• Yes, peace can exsist in a revolution

    If the People truly wish to take a stand, they will not stand with a gun but with a Pen. A peaceful revolution is very possible. But first we must ask ourselves, are we human beings? Or are we primitive animals? All we really need for a peaceful revolution is the will to succeed and to change. Take a look at syria, do we really need to go to those extremes. The problem is though is that the people are so dependent and so convinced that the government if Pro them. " An iron Pen is stronger then a silver bullet"

  • Unless Americans are Subhuman.

    History has set a precedent, and I believe an educated and united American can indeed have a peaceful revolution. The fact that a majority of the the Americans don't think so is proof of the conditioning media has subjected us to. Our current system is in need of revisions, as all systems do eventually.

  • Humans aren't particularly peaceful by nature

    Unfortunately while it would be nice, if a revolution could be peaceful it would have already happened by now, humans just aren't very peaceful by nature. Yes while we can come up with peaceful solutions in a calm environment, there has always been a conflict before that. Eventually we might be able to, but night here, right now it doesn't seem credible

  • Media frenzy and overwhelming ignorance

    The media and politics are at present far to polarized to have a peaceful revolution. Any revolution would be labeled by the media as "anarchy", "socialist", "redneck", etc. In an effort to ramp up views through evoking emotional reactions (good or bad, depending on if the viewer agrees).

    American society has evolved into this state where almost everything is oversimplified. While this allows for the fast travel of information, it decreases the quality and accuracy of reported information. Because our society is so dependent nowadays on said info via social media, television, radio, etc., many people easily fall victim to believing things that are reported. It is not easy to challenge everything that we see or hear (sooo time consuming), so more often than not people choose to just accept information as fact.

    Media coverage of any attempt at a peaceful revolution would quickly turn to misinformed people labeling it as good or bad, and politicians would likely seize any effort of revolution to support their own ideas or criticize those of opposing politicians. Because of these varying responses to such a revolution, any progress would be extremely gradual and would constantly be threatened by the sway of the power of media.

    Tl;dr : We live in a fast-paced, polarized society that would inhibit any progress/attempt at a peaceful revolution.

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