Can terrorism be justified under any circumstances?

  • Muslims deserve the right to terrorize

    It is in my belief that muslims are the superior religion ever to be created on this earth. Muslims deserve the right to whomever person, organisation or country they please. I believe that those who oppose muslims are to be considered the TERRORISTS of this corrupt world we live in.

    Muslim is love, Muslim is life,

    Muslims 4 ever.

  • Of course it can, during time of war, all is fair.

    I don't support Muslim terrorists. Not in the least. My son is serving in the Army in Afghanistan right now. I served in the Army as well. Muslim terrorists can go to hell. Having said that, the terrorists have declared war on the west. I can't fault them for doing that. I mainly fault our western leaders for not recognizing this, and taking the fight to the Muslims. So yes, terrorism can be justified.

    Posted by: BriaBlacken
  • Coming from a 15 y/o

    There are all these freedom fighters that are considered terrorists.
    For example Nelson Mandela, went against the government for equality
    Martin Luther King Jr., went against the government for equality
    Malcolm X, went against the government too

    So now ask your selves who is really the terror, them or you?

    Check out Terrorist by Lowkey

  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King was considered a terrorist and without him most of us wouldn't be here. He was part of a terrorist group call Umkhonto We Sizwe and after a while he went to prison and the group got violent, but without it, there would be no multiculturalism today. Thanks.

  • Justification of Argument

    This may sound "foolish" to some people, but doesn't it make a nation "stronger"? Take September 11 for example. The United States has not had a glimse of real threat in the context of terrorism since, security has greatly improved, and people can work together and help others affected. That is my argument.

  • The world is not pretty. Violence is sometimes the answer.

    I'll use a simple statement. As a child your mother/father will tell you that if somebody hits you, you hit them back. But 10x harder so they they'll know not to do it again. That would make things more than even, resulting in a change that in some people's eyes is not necessary but it is effective in some other people's eyes.
    Moral of the story: Malcolm X resorted to violent tactics and methods to bring about a political change, now even though he was no better than white supremacists at the time he still generated supported and influenced society.

  • Terrorism can be looked at and talked through with the leaders of Al Qaeda and somehow establish an agreement because world peace is more hopeful.

    Terrorism is strongly opposed and it doesn't make sense why people want to be controlling of families and they want to kill and control the world. It is a religious battle and they disagree with the rest of the world wanting to vary in its beliefs. I think it can be resolved if they open up their eyes and finally see what is right and stop killing people and realize what matters and that is world peace.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • Terrorism is a mere perverse version of military tactics such as guerilla

    In war, you have to win, no matter how you do it. If you had financial difficulties and no profound weapon or money, than the most effective way to stop or at least give your opponent maximum damage, which is done by terrorism, a military tactics. When u.s nuked Japan, not third of the u.s's population criticized it yet it killed more innocent civilians than terrorism ever had. Most western population believe that terrorism is evil. However, the term terrorist is a mere term used by western countries to demonize their public enemy

  • Terrorists always have a reason for what they are doing, otherwise they are not terrorists.

    Terrorists also have a mind, and they genuinely believe in a cause that they think is good. To achieve that goal, they will do whatever it takes to do it. True, it may result in civilian deaths and widespread destruction, but it is all for the greater good isn't it? For those who say its only bad, and that terrorists are evil people, think about it from another point of view. Don't be closed-minded, even if you think the other perspective is illegitimate!


    "Terrorism is never justified and should never be accepted. No act of terrorism is ever justified, nor should it ever be accepted or tolerated. In cases of religion, it has become the weapon most commonly used - which is completely insane, since what "GOD" would command a person to kill someone (or a group of people), with no justifiable reasons or cause?"

    Individuals and groups need to stop killing in the name of "GOD", and own up to the fact that they are committing "cowardly" acts of terrorism in the name of their own selfishness, greed and hatred."
    Really? GOD! No one cares.

    "No, stop it, they are evil. Lock all terrorists away, full stop. They are evil. How is it justified to take away someone else's family lives, damage a building, city and waste millions. It is pointless. How could the world be this cruel? Because of these terrorists, it also now scares people off planes and the underground. Lock these evil people away from hurting innocent families!" This is the real world honey!

  • If it is justified, it is freedom fighting, not terrorism.

    If there is ever a time that is so bad that it calls for a revolution, acts committed for the cause fighting worth should not be considered terrorism, but an act of freedom fighting. During times of revolution, acts committed that could be considered terrorism are necessary for the success of the revolution, and I support using terror to earn rights and win, as long as the cause is true. ¡Viva la revolucion!

  • But what is terrorism anyway?

    Under any circumstance killing people, innocent people is morally wrong no matter what the consequences are. In Nelson Mandela's case, I am unsure. I think that he is a freedom fighter but one mans freedom fighter is another man terrorist you see, even though the consequences where there it did not do

  • I'm in the middle

    It depends on the situation and events preceding the terrorist acts of violence to determine whether it's freedom fighting or terrorism. Even though our nation was founded with "terrorism" it is still no excuse to say that you can just go out and reek havoc because you would like to.

  • Cannot be justified

    Those who think that terrorists are freedom fighters may be right. Although people fail to take in the fact that if freedom fighters commit acts of terror, then in this case they are terrorists. Freedom fighters fight for freedom, terrorists commit acts of terror. Without a doubt, no question about it.

  • No, stop it, they are evil.

    Lock all terrorists away,full stop. They are evil. How is it justified to take away someone else's family lives, damage a building, city and waste millions. It is pointless. How could the world be this cruel? Because of these terrorists, it also now scares people off planes and the underground. Lock these evil people away from hurting innocent families!

  • Terrorism can't be justified!

    No religion, or civilized society can make any justification regarding terrorism. Terrorism is a brain-sickness of those people who commit it and want to outburst what they have inside them. Use of power isn't solution of any problem, even terrorists should be dealt with the manners other than the use of power.

  • Terrorism cannot be justified.

    Freedom fighters and terrorists do the exact same thing.. They both fight and say that it was something they believed in and that it was for a good cause. It is hard to justify whether the cause was good bad or bad, let alone being able to tell if terrorism can be justified or not. -.-

  • No because terrorist do not just kill soldiers

    They kill kid’s women no matter if they agree or disagree with the cause. Also the person that said that the British considered us terrorists no they did not we went to war with the country not with the people of their country soldier fought soldier.

  • Terrorism is an act of cowardice performed by the weak of mind.

    To assign guilt by association to innocent men, women and children and destroy them rather than to face a stronger opponent is the ultimate act of cowardice. No matter what twisted logic is used as an excuse, it can never be justified.

  • Terrorism is the most unjustifiable act in human history.

    Using the fear of death and destruction to motivate people to do what you want is the most ridiculous and unjustifiable form of persuasion the world has ever known. Unfortunately terrorism has been around for millennia, and will be around for as long as humanity persists on Earth. Waving a gun in someone's face and telling them to do something will motivate them to do it in most cases, but it will quickly devolve into something much worse. Terrorism begets terrorism and those who act upon terroristic desires are likely to see it come back upon them.

    Posted by: MariaR

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Anonymous says2013-04-10T20:33:17.123
If someone asked me casually if terrorism could be justified immediately I would say no, no i can't be justified. Morally it is wrong but with nelson mandela it's doffrent. I'm not sure but it's wrong.