• Land of da free

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  • Land of da free

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  • The government is composed up of REAL FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLE.

    The people in government are there to try to make the world a better place, not to make money. How can you guys be so suspicious? Just pretend that you were a politician, and just think what you would do in their shoes. Would you lie and decieve the public and start conspiracies? No, because you're a good person, just like President Obama and almost every other politician. And besides the government isnt stupid enough to lie to the public.

  • In a Pinch and for Emergencies

    In general, the U.S. government can be trusted to protect the people. Some failures in the past such as with the 9/11 terrorist attacks are anomalies. In times of dire need such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, the federal government can be trusted to help Americans in time of need. That should be the limited of government power.

  • Yes, it can be trusted

    I think that for the most part, the U.S. government can be trusted. If it couldn't be trusted, I think this country would be in far worse shape than it is. Obviously there are some things that go on that the public isn't fully aware of, but I think that is sometimes necessary to keep us safe.

  • Sandy Hook/ osama bin ladins death...9/11! need I say more.

    No pictures or surveillance video of Sandy Hook shootings. People that are supposed to have been killed are still alive. Detroit firetruck at Sandy Hook elementary. No ambulances, no children or teachers. Video of another campus at time of live video feed. Check in station and refreshments and drinks. What kind of mass killing welcomes people to check in and get refreshments while their family and friends are killed. Adam Lanza died the day before Sandy Hook shooting. One of the girls Emelie Parker, was killed in the shooting but is mysteriously sitting on the presidents lap for a photo shoot. What the hell is going on here. Please explain to us, why we are supposed to trust our government?

  • The Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law.

    The Monsanto Protection Act, a provision that protects genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks has passed through Congress, but many members of Congress were apparently unaware that the “Monsanto Protection Act” even existed within the spending bill, HR 933. Money corrupts and has more to do with legislation than the best interest of the people. Until separation of business and government we can't trust our elected truly work for us.

  • No, and it should never be.

    In order to have a healthy democracy, it is necessary to continually question those in power. If we ever completely trusted the government, we would be at the will of the government. As citizens, it is our duty to ask questions, do research, and make sure our government is doing the job we appointed them to do.

  • No, I do not think the U.S. government can be trusted

    Politicians are known to be liars and masters of deception. Since they are the ones in charge of our government, it is obvious that we cannot trust the government. Anyone that believes our government does not lie to us either has to be very gullible, or just in denial. Our government only tells us what they think we want to hear. A lot of important information is not disclosed to the American public.

  • No, the U.S. Government cannot be trusted

    The U.S. Government can't be trusted. There are many issues they keep from the public, and many lies they tell. They act as if they are doing right by the people but in reality, they are only doing right for themselves. I believe they don't have our best welfare in mind.

  • Never ever trever

    The US government is a bunch of snakes. Who poison its citizens with chemicals everywhere. Politicians are liars. This country is run by the federal reserve, thats all it is. The US has conducted many wrong experiments on its own citizens. They have secrets that they dont want the public to know. Fuck the system

  • History of their actions.

    Bay of pigs.Vietnam. And, Snowden. The performance of US in the middle east. The trouble the US gov is provoking in the USSR.
    The yanky people are good, it is the people that gets voted in that is the problem. Get Trump in to sort out the "inner circle" that rule them.

  • This is a fact

    There are a "core" of so called elite that own, dominate and control everything. They are only interested in profit and power and exploit everything in their own interests. They are largely psychopaths and bring untold misery to the world, constantly commit heinous crimes against humanity and simply don't care at all about people, nature or the planet

  • I wish it could be, but it can't.

    Time after time, politicians (especially Presidents) get elected and do not live up to their promises, or even come close. Along with that we have the government trying to cover up things like the Benghazi attack, with people like Hillary still not coming out with all of the information whilst trying to distract the world from the issue. Scandal after scandal causes me and most other Americans to wonder not whether we can trust politicians, that is a resounding "no". We wonder whether there are any left that we can actually trust.

  • The Constitution, really?

    Government has destroyed the laws and freedoms of this nation. Just look at the "Bill of Rights", we no longer have those rights! We're "guilty" until/unless our bank account can buy us "justice"! But go into most courts in America, there is NO justice! We're a nation like Germany before the war, a "Liberal Democratic Socialist Police State"! That's not what the Constitution was put in place for. Today, we live under Dictatorial Rule, with a salting of "False Liberalism" to keep the foolish happy. It worked beautifully in Nazi Germany and it's working in America! May God Help Us!

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