• Yes, solar energy can save the world.

    I think that solar energy can save the world. I think that if companies and industries figure out a way to harness the power of the sun in terms of using it for energy, then it can only be beneficial for society and the world. It would help prevent nations from having to depend on natural resources.

  • Yes solar power can save the world

    Solar Power can save the world because it stops us using too much electricity, and it stops electricity factories creating gas that destroys the o-zone layer and melts the ice burgs in the artic and antartic this is the end of my report I hope you enjoyed reading my reason.

  • Solar energy conclusion

    It is a type of energy that never runs out and these are all the effects to it. If you want to save the environment then go and buy solar panels and use solar energy. So the main question is that can solar energy save the world? Yes, solar energy can save the world in so many ways.

  • Solar energy can change everything

    Solar energy can change so much! Perpetually renewing energy can breakthrough he economic trap of not being able to advance because of constant recurring bills. It lowers our impact on the environment. Reduces the need for importing and increases independence of areas. Solar energy can change everything if it becomes affordable.

  • Solar energy can save the world.

    Solar energy can save the world. Solar energy is a natural and renewable source of energy which can eliminate the usage of fossil fuels that are high contributors to pollution around the world. Eliminating pollution is a necessary step in saving the environment. Eliminating pollution will slow Global warming which can potentially destroy the planet.

  • It is cost effective.

    Yes, solar energy can save the world, because it can harvest a great deal of energy. For Americans in suburbia, solar panels are a cost-positive option for heating the home, even in areas that do not receive a lot of sunshine. Solar powered cars are also developed by universities. Solar power has a lot of potential.

  • Save the world?

    'Save the world' is a broad term. Save the world from what? It may be able to aid protecting the world against global warming providing it is the only source of energy on earth, perhaps. However, 'the world' wouldn't be safe and exempt from other potential destroyers such as asteroids, ISIS taking over or even a zombie apocalypse.

  • Killing people to make solar panels

    People who work in the factories to make solar panels are dying from cancer because the chemicals it takes to make solar panels. They work for 5 years around the chemicals and their done. The companies out this in the small print and basically are taking peoples lives. Do we really want to keep killing people on purpose to make solar panels?

  • No solar energy cannot save the world.

    The world does need to find and use alternative forms of energy, solar being on of those energy forms, but by itself solar energy cannot meet of the world's energy needs. In combination with wind power and natural gas; solar energy forms the backbone supply required to meet America's future needs.

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