• No real difference

    No matter what job you do you are selling your body. You think in your brain which is in your body. You move around papers using your hands which is part of your body. You do professional sports, you are doing it with your body. No matter what job you have you need to use your body to do it. If someone has great skills having sex and they want to make money off of it then they should be allowed to do so. Not only that but some countries will actually have the government pay for prostitutes to visit nursing homes and I think that's a great idea. That can help make our elderly's golden years more golden.

  • In essence, it can be a type of work.

    Prostitution is constructed to be wrong, immoral and taboo. This conceptualization is influenced by religion which is out-dated and refuses to keep up with the modern pace of societal change. I am not advocating that prostitution be 'normal' or 'right', i am just suggesting the argument that if prostitution were legal, then it could be considered a type of work: someone is selling a service to a customer who pays for that service.

    Separating moral subjectivity, prostitution could be a type of work... However 'prostitution' is a negative label and other terms such as 'sexual services' may be more appropriate.

  • It's emotional and physical labor for a wage.

    It needs to be heavy regulated for safety and tax reasons, the removal of stigma around prostitution, kinda like the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." while not the same, it's similar. Clearly not everyone is marriage material or have the ability to communicate and interact with an sex partner. Think of this as a sexual therapy.

  • How can it not be?

    How can it not be? Appointments must be made, prepared for. Must be on time, put whole heart into job to truly succeed. Must save receipts for business expenses, must keep supplies stocked, oils, lingerie, towels etc. Lotsa laundry. Waking up at 7 AM for 9 AM work. Studying different techniques, PE and ED info to be studied.... Hmmmmm

  • No, no and no

    A Doctor sells his time for his profession A Lawyer sells his innocence for his job A Politician sells his soul for a few votes A Scholar sells his intelligence for some praise A Philosopher sells his thoughts for an argument They all sell something to get something in return. All that they sell is variable to their existence, but a prostitute sells her body that is physical and which shall remain constant in her buyer’s possession -

  • It should first be looked at

    As a form of human trafficking - since many of the prostitutes are forced into it and come out of it with little to nothing. Their masters/pimps own them, beat them when they don't perform, take most of the money made, use techniques of coercion such as drugs and threats to make the young (male or female) go out and work the streets. It isn't a job many volunteer for.

  • I hope this question is a joke.

    Now, I can't speak for male prostitution, but female prostitution is a very different story. I'm going to argue from three points: the law, health, and psychology.

    First off, the law. Here's a question I hope you all think about. Is it wrong to have slaves? Well, it should be. The law says that "all men are created equal." That means no one has value over anyone else. Here's another question: If you saw a farmer with an African American plowing his fields not for money, but simply because he wanted to use him to do his job, would you be a bit angry? Let's add in that the farmer is also making this African American work by hand, not tractor, and is whipping him if he refuses to work because his body simply can't go on. Does that sound okay? If not, then /why/ is prostitution okay? Why are we even considering it as a potential job? The truth is, prostitutes almost always need a pimp to host them. They are almost nothing in this horrid society if they don't have a pimp. But what's worse is that they're still nothing with one, too. Women who are in the prostituting business are forced to do a sexual act by the pimp. If they don't, they are beaten until they do. If they do their job, they're given a very small amount of the money they make. The pimp earns nearly all of it, all to host MORE prostitutes.

    Onto the health factor. I'm going to make this short and sweet: Think about shoving your privates into a disease-ridden, infection-festering tube. That's what you're doing.

    Now, the psychology factor.
    I already talked about how, under the law in America, we are all considered free. But a prostitute is not free. She is given a value that she feels she must live up to. When she is asked to perform some sort of vulgar sexual act, she's going to do it. This is mainly for the money that she barely earns and so her pimp won't beat her. But deep down, she IS a person. Think about that for a moment. She says yes for the money and so she won't be beaten, but psychologically, she wants a man to love her and protect her. If men would actually be MEN and PROTECT and didn't continue to host this sort of disgusting, repulsive, abhorrent "job," there would be near to no women in it.

    So think about prostitution as slavery before you attack me on my view. It's not a job. Most of the time, the women don't even have a choice. They're the victims, and the men hosting and rewarding this business are the culprits.
    The first part of this article talks about prostitution from the view of a former one. The rest is about sex outside of marriage. Know that I'm not going into a debate about this last part, just about the first part of the article.

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