• Why is it Microsoft?

    Microsoft has no more reach into the customer base than Google, Apple or any other company in Silicon Valley. Yes, they may have more control and monitoring capabilities, but every company is moving in that direction. So I think the question should be, "How should we use this new system of information distribution?" than solely Microsoft itself. As is said, science and technology is a key to both worlds, good or bad. It's a question of which one we open. Should we use emerging technologies like Big Data for the benefit of all, or should we use it to enforce a police state?

    That's a decision that we the people can make.

  • Yes, they are cutting edge.

    Yes, we can trust Microsoft, because they are not working with the government to the same extent as Google. Microsoft wants to make a project. They do not have an ongoing relationship with the government like Google does. Microsoft only wants to make a profit, and they are responsive to public interest and feedback.

  • Direction Of Gaming Hardware

    Microsoft thinks that we are foolish enough to buy xbox consoles, what they don't know is that by 2015 people will move onto Linux gaming. Support Windows gaming Microsoft, please promote Windows for gaming, not Xbox. Learn from Valve. Xbox One is already obsolete. I was about to buy ps4 but after Steam Machines reveal, I don't think I want to use Windows anymore. I have already quit playing games on Windows pc. Waiting for ps4 slim and Steam controller. Using linux mint.

  • Nsa backdoors ignorance

    The customer is treated as if he would be stupid not to know how to work with a desktop computer and there is given no choice to choose how he wants to interact with his operating system. This is not the way to cause trust on customers side. And don't foget snoopy (not the dog)

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