• Trump for President

    Now that the truth is coming to the surface on how Hillary has tried to rig the election in her favor and that she can't be trusted with classified information, the public is realizing how bad she would be for this country. To make things even worse for her, she has included one of her co-conspirators as her surrogate speaker. Talk about a slap to the face for any former Sanders supporters, those from other candidates as well as those that supported her from the beginning.
    Now that the cat is out of the bag, that Hillary can't be trusted to run a bake sale much less a country, I am sure that more and more people will abandon her over time.

    (Note: Wonder if the title made some college student run to their mommies.)

  • Yes, Trump can maintain his post-convention bounce.

    Donald Trump can maintain his post-convention bounce by running a serious campaign that focuses on issues important to voters. Also, Trump can continue to highlight Hillary Clinton's unpopularity due to widespread mistrust of Clinton's character, and her numerous political scandals. Furthermore, Trump is not a traditional politician. He has defied much of the political establishment with his historic run. Therefore, it is likely that Trump will be able to maintain his post-convention bounce.

  • Not without help

    Trump didn't convince any new supporters. He and his followers don't care about facts, policies or work. They're going on "feelings" and making up a bunch of lies. He and GOP are fear mongering. But if the Bernie crazies are not supporting Hillary, that might give Drump enough momentum to actually win.

  • No, he cannot.

    The convention got people riled up and excited for the election but the momentum is definately going to die down before the election. There is no way he is going to be able to keep up the momentum that he gained from the convention, so his numbers are sure to go back down.

  • No, Trump cannot maintain his post-convention bounce

    No, Trump cannot maintain his post-convention bounce. Hilary Clinton is the better candidate in this election. Donald Trump has momentum, however, it should not be enough for him to sustain his post-convention rise in popularity. The country does not need and should not have Donald Trump for president,. In fact, Trump being president may increase the threat of terrorism.

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