• Trump finds niche support among white male Sanders supporters

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has potential appeal to a small group of Bernie Sanders supporters, who trend along with his mainstream support: the white, male, non-college educated voter. This group may be swayed by Trump's campaign promises to bring good manufacturing jobs back to the United States. This group of voters will be able to shift their allegiance by focusing on the needs of the American workforce, without abandoning their position of distrust of corporate America.

  • Trump can make this play

    Trump can make this play for Sanders' supporters because they feel marginalized and neglected by their own party. They are generally not fans of Hillary Clinton, so he can seize on these fans by speaking to them about the parts of his plan that these voters would like, such as his trade deals.

  • No; Trump's stance varies too significantly from that of Sanders

    Sanders is seen as a "socialist" by many, while Trump is arguably the most conservative candidate in recent history. Since the two are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and most voters stick to the candidate of their preferred political party, it is unlikely that very many Sanders' supporters will cast their ballot in Trump's favor come November.

  • No, Trump cannot make a play for Sanders' supporters.

    No, Trump cannot successfully make a play for Sanders' supporters because his beliefs, methods, and ideas about how to run the company are vastly different from those of Bernie Sanders. Although many Sanders' supporters may not approve of Hillary Clinton as a candidate, she is a much better choice because their beliefs are much closer to Clinton's than Trump's.

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