• The vikings will make the playoffs this year.

    With the addition of Sam Bradford for the 2017 first round and 4th round pick, Stephan Diggs, Laquwan Treadwell and not to mention the best most consistent running ng back in the league such as Adrain Peterson. In the 3 years that Sam Bradford played all season he had thrown the ball for over 3,500 yards, and with the improvements to the Vikings offensive line that can protect Sam Bradford I expect him to produce above average qb numbers.

    The Vikings defense is also stout and very tough to score on, so if the vikings can average at least 20 points a game they will make the play offs.

  • Yes, they can still make the playoffs.

    There is not much difference between the odds with Teddy Bridgewater or without him. The team's core is still strong as they have other decent players, who know they will have to work harder to make up for their loss. I think the Vikings will do fine, despite Teddy's injury.

  • Yes, the Vikings can make the playoffs without Teddy Bridgewater.

    Yes, the Vikings can make the playoffs without Teddy Bridgewater. Although Teddy Bridgewater is an amazing and accomplished player, the Vikings will be able to make the playoffs as long as they are determined and work hard. This philosophy applies to anyone and anything they do in life, no matter how small or big.

  • Vikings' Playoff Hopes Bleak Following Bridgewater Loss

    Following the loss of star quarterback Terry Bridgewater, the Vikings' playoff hopes are looking bleak. He led the teams offense in the 2015 season, tossing a total of 14 touchdowns to carry his team to the playoffs. According to head coach Mike Zimmer, Bridgewater's injury is so severe his season is likely to be over.

  • Once again the Vikings will fail

    The sudden injury to Teddy Bridgewater is just another bad omen that the Minnesota Vikings will have another unsuccessful year. This year was shaping up to be a good one that could have seen the Vikings make it far in the football world but the injury to the quarterback is going to definitely set them back once again. A team cannot succeed without a leader and they have yet to have anyone step up to the plate again.

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