• Interest on themselves and uses their own rules and the right to bear arms as an advantage to win any argument

    The fact that they think more guns can solve a solution. It can't. In fact more guns leads to more violence and more blood shed. This needs to be stopped. The only way it can is if all guns are banned and no one has any right to use them. They don't care about the safety of the people, and everytime someone goes against they have to say the same thing over again "the second amendment states..." People are dying and they think guns can be a solution. It can and never will be.

  • The NRA needs to focus on sports/safety and stay OUT of politics!

    First of all I have owned guns as have my family, so I'm not opposed to gun ownership. I am however opposed to the NRA deciding who gets elected to Washington. They fund the elections, grade them, tell them how to vote, and WE pay them. Then everyone is worried about the 2nd amendment...I think the NRA is trampling on more rights then people know. They are making millions off people's fear of having their guns taken away.

  • Yes, an organization can be stopped.

    The only reason the NRA seems so powerful is that it has a lot of money behind it, so they have a strong lobby in congress. If we put controls on lobbying we could control the NRA's influence. The NRA can still be as big and strong as it wants, but it won't be able to influence the decisions of lawmakers. It doesn't seem ethical to me that the laws that pass through congress are the ones backed by big lobbies, and that means big money. If the proponents of gay marriage or legal marijuana had the same amount of money to use as influence, perhaps they would have a better chance at changing the laws.

  • The NRA has the support of a very large portion of the American populous.

    In its current state, the NRA has the political, social, and financial support of more than 5 million Americans concerned about their 2nd amendment rights. With this large swath of the population supporting them, the NRA can easily influence the government as the people have given them enough power to do so. At this point it would take nothing short of a terrorist attack conducted by Wayne LaPierre himself to destabilize the NRA's massive, very supportive following.

  • The NRA is an interest group and can not be stopped.

    There is no way and no reason for the NRA to be stopped. As Americans, we have the freedom of speech, and that's what the NRA is doing, supporting their beliefs in guns. Even if the government would put bans on guns, the NRA will still always be able to voice their opinions of guns.

  • You Can't Stop a Legitimate Non-Profit from Promoting It's Interests

    What would you stop? The NRA is essentially a gun safety and hunting promotion organization with a massive legal and lobbying department.

    They openly advocate the right of self-protection with the use of firearms, and the open opposition to all gun-control legislation and laws.

    When you break it down to what they actually, do, you realize you can't really "stop" them.

  • No, the NRA can't be stopped.

    The NRA helps represent and protect the US citizens right to keep and bear arms. The NRA plays a major part of gun rights not being taken away, and they have a lot of members that do not take their gun rights lightly. Those members are going to back the NRA in whatever way necessary to make sure they stay a visible power in the gun debate.

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