• Yes we can survive without the sun, but the quality of life without sunshine would be very bad.

    Most people know just how important it is to get vitamin A and vitamin D on a regular basis. Without vitamins A and D, to process calcium in our bodies, we would develop extremely fragile bones which if deprived long enough of these vitamins, could lead to such brittle bones that even a very small misstep or a simple fall could cause our bones to shatter. Vitamins A and D are not found in our food as readily as other vitamins such as vitamin C. So it is very important that we spend a short time each day in direct sunlight, even if only for 10 minutes. Here is an interesting fact, "when the military submarine was created and began to be used regularly during war times, men would spend many days or even months underwater without sunlight, because of this, the crew members would develop scurvy, brittle bones and even Rickets disease.

    Most people cover themselves in suntan lotion to block the suns harmful rays, but what a lot of people do not know is that the suntan lotion also blocks the vitamins A and D from the sun, so make sure to spend a least a few brief moments in natural sunlight without lotion or at the very least, buy yourself a vitamin A and D supplement tablets which will give you the precious Vitamin A and D we all need to live a normal, healthy life.

  • Logical explanation for this!

    We can still live because their is still tons of air left in the atmosphere and geothermal places like Yellowstone or hot spring will be a safe haven for us from the cold. There would still be food scarce in the world like under the ocean and on land. Since the sun is out, we be traveling very fast across the galaxy and may even enter another solar system with a sun! And we have high technology that can make human live for a long time, generations after generations.

  • Without it we would be dead.

    Plants can only make food if they go through photosynthesis. The chloroplasts in the plants need the sun to go through photosynthesis and then they make oxygen. Also algae which makes the vase majority of our oxygen would not make oxygen so we would all be dead. Unless we are in the future we still need the sun.

  • We can still live without the sun.

    The sun is important yes. But i belive with mondern day tech we can use the underground as a place to live. If you start a Safehouse or safeTown for lots of people then you will need to grow your own plants and have some sort of heat socre. But if the sun were to suddenly expoled with no warrning and we were caught unprepared then yes we are dead and over so have a PLAN

  • According to V-Sauce

    It's not impossible, just tricky. Within 1 years time the average surface temperature of the Earth will be -70 degrees Celsius. However, the earth gives off its own heat, and so an underground bunker or a settlement around a geyser or any such settlement taking advantage of geothermic energy can hypothetically sustain human life. As for oxygen, without the sun plants won't be able to produce any more, but the amount of oxygen already in our atmosphere is enough to sustain life on Earth for the next several billion years.

    As for food, we already have the technology needed to grow plants without the need of an actual sun. Sure, it will be expensive, but there will also be a lot less people to feed, so things will even out. One thing to note, though, is that oxygen will eventually start to freeze and fall to the earth as "oxygen snow", so we would have to manually collect our oxygen and heat it to the point of being breathable again.

    Finally, there are certain types of aquatic life-forms that already exist in a cycle completely independent of the sun. They live at the bottom of the ocean, and so once the top layer of the ocean freezes over, the heat from the Earth will remain in the water long enough to keep them warm, and they don't engage in photo-synthesis so their's no need for any actual sunlight.

    In short, the sun is over-hyped. It may have got us where we are today, but we could make-do without it.

  • Not Impossible... Yet

    If the sun went out today, I assume probably civilization would fall into ruin and we would revert back into animals. However, hypothetically speaking, we could build technology that could preserve humanity even after the sun is destroyed. Would it be possible, yes. Would it be possible today, absolutely not.

  • I am going to destroy the sun

    Yes, we can live without the sun. Simple natural selection: those who can live without sunlight will survive while the weak will die off. We humans have evolved so much that we no longer need the magic sky orb to provide us with heat. We shall simply create our own. That is all. Case closed

  • I am going to destroy the sun

    Yes, we can live without the sun. Simple natural selection: those who can live without sunlight will survive while the weak will die off. We humans have evolved so much that we no longer need the magic sky orb to provide us with heat. We shall simply create our own. That is all. Case closed

  • Yes I think we can

    The Ancient people from everywhere in the world spoke of Jupiter as being the source of all life, the main god. Jupiter has many ancient names, Thor, Zeus, Shiva, Yahweh, Jove - short for Jehovah.
    As this is so then the Earth may have once orbited Jupiter which in turn could have been captured by our Sun. It may have come from the Sagittarius Galaxy which is still in collision with the Milky way. Jupiter is said to be gaseous so it's nature is starlike.
    Also, comets carry life, it is definitely time to abandon our geocentricism. Life may be seeded everywhere, why should a single backwater planet be the only one with life.

