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  • No it cant

    Though many people say that technology has replaced books but I dont think so technology can neer replace books no matter how advanced it gets.Books are always a soucxe of mental peace and mental satisfaction but only for the people who thinks them to be.Every kind of technology has sideeffects but not books one would just sit have a cup of coffee and would travel to an imaginary world but in the case of technology like I pads television tab it seems difficult. U cant spend hours and hours on these I mean yaa u can but u shouldn't it can effect your eyes you will unnecessary fatigue and all that so books are better

  • Sorry, but no.

    Books have always been around us. They are easier to carry than laptops. In addition, studies have shown that technology can cause health problems if used too often. Some include the inability to sleep, visual impairment, and hearing impairment. Technology may be useful, but it can and will not replace books. Also, it is more cheaper to buy a book than a laptop (obviously)

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