• The NO side reeks of ignorance.

    Suicide can be justified.

    If someone is in such a great deal of pain that the mere act of existing leads to their suffering, suicide is justified.

    If someone chooses to end their lives, as they should have every right to do, it is justified.

    Suicide is not cowardly. Ending your own life may well be one of the most terrifying and difficult things a person can do, every fiber of our biology screams for us to stop.

    Suicide, as viewed by those who would commit it, is literally the ONLY option they can see. They've been blinded by their mindset, mental illness, or emotions to see any other possible option.

    Suicide is not selfish. Those that expect someone to continue living through emotional or physical suffering simply to comfort their own existence is selfish.

    If life is a gift we should be able to return it like any other. Gifts are, after all, the property of those receiving them, correct? It's mine to do with as I please.

  • Assisted Suicide Counts

    If someone has hardly any life left to live, and what's left is going to be painful and heavily medicated, they have every right to decide if they would rather end it sooner. Especially if they have the chance to make the decision with their family, say all their final good-byes and go out painlessly and peacefully. Who is anyone else to say someone shouldn't have the right to get that?

  • Yes, its your life

    People have their own reasons on why they don't want to live anymore, it may be because their in too much pain. For others they could not want to live due to a traumatic situation that they can not emotionally handle and feel as if they would be better off dead. Yes some people may say that suicide is the easy way out which may be true but it should still be up to that person rather they want to fight or just give up.

  • Yes, of course.

    I personally belive in assisted suicide. What's the point in having a person suffer when they can be put out of they're misery? And if you don't belive in it, it's optional. It's not murder, it's just death with your own consent. Life is like cake. Enjoy it as much as you can, until the mold starts growing. And mold is what here means an incurable, painful disease.

  • Happiness in life

    I think the main purpose in life is to be happy, and if someone hates their own life so much that they turn to talking it, as their only way out is their only way to happiness. Then as much as it would hurt me as their friend I would have to accept it. Of course I would miss them but it's what they want and need to be happy, then who am I to make them suffer?
    A lot of my friends self harm and they have previously thought about suicide and I have said this exact same thing to every friend every single time. And it's something I will always live by.

  • Oh most definitely

    Things change, things die,things end that is how it is and always will be suicide is not an act of weakness wasting your life moping is weakness.'' acceptance or lack there of moves us forward in life your choices will pick the direction you go in'' life is a journey of the individual our experiences and reactions shape it

  • Apparently you forgot about zombies

    Eaten alive or take as many as you can blow up out with with you? On a serious note justified for who? You? Me? The next door neighbor? The choice to commit suicide is a personal choice. Yes of course you can make yourself feel better if its a cancer patient or someone else greatly suffering, but regaurdless the reason its not your life nor your choice. Granted if they chose to die via suicide bombing or something similar than no it isn't justified. But just because you may not like something it doesn't make it right or wrong. Suicide is a grey area subject. It's sad and we all wish it didn't happen, but what are you going to do? Watch them every moment of their life? Drug them? What kind of life is that? Of course we should discourage it but if they do it anyways that's on them personally

  • Only assisted suicide.

    If someone knows they are going to die a drawn out and painful death from a terminal illness, then they should have the right to die with their dignity intact. For any other reason, suicide is a senseless tragedy.

    If it's caused by a mental illness, that illness could have been treated, thus preventing the suicide.

    If it's caused by bullying, the victim could have switched schools, moved elsewhere, sought counselling, went into homeschooling, et cetera before killing themselves.

    If someone commits suicide because of a job loss, death of a loved one, loneliness, or any other reason, there are countless programs and groups designed to help people in those situations. Ending your life because of temporary circumstances can never be justified.

  • Suicide is cowardly and insulting.

    Suicide is something that people mostly do to get themselves out of a certain situation. This stops people from actually doing something to solve their problems and simply taking the easy way out. I also believe suicide is an insult to all the people who cared about the person commiting suicide as the people who cared about him/her caring for them was all for nothing.

  • No. Life is a gift.

    God-- or whatever you believe in-- gave us this life. It is a gift. By committing suicide you are turning to the heavens and screaming, "I don't care about this life you gave me. I don't want it!" I don't think, that ever in any situation, suicide can be justified.

  • HeavenlyDevil, why do you post these insulting questions!?

    Suicide is the definition of ultimate failure. Only weak people commit suicide. Suicide is completely idiotic and cannot be justified in any possible way, mate. Committing suicide is like you getting 3 starred on Clash Of Clans, TOTAL DESTRUCTION! That's all I got to say, debaters.

    This Is JDogMoney, Master Debater, Ultimate Ruler, Checking Out.


  • Immoral and unjustifiable.

    'Our bodies - to every hair and bit of skin - are received by us from our parents, and we must not presume to injure or wound them.' (Book of Filial Piety, Ch. 1) Not hurting your body is the first step of filial piety, which is the first and foremost step of being a moral person. It cannot be justified in any way.

  • Suicides ends any chance of your future life being better.

    The reason why someone terminally ill shouldn't commit assisted suicide, is because it ends even the slightest chance of having a slightly better life. There been cases when people were believe to be terminally ill and lived. There has been people who have went through pain and misery greater than most people can imagined, and have still been able to enjoy life. The smallest chance of having something good happen in your life, is worth living for.

  • Irrational and therefore unjustifiable

    If someone is so depressed that they feel the need to kill themselves then they cannot be considered to have the right mental capacity to make such a huge decision that is fundamentally irrational. Life has so much potential whilst death is simply void (depending on the veracity of religion).
    Therefore, as a society we have a responsibility to prevent the mentally ill from making irrational decisions that harm their lives to the extent of destroying it.

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