• Yes, because everything else already is.

    Let's take a look at what characterizes a sport. Sports are a competitive activity, played with two or more teams. These teams play against each other to get more points. The number of people in a team can range from 1 to whatever the sport needs. This seems to characterize video games pretty well. And before all you sports idiots shout that sports need to be a physical activity, take a look at what other sports aren't exactly physical.

    -Chess is considered a mental sport
    -Pool doesn't require all that much body building
    -Neither do darts
    -Poker is a sport, and is televised for crying out loud
    -Golf is taken very seriously, but requires more mental strength than physical strength
    -Racing with cars is just competitive speeding

    All of these things are considered sports, and some of them are taken very seriously. So just because it involves a screen doesn't make in any less of a sport, I'm sorry.

  • Yes for good reasons

    I think as long as something requires a skill, has teams, and has you versing other people i think it is a sport. As a gamer it would be amazing if there were Cod teams for each state, or something like that. I hope that others agree with me. Like

  • Anything that is competitive can be a sport.

    I believe that anything that involves compitition can become a sport. I believe a lot of people are going to say: "Video games arn't a sport. It is not active." But what about chess, Poker, Golf? Sure those are not the most active sports in the world but they are very competitve and people think that video games can not?

  • They Already Are

    Check out website like and, not to mention online gaming through the Play Station consoles and the xBox consoles. Video games have become sport and some of the players are extremely good and effecting at beating games and especially at beating competition. I don't think it's a question of can they become a sport, they are. Albeit, not a particularly fitness centered sport.

  • Yes becausse ou can win prizez

    Yes because games are more than playing them you should a east play them for money o show their petenctial an also shoting games give u good hand eye coordination and also when you play video games you might win money for like the champienon ships or something like hat

  • More Than Just Thumbs

    Video games may not be the most physically exerting, but it requires quite a bit of mental work. Not only do you need to be skilled with the game, but you will also need to know the mechanics of it. On top of that, being able to predict how the other person will respond to your actions is another major part. All of this is also in real time and not turn-by-turn like Chess. But going as far as socializing, many people play video game sand there are many genres, and people respect others who are good. A football fan will respect their favorite player because they're good at playing football. And I as a gamer consider myself a definite nerd but I'm also very fit and social. And I don't go to the gym but I practice my gaming as much as a Football or Lacrosse player will go and train.

  • Look at MLG,

    There is a huge number of people out, taking games as a sport, there is gaming ladders like most sports (like football and golf), and the fact that gaming become an Electronic sports, which is helping the players who play these because they can get passport visa, get around the world to there tournament.

  • It can become a sport. Sports are a way to express competitiveness not necessarily athletics.

    Video games require practice, and skill just like sports. Coming from an athlete it is easy to see the similarities. Hand-eye coordination and reaction time are key to a competitive player online. While it is easy to think that people that play video games are just nerds and have nothing better to do, it is a lot harder to actually be quite good at these online games and requires a lot of practice.

  • Sport can be any extra-curricular activity.

    Well, let's look at this argument from the standpoint of a racer (vehicles, ATV's, etc...). Racing, despite it's popularity internationally, is not considered an eligible sport by the IOC (International Olympics Committee). Racing, therefore is more of an extra-curricular event that has many fans internationally. With video games, the same circumstances exist. Video games, therefore are just as likely to be considered a sport in the future as racing.

  • Yes they should

    Many video games require you to work with your team such as in the popular series of games counter strike you have to either plant or defuse a bomb this requires you to think as a team my second point is it takes skill no one can pick up team fortress 2 and be even okay at it some of the competitive players such as B4nny have thousands of hours in the game

  • Are you serious?

    How can they be better. Video games just destroy your life and isolate you socially. Playing sports is healthier, makes you live longer, you can make lots of friends and become good at something that is really challenging and worth it. A sport requires all, body, legs, arms, brain, all senses everything while a video games only thumbs.

  • Come on guys.

    Im a gamer, but to clarify the question, anything can be a sport that is competitive. Pie eating contests can be a sport if nationally recognized as one. A farting contest can be a sport. "Point out the biggest rock" can be a sport. This question should be "SHOULD video games become a sport" and i answer no to that. Video games should not be a sport because it can become a dangerous habit that some people cannot handle. People in the U.S. Have died for not eating and sleeping while playing games like Diablo3. If made a sport, people would play video games constantly to "Practice" and more people would become susceptible to this form of behavior (Not eating or sleeping).

  • No. Why would it be.

    Are you serious? How is that a sport? Congratulations on moving your thumbs! If that is what you want to call a sport than more power to you. I'd love to see all the exercise you will get from that. Tell me how it goes! Sincerely, all reasonable people. Bye.

  • No way bro

    I have been a big video game player since I was a kid but I still think that video games are far from the realm of sports. Some video games don't even take skill and can be won by luck. I think those who call video games sports are in over their heads.

  • Even if you call it a sport, there will be a large group of people who say it isn't, and they will be right.

    If we look at the concurrent , we’re getting into the college football realm the number of people who watch and the number of hours that are consumed. People always think about having, say, the controller or a keyboard or a mouse as a way to play. But over time, there are going to be full-body sensors -- I’m talking about maybe five to 10 years from now -- that would require a more physically demanding competition like sports. The similarity is there. It’s really about working with people to change perception.

  • They could be but they shouldn't be.

    Video games have absolutely no physical exertion involved and they require no skill. Unlike in a real sport, you can just sit down in front of your console and start playing as if you were a pro. The fact that video games require no dedication to training or actual work sets them apart from real sports.
    Golf is considered a "mental sport" whereas rugby would be considered a "physical sport". Video games would be considered the "lazy sport". There's no point in making video games a sport because when you claim that you play a sport and people inquire which one, replying with video games probably won't impress them and they'll probably think you're joking.

  • No. It isn't

    I don't believe it because you don't do anything but move your thumbs. It's not like your moving any of your body. A sport is post to be physical stuff like baseball, volleyball, softball, and a bunch of others. I don't understand how people think it's a sport. Thanks bye

  • No it should not

    I love videogames and I respect the skill that some may carry but, no. While it is competitive, there is no physical exertion from it. Anything competitive does not clarify it as a sport. It's a competitive activity at best. It is ridiculous to think that sitting in a chair and playing a worldwide pastime activity can be considered a sport.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-21T12:34:56.987
Im a gamer, but to clarify the question, anything can be a sport that is competitive. Pie eating contests can be a sport if nationally recognized as one. A farting contest can be a sport. "Point out the biggest rock" can be a sport.