Can two people love each other equally? Or will one person always love the other person more?

  • Love can come in many different ways

    Saying one person loves the other more is like saying you like someone's shoes, but she loves them more. Love can be measured in so many different ways there is no real way for someone to test if one loves more. So I believe it is possible to love each other equally.

  • True love can be real

    Years ago i would say no,one person would always love the other more but ive been talking to someone for almost a year now and its 50/50 and im 100% in to him looks personality and all and its the same with him we love showing each other off we play around like were best friends and we just show the love towards each other its amazing it feels like each day we grow closer and im glad i met him. Past relationships its was always they liked me more something wasnt right like they were off i needed to second guess

  • I would think so

    Love is honestly how much you put out. Both people can put out the same ammount and both people can express just as much love as the other. I don't think it should be a contest though. In some relationships one person can love the other more. But in a healthy relationship both would love each other just as much and just as strong.

  • Love is unique and cannot be quantified

    Love cannot be quantified, it is unique. To compare the love of two lovers is to compare apples to oranges. While it is not likely that one in a couple does not love the other more, it is possible for each to love the other as much as they have the capacity to love, which may not be the same but is surely equal. It is possible for both partners in a relationship to love one another equally.

  • Im being technical here...

    A couple to love eachother 50/50 exactly? I don't think it's possible. Although saying that a couple loves eachother equally sounds nice, it isn't realistic. I do think people can love eachother as equal as they try and can work out completely fine. It'll just never actually be a 50/50.

  • Pursuer always loves more

    I think there is a nature to being the pursued person vs the pursuer. I've never really caught anybody's attention enough for them to pursue me, but I've dated because I pursue love interests. I tend to see the best in them and bend over backward for them and their attitude is just sorta cavalier toward me. They may grow to love me, but they never get that "in love" feeling. They just decide they're gonna love me as an action not a feeling.

  • Love isn't necessarily unequal- but it means different things to different people

    The fact is you can never know exactly how another person is feeling; you can make an educated guess based on how they act and what they say to you, but you can't be 100% sure. Someone might tell you they love you and mean it, but they might mean it in a slightly different way than you interpret it. For example, one person in a relationship might think "I love my partner, I know they're the one and I want to spend the rest of my life with them", while the other is thinking "I love my partner, we're having lots of fun and I intend to stay with them for the foreseeable future". Both partners love each other, but their idea of what constitutes that love isn't quite the same.

  • Love is Always Unequal

    Love will never be truly equal. No one can find another person who loves him or her exactly as much as he or she loves. Love is like any other characteristic - people are capable of varying amounts at varying times. It's impossible to quantify exactly how much someone loves another person.

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