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  • The war cannot be won. The conflict can.

    Violence and war has always been the solution to politicians. Now, however, we are fighting a new enemy that we have never fought before (well, in "recent" history): terrorism. 90% of the time it has been country against country, and the purpose of war was to show dominance, conquer, or defend. Terrorism is different, especially religious terrorism - our main concern being focused Islamist terrorism, which is basically what today's War on Terror is, of course. What people don't realize is that people are not just willing to die for their cause, but they are SERIOUSLY willing to die for their cause. They believe they will be rewarded in their after-life with something great for their sacrifice. As we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, war will not help. We may have crippled Al-Qaeda's command for the time being by extracting our "revenge", but it hasn't stopped them from taking on Yemen, which is pretty strategic. When we kill one, two more will rise. We could nuke the entire Middle East, controlled nukes, making sure every single Arab and Muslim dies, and put a giant dome over the region for the newborns, and there will still be terrorism. They will find a way out, and it will worsen. If we continue using our old logic, then if war cannot win, then we have no choice but to embrace it!! Wrong. My stance in this: these people are dirt poor. They have nothing better to do in their lives. What are they living for? A bunch of sand and poverty? That's what the Middle East currently faces. These people have no opportunity. Give them opportunity. We don't baby-sit them, but we grant opportunity. Not just us. The whole entire world. The people will have to work, of course - we cannot babysit them, like I said - but they don't even have the chance to prove themselves to their full potential. Every day, thousands of people are dying. That's horrible. Terrorist or soldier or civilian or politician or not. It's time we end this diplomatically once and for all.

  • Win? No. The point is to continue the struggle though.

    We can't win or lose this war. Sometimes we find them. Those cowering, dishonorable gits willing to hurt and maim the weak and precious. Sometimes we bleed, and it hurts, but we were never brought low. We put them down and await another self proclaimed martyr for a warped caused they can only call their own. We learn from our naivety though. It may take several tries, but we are uncompromising and equally cunning.

    Whether those terrorist be religious fanatics, or Congo genocidal militias, there're people fighting in every facet of government for Justice and atonement. And they are loud. No terrorist can hope to silence them. And they're many many more willing to put themselves in between eager for them to try.

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