• You'll be surprised.

    Video games can allow a kid to gain new abilities not just in the game, but in real life too. However this is just an argument about education so I'll narrow it down. This knowledge will differ between each kind of game but I won't speak about games designed to teach because that is way to obvious.

    I'll start with war games like Call of Duty. Most war games involve the player as a soldier surviving against the enemy. War games have changed over the years will different choices and heart breaking scenes. This can teach kids to be careful of their decisions like in Spec-Ops the Line when you are told to firebomb a town to clear the hostiles (at least I think that's the case. Let me know in the comments if I'm wrong because I never played it), it turns out that the player made a horrible mistake. There were civilians in the town and the camera shows the player the damage they caused, including a mother shielding her daughter's eyes all burned like the rest. But there's more, there is a game called This War of Mine that takes Call of Duty in an even more heart-wrenching way. You play as civilians trying to survive in the middle of a war. These civilians can die in sad ways like suicide, starvation or getting killed in a raid or while looking for supplies.

    Real Time Strategy games can teach kids to be productive to achieve the best results. R.T.S games do this by rushing the player to get started so they won't struggle in tasks like defending and gathering resources. MMO's can teach kids to get help from friends to get better faster and defeat bigger enemies.

    And then there is survival gaming, one of the most popular genres. Survival is all about the player surviving the worst like starvation, thirst and sleep in basic survival. This can teach kids how to survive if they do get in that situation. Even if the real threats are bandits, mutants or zombies, kids need to be taught how they can survive in such epidemic.

  • Yes I should

    Video games should be used in class rooms around the world because it can give the students more entertainment while learning instead of boring the students with the teacher going write all these out in your books it dose not need to be minecraft or any other games it coud be with Mario cart maby the kids could act like there talking on the phone while driveing

  • Kids want entertainment

    The whole reason why video games are played is because they're fun, just because students are learning off a screen doesn't mean they're having fun. True, video games help with brain development, but no matter how much your brain develops, you will not get any smarter. The many reasons that video games are fun includes how there are hardly any limits to what you can do, introducing education negates that by forcing you to do something. If you want kids to learn and be engaged make it be engaging. I've had plenty of fun at school when the teacher was engaging.

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