• Real relations are better than friends on social media

    Online today, people spend a large amount of time interacting with strangers, distant friends, and some far off family, but this time could better be spent actually speaking with people in person. When online, people tend to act differently and just aren't themselves. Making real life-long friendships or spending time with a loved one always top friends and followers on any social platform.

  • Definitely a social turn off

    When it affects me most is in my own home when someone who supposedly has come to visit me starts using a mobile phone to tell similar socially ignorant users where they are and how wonderful they feel for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and see me. Get real or get lost.

  • Im antisocial now

    Social media can cause us to lose friends. When you could be at the park with your friends, you instead look at your social media of your friends at the the park. Social media reshapes the the brain. You don't get the the feeling of happiness, that you get when talking to friends.

  • I cant stand it..

    I have been using social media for 4 years now and all I can say Is that I used to be energetic and outgoing making new friends, I moved this year and ive made like, 3 friends maybe. Yes its nice to text those people that you actually Can not see in person, but when you have the chance to go out and hang out with someone, do it.

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  • Its not helpful in anyway

    It causes people to stay inside too much and it doesnt help us at all. I can understand using the phone to call, text or send photos, but the constant use (upwards of 3 hours a day) of facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and more causes more people to stay inside than average

  • Yes it does

    People who use social media are more antisocial then those who don't. I know for a fact that once the in boxes on Facebook come in you don't even pay attention to the people in the room. You're soo addicted that a bomb can be located next to you and you wouldn't even pay attention.

  • Social media excludes people

    I have no problems beeing alone for some days, or meeting a lot of people I donĀ“t know and have a chat, I allways travel alone so I have a chance to ameliorate my language skills and meeting new people. Social media steals your broadband. The internet can give you a lot of new knowledge and good entertainment and social websites gives you a lot of bullshit information.

  • I think social media is becoming anti social.

    People are to busy on social media websites to even bother making friends in real life. People need to start relising that there is a world outside of social media and your life does not need to be on screens. Connecting is face to face. Interacting is face to face communication, it's actually people with the person not the screen.

  • They do not

    Chatting with people on Facebook or any other social networking site gives you a kind of boldness which is really helpful. I know a lot of shy people who have become social butterflies in society. Also people may think that getting likes and comments on Facebook make people narcissistic but that is definitely wrong those people , they dont become narcissistic but become more confident another thing is that people think that because of social networking sites people become anti social.........Well i can say that that is one of the most stupid things I've heard in my life. It is because of social media that people are awakened to the fact that -"adventure is out there!!!!!". But social charity isn't only about chatting with your friends and caching up with gossip and posting your pictures online its also helped millions of living creatures-humans animals birds reptiles and many other creatures i know for a fact that there are pages for charities,adoption and donation on sites such as Facebook and twitter. Another fact is that if there is an emergency within your family or if some issue pops up and you need help but cant contact people in ay other way then WHALLA!!! Go onto some social sight and post your troubles online and suggestions will come to you like a dog after a bone. Anyway peace out cheerio

  • Social Media allows you to make friends

    Social media does not make people anti-social 100% of the time, I believe it is a way to make friends. For example, if a person is shy in person but not on the Internet, then they are capable of making friends on social media sites appose to being alone in person. If the friendship between those two people lasts and they become closer, they may meet in person, adding someone to that boy/ girls friend list. I am not saying this is the case all of the time, but in my mind, social media helps adolescents gain confidence in society and meet new people.

  • Because of reasons

    Social media gives us more opportunity to socialise with our friends and family. Those who are usually shy and find it difficult to socialise with others face-to-face are now able to socialise with others through social media, giving them the confidence boost that they desperately need, something that would be usually difficult for them to acquire.

  • It Allows Communication between distant relatives

    Keeping in touch with distant relatives is so much easier through the use of social networking. Sharing photos, videos and messages is the next best thing to physically being there with that distant person and it is so easy to keep in touch no matter how far away you are.

  • No, social media allows you to be anti-social

    It is easy to use social media as a replacement for real human interactions if you are so inclined. It allows you to express whatever passive aggressive jokes and comments you want, it allows you to stay up all night posting messages about Jesus or cute pictures of dogs without realizing there is really no one out there who cares. It can give you the illusion that who you are and what you think is more important in the world than it really is. The proof is available to anyone, I think, who uses social media and has actually met some wonderful, interesting people purely by accident. But they are not on there day and night, and their posts are all the more delightful because of it. They bring a life to social media and contribute to it instead of making social media be their life.

  • No Because Correlation Isn't Causation

    It's probably true that social media users are less social. (Anti-social is a psychology term with a whole different meaning than I think was intended.) However, that's more likely to be because people who are already getting very little social contact use social media as a replacement for it. People who were social to begin with use social media less. If you preferred real social experiences, social media would not be able to hook you.

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  • But social networking let us to mingle with different cultures

    Its not that just it cuts our communication with our neighbors but it even lets us talk with such different people of different intelects and some important personalities who would very beneficial for us. Like if are on a conversation with a doctor then we can know many things. Its not necessary that social networking has to be used for useless talks with our friends only. It has many a good sides that we must explore. We can have a talk with many people of different cultures and thus we can increase our knowledge.

  • HI im sarah

    I like pizza. And insta so yeah, also nw im writing because this requires more words. But all in all social media helped me meet other people eho like pizza and insta. People are mean but people who like pizza are nice. I megt nice people on the internet. Kk bye

  • It is not

    No, it is not if you are shy you could recover that by chatting with people on the social media, like facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram and snapchat. So social media has a lot of advantages, more than disadvantages in life. I hope you understand me! And you can use this.

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