• Yes I think we can.

    I think we can prevent terrorist incidents. Many members of the terrorist are children and women. Their image in society compared with men is weak. Why they become terrorists? Most of them will become terrorists because their husband and their father died in the war. Therefore, women want to take revenge for their dead husband, they volunteered to be the suicide bombers to hurt others. Then children had been orphaned, in order to survive they joined terrorist organizations. We must stop the behaviors of revenge to each other, everything will be better from the beginning forgive each other. Not only will we feel sad with broken family, those who we thought terrorists also feel sad. Revenge and hate to each other will only lead to more tragedies and more broken families. Therefore, we can stop terrorist incidents from the beginning forgive each other. Then the world would be better because we start forgive each other.

  • It's impossible to stop it

    For as long as I have been alive there has been some form of terrorism in the world. They used to hijack planes in the seventies and kidnap people but now terrorism is on steroids. They blow up buildings and/or shoot people, like what just happened in Tel Aviv. It's become a badge of honor to decapitate people based on religion or doctrine. As long as there are disenfranchised people or low self esteem men with nothing better to do terrorism will continue to grow and expand.

  • No, probably not.

    As much as we'd like to stop terrorism, it probably won't ever go away. We can never achieve perfect equality, and we will never all have the same beliefs, so there will always be disagreements, envy and hatred, which will sometimes lead to terrorism. There will also always be violent people who choose to be violent towards other people for political gain.

  • We will never stop terrorism

    We will never stop terrorism primarily because our government does not have the political will to do so, and the rules of war make it impossible. Much of it could be alleviated if we simply stopped poking the bee hive and mind our own business. Terrorists are experts in nefarious warfare. They don't wear uniforms and blend in with civilians. The inability to identify them makes it impossible to defeat them.

  • No, we cannot stop terrorism

    No, we cannot stop terrorism because people will always hate other people and think that violence is the only option. Terrorism has always been here and will always be here unless people can find ways to stop hatred and violence. Since you cannot make people like each other, there will always be hate. With comes violence and some people desire to show their hate through terror.

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