Can thinking and questioning about everything that can, is, was, ad could exist lead to suicide. Like trying to think before the time nothing existed

Can thinking and questioning about everything that can, is, was, ad could exist lead to suicide. Like trying to think before the time nothing existed
  • Of course it's possible..

    In this situation, if this individual is thinking quite deep and further down into the meaning of 'life', it is very likely/possible that he/she can lead to suicide. It really depends on what they think about, but it is also very rare for your mind to take you that far.

  • It's a possibility. Technically, anything can make someone commit suicide.

    Someone who is "empty" and thinking and questioning too much will often find themselves not knowing the answer. Someone who looks for reasons too much may suffer, as a result. Like why do we smile? We're happy. Why are we happy? And when you're like, "Why be happy?" Always trying to find a reason to be happy

  • No Meaning? Why Live?

    I would say yes, but it has to do with the worldview from which you ask these questions. If you are asking these questions from a Christian worldview, you will be fine because you have a solid faith and belief in God and Truth (with a capital T). However, if you are coming at these questions from a postmodern or nihilistic perspective, you might just join the ranks of some of the greatest philosophers who associated themselves with these groups. If you have no firm belief in reality, and believe that life is essentially meaningless, then questioning the reality of everything could most definitely lead to a hopeless, despondent despair. If you have no purpose in a meaningless universe, why bother living?

  • It is the final truth

    We are now alive and breathing. But if you ever tried to imagine what our consciousness was before we were born and what it will be after we die looks kinda similar. In case. Death is trying to save us from the illusion called life
    thats all i need tosay

  • Dangerous Teen Mind

    Suicidal teens often wonder what their purpose in life is. So they wonder what the point of living is. And life is pretty big. The world is bigger than them and they see themselves as so small and insignificant in the giant world. It’s a lot to think about thus they would see themselves as nothing more as cosmic dust and not important thinking it’s ok to die

  • Life is suffering.

    After some time of sitting and thinking without distraction, it would be revealed to any relatively intelligent person that life is suffering. It is certainly a possibility that this person would fall into the grasp of nihilism, and it is definitely a possibility that this person would go so far as to take their own life. However, it is my hope that they would pick up their suffering and bear it. That they would try and reduce it.

  • Probably not so extreme

    Unless ur suicidal you probably wouldn't..... I mean philosophers are not all dead yet and nor am I...... It is pretty scary tho... Like how could time have a beginning? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • A hard path.

    An easy path is to just assume only one answer for everything such as a god. Problem is, it does not give you fact.
    Tho some who ponder such thing may have or will commit suicide, I doubt pondering the mysteries of the universe has anything to do with the cause. If anything, it would make people want to survive as it gives them purpose. Look, if you believe you have the answer to every question, e.g. God, you have no other purpose or real use except for to die for your god. As evidence, I will just point to all the religious suicides such as suicide bombers, Kamikazes, and mass suicides.

  • Our life is a gift from God!

    Our life is a gift from God! We should not be carelessness about it! We should be patient and not make a huge problem of simple thinking about nothing. Our parent will be upset that we spend our life useless.
    Thanks God that we are living on this planet like Earth!

  • It doesn't mean that your curiosity would lead to an absurd conclusion and that conclusion is suicide, that is a ludicrous claim.

    Of course we are familiar with "mental representations" and other forms of aspects that constitutes to the mind, and those aspects of course reflect to the world as we view it, so the world is perceived by our critical perceptions, if we know or question more it doesn't lead to a certain "suicide-ism". I think it has something to do with psychological overthinking or polarizing things that leads to a certain conclusion that it's absurd. I don't really agree that it can lead to a certain suicide when there is not a problem of "rationality", the problem arises when someone doesn't have "common sense" and "appeal to rationality". A nihilist couldn't do such a thing unless that nihilist is insane. It can't lead to a certain suicide but it can lead to a certain insanity.

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