won't be popular, but I assure you its the truth as far as I can know the truth.

  • I think so

    Best friend told me he had nightmares of crashing off a bridge to his death about a year before it happened. When he passed he didn't fall of a bridge but did pass from a car accident. I guess some people can see their fate with more clarity than others.

  • Afraid if so.

    My husband is 51 and has no diagnosed medical conditions. He told me last week that he was going to die within the next year. Said he had been seeing his deceased mother, grandmother, and grandfather. Said he has had it revealed to him that he was going to die. At first he was shaken up, but now he seems calm about it. Told me that he was not scared and I shouldn't be scared either. I told him that I was going to schedule a physical with his doctor. He said there is nothing wrong with him physically and there was nothing that could be done about it. Said that it is just his time. I am still going to take him to get checked out even though he does not want to go. I hope he is wrong!!! I am concerned. He said he was going to die 1 month after my sister. And she is not in good health.

  • I think so

    My grandmother was very ill and I was visiting her in the nursing home. She had to get her dressings changed on her bedsores (down to the bone) and she was in tremendous pain. I held her hand while she endured this. I'd never seen her in this much pain nor had I seen her bed sores before this and they were rather shockingly bad. Afterwards, although I'm not religious I prayed to God in my head at her bedside that she be either get better or pass away to end the misery. It was a desperate plea. I knew she wasn't liking life anymore. She thanked me for being there with her. That night I got the call that she had died. The nurses said she woke up in the middle of the night and said to the nurses "make me look nice". To come her hair, put her dentures in. Then she went to bed and died shortly after in her sleep. I strongly feel she knew in some way that it was time. I also feel that there is a possibility that my prayer was heard, by a so called God? Or maybe my grandma? Either was I have a strong intuition that it came down to more than coincidence.

  • Yes, My Son predicted his own death

    At 16 my Son told me that he would die young. I asked him why he thought that. He told me he didnt "think" it, he knew it. He stated that he wouldn't live to see 20.
    As his Mother I was a bit freaked out but at the same time, myself and many family members are very intuitive so I assumed he too, had a gift. At 19 he passed away. Just a month and a half after turning 19. He knew and I believe we all know if we pay attention.

  • Yes they can.

    My brother-in-law predicted his own death, down to the day and time. Two months before he died he told us he was going to die in "Talladega". When I prompted further he told me it was like a flip book. There were pictures in his head that flip through and he can see he is going to die in a car wreck, just like Talladega (the NASCAR track, they have big wrecks like that. I asked what exactly he can see, and he said he was the passenger in the car, it wasn't his car he was driving. He said they would be racing a GTO, and something wrong with the tire of the car. He said, that his wife and his twin brother (my husband) would walk away from the wreck with his kids. He named one of the local news stations and said they would be there. He told me he could walk down the street and he could see pictures floating above people of all the loved ones they have lost and how they are going to die. We took him to the hospital on 2 different occasions, thinking he had a brain tumor. After many tests they could find nothing wrong. 3 days before he died, he came to our house and talked with his twin and told him he was going to die in 3 days at 9:24. My husband has anxiety issues, and for the next 2 days we were both terrified he was right. But the weird thing was that 3 day, neither him nor I never had the thought cross our minds that third day. Looking back, this is my personal regret, is not remembering it, because the twins left that night in my car, which had a screw in the back tire, and it was low. They were coming back from their mom's house back to ours and a a red GTO pulled up next to them and started racing them. With my low tire, and the rate of speed they were going, the tire shot off of the car and the car vaulted airborne for 70 feet, and then rolled another 400 feet before it came to rest. My car shot into pieces, just like the NASCAR wrecks. The last thing he said to his brother was "it's not you're fault," My husband looked at him and asked what he meant. He looked at him and said take care of my kids. I love you. It's not you're fault and they wrecked. When I arrived on scene, the only news crew there was the one that my brother said would be there, and his brother and his wife walked away and are raising his kids. There are many other things that he said those last two months that we all thought were him being crazy, but after the wreck, every single thing he said has come true. So I am a firm believer that people can predict their own deaths.

  • Life is random

    Life is pretty random. The only way you can predict your death is if you commit suicide or plan death via euthanasia or have a fatal disease. Even then you can not be 100% certain of death - there are often intervening variables that can affect outcome and therefore it is not an exact science.

  • No, they can not.

    No matter the situation I do not think a person knows for sure, a hundred percent, if they are going to die. You may be in a car wreck, and think this is bad, so you start assuming you will die, but that does not mean you will. There is always a chance of survival.

  • Only if committing suicide.

    I don't think it's possible for people to predict their own death unless they're planning suicide; I think that people are survivalists by nature and therefore cling to life, and even when death is imminent, aren't in a role to predict their own death with any clarity. While I agree that some people have uncanny intuition, I just don't think it's possible.

  • No, they cannot.

    People cannot predict there own death before it happens. When you are seriously sick, or injured, you may come to the realization that death is upon you, but that is less of a prediction and more of an understanding of how the human body works and how much it is capable of handling.

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