  • Alternative energy is sufficient.

    The two most promising possibilities for alternative energy are geothermal and nuclear. The half-life of uranium 235 is about 6 billion years. So if properly conserved, we could survive beyond the lifespan of the sun (5 billion years). The other possibility is geothermal, which is powered by the gravitational pull of the Moon and is therefore essentially infinite. This would provide us with the ability to survive long after nuclear power would run out.

    Both of these options give us billions of years to leave the planet and find or construct another habitable environment for humanity to survive. So you can see that it's even possible for us to survive indefinitely.

    The intricacies of survival without solar energy are essentially the same as survival on the international space station, just with non solar energy, and no radiation or zero g problems.

    Naturally the vast majority of the population would die out, and even the continuation of humanity is probably unlikely, but it is possible.

  • It probably impossible

    The sun impacts almost everything like food. It's not like we can go a month without food. We can't go a week with eating only fast food or junk food. Those also all have fruits of vegetables somewhere in it. I would like to hear of anything without any sort of crop or anything that's grown that needs sun and water!

  • The sun is too impactful.

    The sun is the reason why we have photosynthesis in plants. It is the reason why the Earth does not hurtle off into space at tremendous speeds. It is the reason why the Earth's atmosphere is not blown away by interstellar radiation. It is also the reason why the Earth is not as cold as outer space. The solar incident of the sun on Earth is equivalent to the Tsar Bomba nuclear device explosion every 1.4 seconds. NOTHING on Earth can make that up. That sort of stupidly huge amount of energy cannot possibly come from us alone, at least without fossil fuels. A small population of a few thousand humans could probably survive underground on geothermal heat and nuclear power, provided adequate resources and genetic diversity, but almost all of the population would die in the following months and the Earth would become a floating snowball, not accounting for cosmic radiation and gravitational effects from jupiter and saturn. Technically, humanity could survive without the sun, but the losses are so great that it can be considered a 'pyrrhic human victory'.

  • Why we cant live without the sun.

    WE NEED the sun for plants to grow, we need veggies and we eat omnivores and carnivores and herbivores and all of those need sun. Trees supply oxygen and the way that happens is if they get sun to grow and thrive. If there is no sun then the freezing cold space anti-gravity. I also believe that the sun has something to do with the hemisphere. BOTTOM LINE, WE NEED THE SUN WE CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT.

  • No, the sun is important to the solar system too.

    The sun is the only giant yellow star that holds every plant in the solar system together so it doesn't go everywhere in space. The sun contains a amount of heat, so we get seasons on each planet. If there was no sun we would all die because the plants won't grow to give us oxygen.

  • Without the sun, we would all die.

    The sun is the only giant yellow round star that provides heat to warm us up, stirs the Earth's atmosphere and it also gives energy to growing green plants that provide food and oxygen to us. To all is of us, the sun is so important that nothing else on Earth is more important than the sun. Perhaps, the sun is among the most important because it helps the Earth's atmosphere to trap all of the oxygen that we need to survive, this prevents the oxygen from being able to escape from the atmosphere. Without oxygen, we would all die. The good news is that Earth is in the correct distance from the sun. Without the sun, the temperature on Earth would drop so quickly, all life will gone and we would not still be here anymore.

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  • Yes, we can't.

    We will also have no more plants because plants absorb energy from the sun.We also need the sun's gravitational pull or else we will fly off.
    We may see the death soon. Human species become weak. We can't breath any more. The Nature gift is so safety for us to live.

  • It is impossible to survive without the sun.

    Meaning of this is, that we can't live as long as we can. How can we live without any foods to eat? How can we breathe without any plants? I agree that these days, scientists are so smart than they used to, but it is still not there yet to make humans alive without the sun.

  • It is impossible to live on earth without the sun

    The earth will be very cold and people soon die because of coldness and those houses that is using solar panel will have no heat.If without the sun,we will need to use fuels such as charcoal and tress to have electricity plus the trees and charcoals are not renewable and we will soon die

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