• Yes it can

    News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it. Yaaaaa

  • Yes, it can.

    The news can be trusted, but it is a good idea not to solely rely on one type of news for evidence. The news stations tend to exaggerate an issue, or make everything seem a lot more devastating than it actually is to get the viewers watching that channel. They still relay important information though.

  • Yes it can

    News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it.News is da bom. I love it. Yaaaaa

  • Ummm it's pretty dodge

    We a lot of it is proper Ganda and politIcaly in incorrect as the world keeps and keeps keeps keeps keeps and keeps keeps keeps keeps keeps turning and turning and turning and turning it will soon very soon soon soon soon soon explode in detruction and everyone will die

  • The news is not what you think it is

    Do some of your own research and you will be shocked by how much of the news is created just to keep the views rolling in, almost every day all I see is negative news about some political crash, mass killing, sex offenders and all that usual stuff. EVERYTHING is an over exaggeration of the truth, its probably we better not know about it at all than be reminded every day that if you step outside you will be shot, Just to keep us in fear of the outside. The only good news headlines are usually based on some small community gathering to support a cause or some kind. Every day the news loses views until one day there will be nothing left.

    People the evidence is EVERYWHERE we just need to use our own eyes and look instead of relying on other sources for info. Once you realize that almost everything we have been told is a lie you will begin to see the world differently and look deeper where the real truth is.

    The world we live in is not as it seems.
    We have been lied to our whole lives and the only way the truth will come to light is if we expose it.

  • Not the ones supported by political parties

    Neutral News Stations can be trusted. Stations like CNN, Fox and RT shouldn't be trusted. They will seriously write the most unbelievable stuff just to protect the governments/political parties they're being supported by making them unreliable and biased. And especially when something happens they usually try to blame the opposing parties for stuff that the party supporting them did.

  • No way in hell

    We all know that the news is often backed by corporations with their own interests. In addition they're rarely objective because the usually support either the Democratic or Republican parties.
    One thing that many people fail to realize is that they are like any other show, they depend on ratings.
    This is why anything new is controversial or scary and the feel good segments are puppies, kittens and food.
    Do your own F****** research people, don't trust these shows....

  • They're in it for the money, and they are more manipulative than you think big business is.

    They want the money that advertisers are giving them. So they tailor their reports to fit people of a certain political belief. I remember Fox News calling the government shutdown "Obama's Shutdown" despite the fact that Obama had not seen a single piece of legislation that could possibly end the shutdown. They basically profited off of the fact that virtually their entire viewer base would not know how the government works to begin with. This happens on both sides, liberal and conservative. Statistics are thrown out left and right, being nothing more than tailored numbers (a good statistician can bring you numbers that would strongly suggest that oxygen is highly toxic and should be illegal, numbers that were true despite the statement being complete garbage, and you couldn't call him out because you don't know the statistical fallacies in his statement because you are a lazy moron, yes, you are very lazy and it shows in the state of our government) I still cringe when I hear averages about most economic topics with very skewed distributions (and they don't even give me the standard deviation, r-values, or any of the important numbers, hell, I think that they just put a log on the y axis units to hide what's really going on.) And the reason they can get away with it is because you people believe them. Do you honestly think that they are above lying to you, I swear, the news these days is just as bad as homeopathic medicine (God help us if they decide to make some homeopathic birth control).

  • You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize this.

    Most news outlets are controlled by a very small number of companies. There isn't much real choice out there, and what's out their is biased both in tone and in what gets covered. Some news is more reliable than others, though, and it's a good idea to try and seek out the most reliable and truthful outlets.

  • Less and less with each passing day.

    Once upon a time, we had journalistic integrity and fact checking, strong oversight. These days, most of the news stations are owned by one or two companies who push their own political agendas. However, I'm not saying to stop watching the news, by all means..Please continue to. It's just as important to note what the networks WANT us to see as it is to know what really happened and compare the two. Just be certain to take anything shown with grain of salt and reference other sources.

  • The news can't be trusted.

    I know they try, but a lot of their reports have to be sensationalized. They make this bed story and it is halfway done. A lot of the information is incorrect, or only half true. Then when they catch the mistake, they retract it, but in a tiny little sentence. By then, the though has already been planted into someones head.

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