Can students who drop out of high school be successful in life?

  • U can be successful in life after high school!

    Of course there are lots of successful people in this world (including katy perry) who dropped out school when they like 14, 15 or 16 and they became rich and becoming movie stars or musicians and if you're really young and if you're under 18 and of you're still in school u can go ahead and drop out (if u really hate school)

  • Yes, but if only you follow the money and wont quit. Read:The Richest Man in Babylon. Watch the markets, and invest!

    I dropped out of high school in the middle of my junior year. I used to love school, i was a straight A student. Then i got bored, i wasnt challenged enough, well through elementary school and middle school i tested with college scores. I always argued with my teachers on why i was doing this if i wasn't going to use this in the future and i didnt turn in any of the work because i thought it was a waste of time. When i got to high school i thought this was a new start for me. Wrong, i got bored the first year and had to repeat algebra. Junior year i had to repeat a whole year of English and Biology. So i said fuck it. I only stayed a half year longer because of my best friend, i felt bad if i left him there by himself. After dropping out i saved up some money for community college. I got my associate's degree in Computer Science because technology is the future. I started to invest in pot stocks which jumped 500-1000% in the first 5 years. So i was already making enough money from investing. I day traded on occasion to pay some bills and invested in my tech business and CBD farm that i now run with my best friends and family. So whoever tells you no you cant become succesful, is lying to you. Will it be harder for you? Yes, well unless you get your GED. If you don't hustle and dont take no for an answer after dropoing out of high school, then dont expect to become succesful. Its common sense.

  • It's a choice they are making

    Yes because you can't make any do something they don't want to do anymore. If a person chooses to drop out of high school then it's a decision they are making. Even if no one supports them then when the one drop out is rich then they can shut everyone up who told them it was wrong to drop out.

  • You can succeed if you know how to think outside the box

    People can make their own work, some talents are never exposed in school and some students are not academically inclined, dropping out of high school and not succeeding is just a speculation. Students cant take certain electives in school you know... Some super super rich notable people in the world have dropped out and you know hou they succeeded? Creativity, perserverance, and outside the box ideas. I personally think you should be required to finish high school but you CAN succeed without that kind of education milestone, it's just rare is all.

  • Oh yes, absolutely!

    Yes for sure! Students who dropout from school doesn't mean they lack in the talent or skills that they might possess. They might be weak in education but they might be intelligent and hold all the willingness and courage to pursue ahead in life. This presentation will pretty much answer your question clearly.

  • Some drop outs are successful.

    I would not recommend dropping out of high school. People with high school diplomas earn more
    over the course of a lifetime than people without them. That being said, there are some drop outs that
    still somehow go on to be successful.
    Many musicians and entrepreneurs drop out of high school and still end
    up rich.

  • Yes, some students who drop out have become things like entrepreneurs.

    While it's less likely for high school drop outs to be successful, some have. There are cases of students who have risen the ranks of employment, sometimes with their own business. Part of this may be attributed to the skills the person has, or perhaps simple luck. All in all it is far better to graduate high school, but there is still chance for drop outs to succeed by being clever and utilizing their skills,

  • No they cant be successful

    I don't think drop outs will be successful because then they wont find a good job because they don't have diploma and they wont hire them. Possibly that will happen, and it wont be good for the future. They might get a job but its not worth it if its something they don't enjoy to do.

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