Can the Humanities be saved by "neuro-literary criticism"

  • The Humanities be saved by "neuro-literary criticism

    The Humanities can be saved by "neuro-literary criticism. If everyone would keep a more open mind towards this topic then yes I do believe it may have a chance of being saved. But if everyone continues on a negative path towards this lifestyle then no it will not work out.

  • It gives people confidence.

    Yes, the humanities can be saved by neuro-literary criticism, because it would give people confidence in the way that science and literature is being evaluated. Neuro-literary criticism might spark interest in the humanities, from people who are scientifically focused or who approach literature from a different way. This is a positive angle from which to approach literature.

  • No, "Neuro-Literary Criticism" is Just a Fad in the Humanities and will not Save it

    There is nothing wrong with "neuro-literary criticism," in fact it is extremely interesting and may help revitalize the humanities in the short term, the blending of psychological theory with literary criticism. However, it is just another movement within literary criticism like deconstruction or post-modernism, and will not be a long term future for the Humanities. When this fashion is over, another movement will emerge.

  • Don't Need Saved

    I do not believe the humanities are dying, they simply are not held up as much as they use to be. I think this says more about today's society than anything else. I do not believe neuro-literary criticism is going to save humanities, I do not think they are in a position to be saved.

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